Top 5+ Best TV Brands for Gaming, Streaming, Movies, Sound/Picture Quality 2021 Reviews

Top 5+ Best TV Brands for Gaming, Streaming, Movies, Sound/Picture Quality 2021 Reviews

It is challenging to navigate the jungle of electronic devices, especially televisions. So, people risk being confused and overwhelmed by prices, features, and products that are not right for us.

Here is the definitive guide to identifying the best TV brands for Gaming, Streaming, Movies, Sound/Picture Quality. This guide reviews the five best TV Brands currently on the market. Let’s check and see!

Top 5+ Best TV Brands 2021 Reviews

#1 Best TV Brand for Gaming

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LG is a famous TV brand for gaming with a futuristic design that allows you to receive the digital signal in HD and supports 1080p. The assembly kit is immediate. One of the best LG options you should not miss out on is OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series

Using the suitable antenna mounted on a camper in a hilly and mountain area, you can see all the digital terrestrial channels in the clear when stopped. It is also available in the Alessandria area for a trip.

Although it is omnidirectional, it receives all the channels at its best and helps you play your games to the fullest access. It has different sensitivities depending on the orientation. So, it is better to do several tests even if at the first attempt it seems well-positioned.

One of the drawbacks of this TV brand is that they are soon run out of the product. However, it is the best antenna for TV we have ever experienced.


  • Large fleet of channels and options for gaming
  • Excellent futuristic design
  • Al processor to make smoother, better, more dynamic, and more apparent screen
  • Easy to install


  • Its WiFi chip can be broken if you do not use it carefully. 

More than 8 million pixels to control your TV light show, LG OLED products may turn them off wholly and independently to see infinite contrast and stunning picture in games

#2 Best TV Brand for Picture Quality

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Samsung is the best TV brand for picture quality no matter where you are in the basement and limited area. The reception of the channels is excellent. One specific product you should know is SAMSUNG Class Crystal with a 50-inch screen.

There is no need to do great orientation tests to find the perfect positioning. You will immediately have excellent results without tinkering excessively.

Assembly is quick and easy. But the connectors needed for installation must be purchased separately, as these are not available in the package.

It allows you to see all Premium channels and more without a power supply or amplifier. HD channels also have unusual signal strength compared to other antennas. It is the savior for people who have now given up and think that where they live. 


  • Great picture quality
  • Unveils color shades with HDR
  • Double reflector
  • Remarkable reception


  • The TV is somehow reflective and is not suitable for daytime watching.

SAMSUNG TVs, especially the Class Crystal series, are excellent products that allow you to play games even in areas where it would seem impossible to receive antennae, such as basements or lofty buildings. 

#3 Best TV Brand for Streaming

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Sony brand is an excellent all-encompassing solution for anyone wishing to watch digital terrestrial without making unsightly holes in their home.

This streaming package in which they sell it contains everything needed for fixing. The only useful missing piece is the antenna cable to be connected between the amplifier and the TV. A hardware store can remedy it at the cost of a paltry euro.

The Sony X900H TV is free from interference that could disturb the vision of the game. It comes with different filters to prevent 4G and GSM signals from annoying and interrupting your signal.


  • Easy to install
  • LTE Free
  • Resistant to rain and snow
  • Several options for streaming


  • Instructions are in English only.

The Sony TVs are perfect for people who want to stream their games in everyday life. Inside the box, there are all the fastening materials and connectors.

#4 Best TV Brand for Sound Quality

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VIZIO V-Series UHD LED Smart TV can be used successfully as a replacement for your old TV or online game machines. We recommend mounting it with a direct view on the repeater for better results.

If you identify the right orientation position, it can give you a lot of satisfaction. The tool is a compact antenna. It is one of the best-selling for many reasons.

The unit is easy to assemble, elegant and essential. You can install it both on the external wall and directly in the living room. Inside the box, there are comfortable hooks to allow a smooth and trouble-free assembly of any kind.


  • A unique speaker system for best sound quality
  • Compatible with analog and digital TV
  • Anti UV rays
  • Filters any 3G and 4G signal interference


  • The signal gets worse in terrible weather.

