Top 7 Best Travel Laptops For Works: Photographers, Video Editing, Writers (2021 Reviews)

best travel laptops

If there is one thing that fascinates people about the 2.0 world, it is becoming a digital nomad. What does it mean to be digital nomads? It means that you have a profession that allows you to do your job anywhere in the world. You can afford to travel and stay anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection.

An indispensable tool for a digital nomad is a laptop specially designed to be travel-friendly. The laptops must have some characteristics that make them compatible with continuous movements. So, we introduce the seven options for the best travel laptops.

Top 7 Best Travel Laptops For Works on The Go 2021

#1 Best Overall – Apple MacBook Air

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Why should the MacBook Air be at the top of the chart? The answer is simple. For the weight, it is light (1.8 kg) but varies according to the model chosen. It also has incredible performance.

The latest version is slimmer with a Retina display with True Trone technology, the Touch ID sensor for fingerprints, the latest-generation keyboard, and the Force Touch trackpad.

Made entirely from recycled aluminum, it is also the most eco-friendly version in the Mac industry. The display enchants with the quality of its colors. The images are detailed and what you observe looks like reality. Over 4 million pixels and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 make images ultra-detailed, sharp, and defined.

The keyboard is of the latest generation and particularly suitable for those who write a lot in front of the computer. The battery lasts for a full 10 hours that means you can work on it all day with no hassle or thought. There is currently no better product on the market.


  • Lightweight and robust
  • Advanced technology
  • Premium keyboard and trackpad
  • Recycled materials
  • High resolution


  • Expensive price

Thanks to the true tone technology, the white balance is automatically adjusted according to the color temperature of the environment. The display glass reaches the edge of the PC, reducing the frame by 50%.

#2 Best Travel Laptop For Photographers – LG Gram WQXGA Laptop

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Its position in second place in the ranking can certainly raise some suspicion to many people. But what would you think of this product after discovering that it weighs only 1.35 kg? This LG product has a tiny footprint but hides top-notch performance inside.

First, we do not know if there is a lighter laptop on the market. Second, this laptop guarantees an autonomy of 23 hours. We are talking about numbers that leave you speechless.

It comes with 8 GB RAM, a 512 GB hard disk, and a 17-inch Full HD screen. This splendid product will give you quality photo processing in case you are a photographer. Please do not miss this laptop because you will struggle to find a laptop that is lighter or capable of similar performance.


  • Incredibly low weight
  • The autonomy of 23 hours
  • Excellent technical characteristics
  • Top-notch performance


  • Not suitable for gamers

The LG Gram is a must for people who want to travel light without giving up the 17-inch format display.

#3 Best Travel Laptop For Video Editing – ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop

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The Vivobook 15 is a high-performance notebook from Asus weighing in at just 1.6 kg. It is the best travel laptop for video editors. With a 15-inch screen and 8 GB RAM, it is one of the most efficient products in this market segment.

With the 256 GB hard drive, you will have all the space you need to store your work documents. Equipped with a 4K UHD display, it has vivid colors and is the perfect companion for all editing enthusiasts thanks to its high-quality video card.

The only “Achilles heel” remains the autonomy of only 6 hours. It is short for the digital nomads. But with this performance, this model could not remain out of our ranking.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Efficient performance
  • Premium graphic card
  • Excellent audio for video editing


  • Low battery life
  • Expensive

The Vivobook 15 comes with a high-quality audio system, Touch ID for fingerprint recognition, and fast charging battery (up to 60% in 49 minutes).

#4 Best Travel Laptop For Photo Editing – HP Pavilion 15 Laptop

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The HP Pavilion 15 is a high-performance mid-range notebook. It has its place in our ranking thanks to its weight of only 1.78 kg and its autonomy of up to 10 hours and 15 minutes.

The manufacturer also promises a fast battery charge of up to 50% in 49 minutes. The unit comes with a good 8GB RAM, 256GB hard drive, good immersive and authentic sound system thanks to HP Dual Speakers, vivid and authentic colors thanks to its good video card. These features make this product a brilliant choice in case you are looking for a good laptop to take on the go for photo editing.


  • Excellent performance
  • Premium video card
  • Authentic colors
  • Amazing sound system


  • Not suitable for gaming

15-inch screen, excellent processor, and very high performance for this new notebook from HP. FHD IDS anti-glare display with WLED backlight.

#5 Best Travel Laptop For Writers – CHUWI HeroBook Pro Laptop

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For an alternative brand, but an excellent product with an unbeatable value for money, this Chuwi HeroBook Plus with a modern design that is efficient.

15.6-inch display and 5mm thin bezel, borderless and back-lit keyboard, easy to use even in low light conditions.

Equipped with a 256 GB hard disk and 8 GB RAM that guarantee optimal performance, it weighs only 17 kg and its battery promises excellent performance and autonomy of 8 hours, making it the best product in this price range as a travel laptop.


  • Modern design
  • High value for money
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Optimal performance


  • Overheat problems

The general performance of the product is excellent, as the speed of execution of the heaviest programs.

