Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears (2021 Reviews)

Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears (2021 Reviews)

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for small ears of 2021, we give you a list, comparison, and reviews of the most valid models on the market. Whether it is for running, listening to music, or isolating yourself with noise cancellation, our selection of the best in-ear headphones should help you clear your mind.

The wireless earbuds, along with other wearables such as smart bands and smartwatches, are becoming increasingly popular. It is not surprising that even the big tech companies are focusing on the sector (Apple, Google, and even Amazon). Let’s check out our seven best wireless earbuds for small ears.

Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears 2021 Reviews

#1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the company’s new Bluetooth earphones and the successors of the now-famous Buds and Buds Plus. The aesthetics can overcome the limits of the classic in-ear. Just insert them in the ear and rotate them to find the most suitable position inside the pavilion. The headset is lightweight, and the seal is stable, even while running.

Unfortunately, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, these earphones are also not water-resistant (only to sweat) and have an IPX2 protection class (protected from falling drops of water with a maximum inclination of 15 degrees).

Another positive aspect is full compatibility with Android and iOS ecosystems (Samsung Wearable app). It makes them an ideal choice for Apple users. Through the app, it is possible to customize a series of settings. For example, you can choose the most suitable equalization profile for the type of music you are listening to or decide what to control by pressing and holding (the only customizable touch control).

As for the supported codecs, besides AAC and SBC the Buds Plus support the Samsung Scalable Codec (a proprietary codec of Samsung smartphones) but not aptX. On Samsung smartphones, it is also possible to invoke the Bixby voice assistant. As for autonomy, they declared one in six hours. With the charging case, it will reach about 20 hours in total.


  • Comfortable and innovative design
  • Good autonomy and wireless charging support
  • Bluetooth 5.0, AAC support
  • Compatible with both android and iOS systems


  • IPX2 class

It does not support aptX and can be improved audio quality/price

The most peculiar aspect comes with the innovative bean-shaped design (baptized by the Open Type company). It makes them become the best wireless earbuds for small ears among the most ergonomic and comfortable on the market.

#2. Jabra Elite 75t

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The Jabra Elite 75t is suitable for every need. They are the most versatile as they offer a wonderful combination of audio quality, comfort, smart functions, and phone call quality. The design is discreet but gives them a premium air, confirmed by the quality materials.

These wireless Bluetooth headsets are resistant to water, sweat, and dust (IP55 protection class).

With 6mm drivers, we can define the overall audio performance as rather suitable for any type of music. The sound is intense, and the bass is amazing even with the softest profiles. However, you can customize your listening experience using the equalizer in the app.

The noise cancellation is excellent. It is also possible to activate (from the app) the Hear Through function that allows you to limit the isolation and hear environmental noises. From the Jabra Sound + app, you can control other features, including choosing a voice assistant, adjusting the volume of calls, and activating automatic pause/play when the headphones are removed/worn.

The autonomy is about seven hours and the case allows four recharges. So, we are talking about 28 hours in total. Finally, the possibility of associating the headphones to two devices at the same time is also good.


  • Good autonomy
  • Good audio quality, with deep bass
  • Water and dust resistance (IP55)
  • Great functionality


  • It does not support aptX
  • It has no active noise cancellation

For sports enthusiasts, Jabra offers a valid alternative dedicated to the sport that also features the heart rate monitor, Jabra Elite Sport.

#3. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

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Music lovers will undoubtedly appreciate the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. The new version of these wireless Bluetooth earphones features a more compact and lighter design, better battery life, and excellent sound quality.

The strong point is the active noise cancellation that works efficiently. The design comes with a rounded shape, a fabric case, and materials that immediately give the idea of ​​great build quality. They are resistant to sweat and splashes (IPX4 class).

As for ergonomics, these earbuds are light and rather comfortable earphones with small ears. The touch controls are practical even if the default ones may appear less fluid. However, it is possible to customize them in the dedicated app.

With 7mm drivers, the sound performance is excellent, rich, and balanced. This unit comes with an excellent soundstage and a detailed sound without predominance between bass, mids, and highs. In the app, you can customize the equalizer, and activate the Transparency mode. It allows you to pass the surrounding environmental noises.


  • Bluetooth 5.1, support advanced codecs (AAC and aptX)
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Comfortable and light
  • Sophisticated design


  • Expensive

In terms of autonomy, the Sennheiser Momentum earphones offer seven hours of continuous playback while the charging case offers an additional 21. The connection is also stable thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and the support for advanced audio codecs such as AAC and aptX is also popular.

#4. Sony WF-1000MX3

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The Sony WF-1000XM3 is the TWS version of the popular Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth over-ear headphones. It is the best choice with active noise cancellation. You will never have total noise suppression, but they isolate the surrounding noises well.

These wearables also have a refined design and great structural solidity, although they do not have any coating that protects them from sweat/water. Thanks to their peculiar shape, they are comfortable even after a few hours.

