Top 5+ Best Workstation Desktop For Cad, Revit, Video Editing & 3d Rendering (2021 Reviews)

Top 5+ Best Workstation Desktop For Cad, Revit, Video Editing & 3d Rendering (2021 Reviews)

Digital work depends significantly on the power of the tool. The best workstation desktop with the configuration for a specific job can make your time professional and productive. 

The point of opting for a desktop is to study technical features, compatibility with personal conditions, and the size of the job. We have so many to apprise of the complicated digital market, and that leads us to wrong choices. 

Luckily, we’ve got the best workstation desktop for different projects such as CAD, Revit, Video composer, or even 3D rendering. The list and our buying guide will help you save plenty of time wondering. 

Top 5+ Best Workstation Desktops 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Workstation Desktop For Cad – HP Z6 G4 Workstation 2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4108

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This HP Z6 G4 workstation is from a reliable maker regarding designing and engineering software like auto-CAD. 

As we know, CAD is one of the critical programs widely used in construction, architecture, and engineering. Hence, if you are working in such a field, a computer like this HP Z6 will do the work. 

It proposes SSD and 256GB internal storage, which are sweet for smooth CAD performance and instant generation. The latest operation – windows ten will promise an updated interface, highly competitive functions, and creative app access. 


  • Modern
  • Climate-friendly
  • Powerful 
  • Reliable processor brand: intel
  • Multiple processors installed and supported


  • Quite expensive

This workstation will work well with CAD and more. It’s flexible with a dual processor and promising in speed. 

#2 Best Workstation Desktop For Video Editing – New Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display

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If your work focuses on video and visual effects, you need a wide clear display to exhibit the work. And therefore, we suggest the maker who produces the highest-resolution desktop at a time – Apple. Apple iMac with Retina 5K display will perform your artwork with ultimate stun.

Besides, iMac also proposes an industrial CPU with core i5 and 256GB SSD. There is a fast and effective workstation specifically for video editing. 

This desktop offers multiple USB, USB-C ports so that you can customize your workstation and make it useful in different aspects


  • Modern
  • High-resolution display
  • Core i5
  • Ultrafast with SSD storage
  • Multiple ports


  • Expensive

This new Apple iMac will soon be a hit despite the cost. It will be the best screen you use to work with video, let alone the access to creative apps.

#3 Best Workstation Desktop For 3d Rendering – CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC

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This workstation desktop that works with a video card from NVIDIA GeForce RTX will be a reliable choice for 3D renderers. We’re sure it’s a budget option in comparison with many others. 

The station operates with the best parts: SSD storage and the latest operating system from Microsoft. Also, its construction includes a cooling fan to soothe the hardworking machine. We know, video editing and rendering could take a long time, even with a Core i7 CPU. 

It’s also a favorite item for gamers thanks to the cooling system, lighting case, and durable side glass. 


  • Wifi connection support
  • SSD with windows 10
  • Multiple ports
  • Extra supplies
  • Video card included 


  • No default CPU 
  • No extra cables included 

It may not be the best display, but this 4k screen with a powerful CPU and video cards will help you make 3D videos effortlessly.

#4 Best Workstation Desktop For Architects – Apple iMac Pro

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Architecting works also need a good display so that the design can reach perfection. This Apple iMac Pro is our suggestion. 

Its screen is signature quality from Apple- retina 5K and 27 inches. Indeed, your time examining architecture designs will be less painful and depressed with this stunning view. 

Apple iMac Pro offers a powerful engine- 1TB SSD and 32GB – much more attractive than the previous. 


  • RAM 32GB 
  • 1TB SSD
  • AMD graphic cards
  • Slim and modern design


  • Expensive

Apple design could both look good and work amazingly. This one will be a lifetime investment and no regrets, at least considering architects. 

#5 Best Workstation Desktop For Revit – Dell Precision R7920 Workstation Rackmount Desktop

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Like CAD, Revit is useful for any job relating to design, architects, or construction. If you are a professional, it’s essential to invest in such a thing as Dell Precision R7920. 

This one provides an exclusively large number of ports and slots so that you can customize it to a very personal and extensive workstation.

Sweet 16GB RAM and 8TB hard drive will make sure the usefulness in a lifetime. 


  • RAM 16GB 
  • SATA Hard Drive 
  • Nvidia graphics card 
  • Multiple ports and slots 


  • Expensive

When you want something to last, it must be a flexible and generous workstation like Dell Precision R7920. And it’s not only for Revit.

#6 Best Desktop Workstation For Engineering- HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Computer

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This HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is a budget-saving option for engineering. It offers standards configuration with RAM 8GB and 512 SSD storage. 

The set also includes graphics cards and a Core i5 processor, which is sweet for the money. Indeed, it won’t be the best for games and more graphical projects like Engineering.


  • 8GB RAM
  • Gaming performance 
  • 512 GB hardware
  • Realistic graphics


  • Not pre-built

It won’t take you long to build this workstation, and the outcome is so satisfying. Not only for engineering jobs, but it multiplies useful.

Factors to Consider When to Choose A Workstation Desktop

When we pick a workstation for whatever project, there are so many parts to take into consideration. As below, you might see us mention multiple factors, and none of them is less important. However, finally, the best workstation desktop should be a harmonious combination among all. Hence, when you pick it apart, you need to review if it’s compatible with the rest of the station.