VIZIO is a particular TV brand with a speaker system dedicated to the best sound quality. It also can be resistant to ultraviolet rays and water. 

#5 Best TV Brand for Movies

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This model is perfect for both digital and normal analog television channels and also movies. Here, it suffices to connect it with a coaxial cable to an HD TV via a digital terrestrial decoder. It is robust and impeccably resistant to atmospheric agents. The outer part is profiled in aluminum and ABS, which makes it perfectly rainproof.

The PVC support is unstable. But TCL 32-Inch Roku Smart LED TV is enough to ensure a careful and patient assembly to mitigate the problem. 

In case of poor weather conditions, it can have some reception problems, but it happens only if you are far from the repeater.

If you live in remote areas and far from signal repeaters, it is good to make sure you purchase an amplifier to match the antenna. In this way, it will be possible to receive more channels.


  • Suitable for all channels and movies
  • 24-month guarantee
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Its support system is sometimes unstable

TCL is a TV brand installed in a professional manner that will work for years with no maintenance, and it offers you the best shot for all types of movies.

#6 Best TV Brand for The Money

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The Hisense is the cheapest option for people who do not want to compromise on quality. The design is classic but very well thought out.

The assembly is complicated, given the size of the antenna. It is a little larger than the norm. With a little attention, you will succeed. Being made of aluminum, take great care. Otherwise, you risk bending the mustache.

It is ideal in places where there is a good reception of the digital terrestrial signal. In the alternative case, the Hisense H4 Series Roku Smart TV is better to focus on another model or, even better, on a satellite dish directly. To be sure you have a good signal in your area, ask a professional technician or a geek friend to measure the instrument.


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Robust and compact
  • Affordable


  • Low-quality material

The Hisense TV is straightforward to install. Although the instructions are not the best and present some inaccuracies, with a little spirit of adaptation and ingenuity, you will be able to mount it.

Features to Consider When Choosing a TV for You

Screen Size

The TV screens market, especially those for gaming, is divided into two macro-categories: large and small. The small-sized antenna is suitable for small rooms, like the kitchen, and can be connected extremely simply to some types of games.

The large-sized TV screens guarantee better reception of channels and the possibility of tuning in to a greater number of networks. It can be installed on an external wall or near a window and can be managed in total autonomy.


This aspect refers to the graphical representation of the amplified behavior. Specifically, it is necessary to identify this characteristic as it affects the way electromagnetic waves are received and sent.

Smart TV

One of the most important factors to take into consideration before purchasing is whether it is a smart TV with the new standard for digital terrestrial. They can provide better channel reception and a much larger catalog of networks to tune into. Coming with a larger reception surface, they can also guarantee significantly higher signal reception.


You can consider the number of frequencies that you can use in your TVs. Antennas that use broadband usually have a higher frequency. It directly affects other factors, such as gain, polarity, or impedance that are better in broadband antennas. There are several options to consider, comprising LED, QLED, OLED, and LCD.


At a cheap price, LED TVs hold the promise of incredible performances. It is pre-assembled that is perfect for people who have little manual skills and want a product that is easy to install in rural areas.


QLED is suitable for the middle-ground with the reception of normal analog channels. For rural areas, the unit is easy to assemble, tuning takes place a moment, immediately after assembly. It has a higher price than LED but a lower price than OLED.


With a refined and beautiful design, OLED has a special structure that guarantees constant efficiency over time, and eternal life is assumed. The unit is resistant to rain and other atmospheric agents and is the best choice with a high level of contrast as well as realistic color.


Both LCD and LED TVs were based on LCD technology. But LCD is the older version and can be the best economic option for those who want to increase their reception potential by spending less budget than other models of TVs.

Final Words 

There are many alternatives if you want to expand the capacity of action of your television system for gaming. With a little research and dexterity, it is possible to find out the best TV brand for yourself.

In this guide, we have tried to offer you all the answers to the most common questions that arise when choosing the product. Both 1byone antennas are perfect for each purpose. We hope that with our advice, you can purchase the perfect one for your home or office.

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