As for the audio quality, we are on top levels, even without noise-canceling enabled. The sound is rich, well defined, and deep. Also, the soundstage and the separation of the instruments are clear and detailed.

In the app, you can configure the equalizer, customize the controls, and set the adaptive sound. Thanks to the proximity sensor, even these wireless earphones can interrupt/resume the music when they are removed or worn. It makes the user experience pleasant and immediate.


  • Excellent active noise cancellation
  • Excellent overall audio quality
  • Good functionality and level of customization
  • Fluid and intuitive touch controls
  • Sophisticated yet comfortable design


  • They do not support aptX
  • Not water resistant
  • A bulky case

The Sony WF-1000XM3 offers excellent connection stability (Bluetooth 5.0). The quality of the microphones and calls is satisfactory. In terms of autonomy, the declared one in six hours. It can increase up to 8 without the ANC activated.

#5. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

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The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are the best Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation. With a design that allows noise reduction and excellent build quality, they are ideal for sport and racing, given the IPX4 protection certification. Although the dimensions are not the most compact and each headset weighs 8.5 g, these Bose are comfortable and stable in the ear.

Given the larger footprint compared to other models, they are not suitable earbuds for everyone. The case also has important dimensions but a plus in this sense is the possibility of wireless charging. The autonomy is about six hours and the case should guarantee two more recharges for 18 hours.

On these wireless earphones, there is no physical button. So, the controls are entirely touched. It is possible to go on with the songs or answer calls but not adjust the volume. Through the Bose Music app for Android and iOS, it will be possible to select the noise-canceling levels to be recalled with the quick command (left earphone), activate the voice assistant of the smartphone, and enable/disable the proximity sensor.

As for active noise cancellation, 10 levels are available and the performance in this sense goes beyond that of rivals. The audio quality is also top of the range with a balanced rendering and clean sound on all frequencies.


  • The best active noise cancellation
  • Build quality and water resistance (IPX4)
  • Excellent, top-of-the-range audio quality
  • Comfortable and stable


  • They do not support aptX
  • Bulky case

The call quality is excellent even if the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds do not reach the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Like the Sony, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds also have a Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

Features to Consider When Choose Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears


The first factor to consider before purchasing these devices is a direct consequence of the design, namely ergonomics. Bluetooth headsets, like Bluetooth headphones, are proper objects of wearable technology and they must be comfortable.

The wearer of the earphones must not perceive an annoying object inserted in their ear canal. The shape of the latter differs from person to person. Therefore, earphones may be comfortable and comfortable for one subject, while another may perceive them as annoying and bulky. For this reason, different rubbers/adapters are available.


Driver size, as with buying Bluetooth soundbars and speakers, are one of the most decisive factors. It is the physical element placed inside the earphones, capable of transforming the electrical signal into sound. They are the speakers placed inside the earplugs.

The larger their size, the more powerful the sound will be. However, today’s drivers can achieve excellent performance, while maintaining rather small dimensions.


Obviously, among the most relevant factors to evaluate, the comfort of the earphones is the size and weight of the devices. These may vary from model to model, but most of the products on the market have a tiny footprint. However, headsets with physical controls turn out to be larger than those with touch technologies.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is crucial in headphones and earphones in the last generation. However, there is a first distinction to be made between passive and active noise canceling. You can refer to the physical ability of the earphones to adhere to the ear canal and prevent the passage of external sounds.

Therefore, it is a feature closely linked to the shape and structure of the headset. Besides, the noise active canceling uses a dedicated technology to cancel outside noise.


What Are Good Earbuds For Small Ears?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is our top pick. The sound performance, with their 12mm drivers, is clean and satisfying. It also comes with powerful bass. We can say that audio quality is not exactly its strong point, considering the list price.  

Is AirPods Good For Small Ears?

If you have a high budget and want to push the limits of the classic version offered by the Cupertino company, the Apple AirPods Pro is certainly the best Bluetooth headphones for the iPhone.

Compared to the AirPods 2, the AirPods Pro offers a series of features that make them complete and among the best TWS ever. They are resistant to water and sweat (IPX4 certification) and have silicone pads and therefore different adapters/rubber pads and a renewed design.

What Are The Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds?

Among the best wireless earbuds for small ears, we find the Jabra Elite 75t, the upgrade of the popular 65t. They are more compact and offer more autonomy than other models.

Final Words

With this buying guide, we want to help you choose the best wireless earbuds for small ears, for your listening needs, and for your pockets. The market is full of devices of this type, of every price and various quality, so that we can satisfy the needs of each user.

There are several in-ear earbuds on the market. Making your choice is not always easy. Compared to previous versions, Buds Live offers active noise cancellation. It remains at unconvincing levels, especially when compared to other solutions. However, they do a discreet job on calls.

The performance of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is comparable to the Sennheisers described above. The massive dimensions are the price to pay for such audio.

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