Choose a Workstation CPU

The CPU standing for Central Processor Unit decides the computer’s productivity in processing data. Depending on the files, software, or operating time, processing by a computer will differ, and it all goes to this little unit. 

You can tell the productivity by the number of cores, which relate to the speed and suitable projects for that CPU. Data will be processed through cores, and when you have a CPU with more than one core, it’s faster. 

The cache is also a factor that matters. The cache is like a temporary memory to help you save data while processing. It will help when you have a massive amount of data to process at the same time. 

Memory (RAM) Support 

You can relate the importance of RAM in workstation desktops to mobile phones. When you want a phone that can load heavy games with integrated graphics, more RAM will do better. 

When it comes to computers, Memory RAM support is also vital. The benefits of higher RAM will be more apparent when you have graphics to process. At the moment, you have different offers and from 8 to 64GB is a popular range.

Storage Support

When it comes to storage, there are internal and external ones. Internal storage is the one that comes with the device, while external is the extension part connected with the motherboard by USB or cables or wires. 

Even though both of them are secondary storage and unrelated directly to CPUs, they are somehow in charge of reading, storing, and writing speed. Besides, files also depend on the size of these stores to exist on the desktop.

Professional-Grade GPUs and ISV Certifications

 CAD, 3D rendering, or architecting share the mutual need for a workstation desktop – Graphics processing units. GPUs specializes in processing video and graphics-relating data. Unlike CPUs, they are made to calculate data rather than receiving or managing data flow. With them, you are sure to make your visual products look professionally higher-quality.

At the moment, Nvidia and AMD/ATI are the two leading GPU providers, and they offer different cards for different project sizes. 

ISV, or Independent Software Vendor, means third-party tools that help you in specific jobs like video editing, engineering designs, or office work. If you want your workstation desktop to do the job you want, you need a specific ISV. Some come with ISV as gifts or discounts, so you can look for them to save money.

Workstation Form Factors and Expansion

Workstation form factors consist of three main types: ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX. They somehow present with PC cases, and the three above are in different dimensions. 

With jobs like 3D rendering, CAD, video editing, or alike, you need specific form factors to work smoothly. 

External Ports

External ports, as the name suggests, are devices connected to the workstations through cables or ports. For people who work mostly with the computer, these ports mean a lot regarding convenience. 

How many accessories do you need except a mouse and keyboard? Do you have enough ports to connect headphones, speakers, USB, games, and more specific accessories to your jobs? 

Power Supply (PSU)

A Power Supply Unit is what people usually take for granted. We usually buy whatever can power your PCs, but that’s so unwise. 

Calculating the appropriate power supply that you need to run the station and try to provide just enough. It’s a way to minimize sudden resets, freezing systems, or unexplained failures. 

Operating Systems

It’s 2021, and we have way more operating systems than classic Windows. Even though it’s the most popular and friendliest OS until now, let’s wind around other options.

macOS is offering software only in the Mac Hardware, so it sounds like a disadvantage. However, when it comes to creative ones like Adobe or Premier, MacOS shows extensive support. They get the updated versions for these creative programs the soonest and even for free. 

Linux is one of choice. It may not be straightforward, but the OS shows flexibility so that users can do multiple jobs. 


Investing in a workstation desktop could cost a fortune. You might already see the potential through a long list of items above. However, to make graphics work the best, it’s unavoidable spending. 

Coming back to our first claim, the excellent workstation is when components combine harmony. Therefore, you can make the best bang for the buck if compatibility among parts is the highest. 

Business and Security Considerations

When the cyberworld extends, risks increase. Hackers and data leaking have become a common idea, so business security becomes a swelling crisis. 

Workstation desktop keeps essential files and working processes that might be strategic. You can count on digital security software, virus defenders, cleaning apps, or alike. 

All-In-One Workstation VS Desktop workstation

Is a laptop or desktop workstation better? Among them, you can evaluate between convenience and capacity. 

What is your more significant concern? When portability is what you need more than anything, the all-in-one workstation will be the best. However, they cannot beat the desktop workstation considering capacity, speed, and flexibility in processing data. 


Is a workstation better than a desktop?

Desktops are usually more affordable while flexible in coping with different tasks. However, workstations possess much better internal working, consequently, better productivity. 

What is the best desktop computer for 2021?

We supposed the best desktop computer for 2021 is Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 regarding mainstream. If for gaming or higher graphics requirements, the Dell G5 gaming desktop is our pick. 

What is a workstation desktop?

It’s modified definitions about workstation desktops. However, we can conclude one is a workstation when it happens to have the following features. Workstation desktops usually show ultimate productivity and industrial performance. It offers technical applications such as top components to conduct the designated projects. 

When speaking of hardware only, a workstation is a PC or a terminal.

Where is the best place to buy a desktop computer?

If you know what workstation desktop you want precisely, it’s best to buy them from the source supplier. The makers will offer the authentic machine along with direct policies for consumers.

If you are unable to reach the source suppliers, you can go to reliable local stores. It’s important to hear about their service from reviewers, listening to experienced people. 

Final Words 

Among all, the New Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display is our top pick. As mentioned, it possesses a powerful operating system and a shortcut to update creative software. If you want a workstation for media, it will be the best. However, you can consider each of the above regarding the size of your job and budget.

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