Top 5 Best VR Drones of All Time (2021 Reviews)

best vr drone

Drones are not such a new thing. The first self-piloted flying machine was tested in 1918, more than a century ago then. It was called the Air Torpedo and was designed for military applications. Today, any entrepreneurial activity must deal with the strict rules dictated by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

In this article, we have selected the five most unique and valid current markets. Are you ready to let the enthusiasm take off? Let’s see which will be the best VR drone.

Top 5 Best VR Drones 2021 Reviews

#1 Ultimaxx VR Drone

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The giant Ultimaxx controls a large part of the world drone market. Many models of this brand are popular, especially the VR Drone Combo. It is the best-selling drone in 2020. The reason is that it weighs only 249 grams. So for just one gram, you do not need to register it for fly-by.

The Ultimate Combo guarantees up to 30 minutes of flight. Thanks to the minimum weight, it allows the drone to stay in flight longer than other aerial cameras. We also have 2km of HD video transmission, characterized by a three-axis stabilization. The three-axis motorized gimbal stabilizes the camera and guarantees clear shots.

The drone supports 12 MP aerial photography. It has a 2.7K camera to record 2.7K QHD videos and comes with circular parapet blades. Its sensors are advanced and allow the Ultimaxx to park in flight with remarkable accuracy.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long flights
  • Ultimate video transmission
  • Three-axis stabilization


  • No negative comments included

Ultimaxx VR Drone is the best VR drone with technology and premium resolution.


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If you are looking for a drone racing competition, SNAPTAIN drone is the name to mark. The unit comes with an ultra-thin carbon fiber frame that is light but stable. It has a 7-channel Devo remote control and a front HD camera supplied.

5.8 GHz image transmission is already integrated. The range of the transmitter is approximately 1000 meters. The OSD module provides crucial telemetry data such as battery voltage or tilt angle directly.

Perform stunts at the push of a button and reach a flight time of up to 14 minutes. It is combined with the special Goggle V4 glasses and equipped with LEDs of different colors for the front and rear lights. We have a direction indicator that gives both effect lighting and greater control of the flight position.


  • Durable frame
  • HD camera
  • Premium transmission
  • Quality package


  • Required practice before using

SNAPTAIN drone modular structure facilitates maintenance and makes upgrading easier.

#3 Contixo F24 Pro Drone

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Contixo F24 Pro is an ideal solution if you are interested in shooting high-quality videos and taking truly breathtaking panoramic photos. It integrates a 4K HDR camera with crazy video and photo shooting capabilities.

It offers the 180-degree tilting gimbal and zoom without quality loss up to 2x. It has a flight time of 25 minutes, built-in artificial intelligence, and remarkable resistance to extreme weather.


  • Compact design
  • 4K HDR camera
  • 180-degree tilting gimbal
  • 2x zooming


  • Expensive

Contixo F24 Pro features a compact, ultralight carbon frame and has a foldable design. It is a mini that you can easily store in your bag.

#4 DEERC Drone

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The DEERC drone is a foldable travel drone that is also controlled with a voice command. It even has the Visual Tracking function. So, you can follow the primary object everywhere with the fidelity of a four-legged device.

It can fly up to 33 minutes in a row and can be fully piloted through voice controls. To start, land, take photos, or record videos, just say “Go back” or “Start recording”. The Mantis Q will obey your command precisely.

With this device, you can take photos with 4K video resolution, electronic stabilization up to 1080p that occurs on three live axes, and through the system up to 1920 × 1080 (full HD). It also features automatic flight modes. We have a Journey that follows a straight upward course and automatically returns. Then, Point of Interest, the latter for flying around a pre-selected object or point of interest.


  • Innovative technology
  • Voice command
  • 4K video resolution
  • Electronic stabilization


  • Poor-quality motors
  • Short battery life

With Return Home, press a button and the drone will return and land automatically in a point close to the starting point. Last but not least, it had an honorable mention at the Innovation Awards at CES 2019.

#5 LBLA Drone

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The LBLA drone has a 4k HD camera and a detachable 3-axis gimbal. It improves the drone’s stability and image sharpness. It features a remote controller with a digital display (visible even in bright light conditions) and a built-in 3800 mah intelligent lithium battery.

It also has an intelligent charger that supports the simultaneous charging of 5 batteries. Through the Position Hold function, the device maintains the position via GPS. Then, it automatically returns to the starting point thanks to data storage.

It has a full HD Action (1080p) wi-fi camera with photo and video function, four powerful motors that allow a load of up to 350 grams, and six self-stabilizing axes. The duration of the flight is excellent at 35 minutes if there is no wind.


  • 4k HD camera
  • detachable 3-axis gimbal
  • built-in 3800 mah battery


  • Unresponsive problems

The drone has a two-color LED lighting system with a direction indicator and warning of any low voltage.

Features to Consider When Choosing a VR Drone


VR Drones can capture beautiful and impressive moments through quality videos and images thanks to high-resolution camera action and advanced anti-shake and anti-noise systems. Therefore, VR drones are often used for commercial and service purposes such as monitoring real estate projects, construction works, event video recording, and team-building.

Unlike VR drones, the FPV drone is a toy that brings an enjoyable experience to users. With the ability of FPV Drones, users can upgrade the speed, long-range, and altitude of FPV Drones to prove themselves. Therefore, FPV Drone is often used in Drone Racing.


Most drones for non-professional use have an autonomy of 10 to 31 minutes per charge, except the Mavic Air 2 that beats the Mavic series record reaching an autonomy of about 34 minutes. Our advice is to buy a drone with a replaceable battery and as much as possible with a quick charge.

VR Headset

Among the elements that can be decisive in the purchase of a product for VR, there are also accessories to give an even more profound and effective experience. Most of the manufacturers of high-end helmets add accessories to the marketed product that allows the user to involve other senses, such as odors and temperature variations.


The cost is often motivated by the functionality and features of a particular model that may not be of use. Here, we can save money by aiming for a lower-end drone. To meet our needs, we need a more expensive drone and we will have to evaluate perhaps purchase in installments.


How much does a VR drone cost?

As for drones and VR drones, in particular, the price range goes from $100 to $2,000. It almost seems superfluous, but the price factor is decisive when deciding which drone to buy.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a drone?

Building a drone can be more complicated than you thought. But if you have a strong desire, let’s try.

What is the best drone on the market right now?

Ultimaxx VR Drone has many outstanding functions. The battery life from 5800 mAh is 2 hours. The maximum speed it can touch is 4.5 miles per second which equals about 7.2 kilometers per hour. It also has three different navigation settings ranging from cruising to normal up to underwater.

What is the best drone for $200?

A SNAPTAIN drone is not a terrible choice. It is combined with the special Goggle V4 glasses and equipped with LEDs of different colors for the front and rear lights, and a direction indicator that gives both effect lighting and greater control of the flight position.

Its modular structure facilitates maintenance and makes upgrading easier. However, you need to be a minor expert before flying it. It is vital to practice with a small quadcopter or with a flight simulator.

Final Words

Now, a photoshoot without a drone doing aerial shots would disappoint any married couple. There is also a television and film use VR drones for the management of urban areas, in agriculture, in police and civil protection activities.

Interest in sports is also growing with drone racing. We have fast drones to compete on special circuits, led by pilots equipped with special video-glasses. Ultimaxx VR Drone is our winner, thanks to its high efficiency and quality pictures.

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