#6 Dell New 2019 XPS Laptop

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Another very high-performance model is this Dell New 2019 XPS. The laptop comes with its eighth-generation Intel core i7 processor. It enters right into our ranking thanks to its weight of only 1.5 kg and its autonomy of about 12 hours when watching videos.

Ultra-thin design and the latest graphics card make this laptop the perfect ally during any type of travel. With a 13.9-inch touch screen and a thin border of only 4 mm, this laptop comes with an excellent sound system.


  • Advanced technology
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Excellent sound system


  • Slight defect of the touchpad on some models

The laptop has 8GB RAM and a 512GB hard drive. You will experience the vivid and authentic colors, with viewing angles up to 178 degrees. Integrated Touch ID for maximum security with fingerprint recognition.

#7 2020 Acer Aspire 3 FHD Laptop

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The Acer Aspire 3 is another excellent choice in the low price range because it combines outstanding performance with a great purchase price. With this model, it keeps us on high performance, similar to the high-end ones, thanks to its 8 GB RAM and its 256 GB hard drive.

The display is large with its 15.6-inch and the weight remains lightweight of 1.9 kg. Its battery is not bad for a laptop of this range, guaranteeing 7/8 hours of autonomy.

The performance of the product remains more than good and has a wonderful ability to run various software. The screen design is thin, and the bezel is only 7.8mm thick for optimal viewing, especially when watching movies or movies.


  • Affordable
  • High performance
  • Large display
  • Lightweight


  • Battery autonomy not optimal

For the sharp and realistic colors, the laptop can adjust independently according to the content projected on the screen, making the visible experience always excellent.

Features to Consider When Choose Laptop Travel


Knowing what you are looking for in the future notebook is a factor of primary importance to calibrate the choice on the right price for the right specifications.

If you are a student, you will not want to spend too much on a new notebook and you will not need mind-boggling specifications, especially if you need to take and read PDFs.


It may seem trivial, but it is the most important feature of a travel computer. A few hundred grams may seem like nothing but will affect your shoulders through time.

Battery Life

It depends on what kind of trip you take, but a long-lasting battery is always an advantage. Consider at least 10 hours of average duration (showed by the manufacturer). But if you can, aim for a higher one.


Internal storage is to be kept under close observation. The thing to keep in mind when buying a new notebook is to avoid classic hard drives. HDDs are slow and weary memories. If you find a notebook with a large 1 TB HDD, do not consider it.

While it is increasingly rare to find only HDDs on modern notebooks, it is a mantra that is always worth stressing. In any notebook, even inexpensive ones, you need to aim for an SSD module. SSD memories are much faster in reading and writing than classic HDDs, trivially the whole operating system will have much faster reaction times.

Processing Power

Now, the SSD hard disk has become a standard. Compared to the HDDs, SSDs are faster, quieter, consume less power (so the battery lasts longer), and are less likely to break (important when traveling) than cheaper HDDs. Among SSDs, NVMe models are faster and lighter than SATA.


Is It Safe To Take A Laptop Travelling?

The answer is yes. It is possible to put your laptop in your hand luggage and board it with you on the plane. Obviously, as in the smartphone’s case, there will be some simple rules to follow both before boarding the flight once we have sat down in our seats inside the aircraft.

When we show up at security checks, it will be necessary to remove the computer from the backpack that we want to take with us to the cabin. Then put it in a separate tray from other personal items.

What Is The Best Small Laptop On The Market?

Apple MacBook Air is not only lightweight, but the battery can also last up to 12 hours (watching movies on the Apple TV app, 11 hours for wireless web browsing). You have a high-resolution Retina display with True Tone technology. It is the best on the market both for working on the go and for entertainment.

How Can I Travel With My Laptop Safely?

Even if the ban has been lifted, and travelers from Africa and the Middle East will breathe a sigh of relief. It does not mean that the security measures will be more relaxed. We will adopt stricter safety measures, many more dogs to sniff out any explosive dust, and x-rays much more powerful and effective than before.

You are wondering how to behave? The answer is always that it depends a lot on the circumstances. Where do you come from? Have you traveled to one country considered at risk? What do you need your laptop for?

We recommend you leave it at home if you are going to the United States for one or two weeks of vacation. You can survive very well, even without your laptop.

If you are traveling for work, and you have to take your laptop with you, do not worry too much or create too many complications and worries. In theory, nothing should happen.

Check with your airline if you need to declare your laptop. You might have to undergo a brief interrogation or inspection of your device. Finally, do not forget to fill in your ESTA form online. The ESTA USA is essential for traveling.

What Is The Best Size Laptop For Travel

The lightest laptop we have found with several features that allow for everyday use is the Acer Aspire 3 with less than a kilo. The hardware components of this laptop make it a quality product that also allows for business use.

Final Words

If you are a digital nomad, travel often, and have to carry your computer for work, then it is worth focusing on the best travel laptop with excellent hardware equipment and medium-high prices.

You will work in the best possible conditions, meet deadlines without problems, and make your trip more enjoyable. For the economic availability, it is certainly the Apple MacBook Air in this sector. It reigns supreme and offers the best possible performance.

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