Top 9 Best Smart TVs for Your Smart Homes 2021 Reviews

Top 9 Best Smart TVs for Your Smart Homes 2021 Reviews

The development of television production technology has been giving users great experiences. Today’s TVs are not only used to watch entertainment programs but also can surf the web, communicate with loved ones, download applications, or control with smart gestures.

Using a smart TV for the first time is the same as when you first used a smartphone. It can connect to the Internet, view online content, and even shop online. However, among a multitude of brands and models, choosing the best smart tv is not easy.

So, how to find the most suitable smart tv for me? The following article will give you the necessary information and specific reviews to make the best decision.

Top 9 Best Smart TVs 2021 Reviews

#1 Best 32 Inch Smart TV: Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA Smart TV

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To begin with, this new television comes with a 4K UHD processor. These specs bring the powerful 4K resolution QLED display. What you see on the TV will be incredibly crisp and sharp images and SHD videos. The Quantum Dot technology is added for vivid and realistic picture quality to enhance the user-watching experience. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Great picture quality
  • Good value for money


  • The control menu interface is slightly inconvenient

Although the Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA is slightly expensive for the 32-inch TV range, it is genuinely worth your money. This 4K television has Smart features such as voice control, which are easier and funnier for you to play TV shows or search for your favorite films. 

#2 Best Smart TV for Gaming: LG OLED65CXPUA CX Smart TV

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This model can deliver fantastic picture quality. More specifically, it turns pixels off utterly to produce perfect blacks, which makes it an excellent option for darkroom gaming. Besides, its brightness is sufficient to overcome glare, and the reflection handling is exceptional. 

With the 120Hz refresh rate, the motion handling is immensely outstanding. You will get incredibly smooth motion without blurring in fast-moving scenes. 


  • The bright and clear picture
  • Remarkable reflection handling
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Insufficiently bright to combat glare

The LG OLED65CXPUA CX television is indeed an excellent option for playing games. It has a near-instant response time and wide viewing angles. Also, it is useful for watching games with friends without dirty screen effect. 

#3 Best Smart TV for Streaming: Sony A8H BRAVIA OLED Smart TV

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When coming to its design, it is simple and exceptionally thin on all sides. In other words, it looks premium all-around. Besides, it has a wide range of brightness variations, which seems sufficient for you to get a great HDR experience. The viewing angles of this Sony A8H are also excellent. It can be used for wide seating arrangements and large rooms. 


  • Acoustic surface audio
  • Near-instantaneous response time
  • Perfect black levels


  • Burn-in possible

The Sony A8H BRAVIA is one of the best choices for those who are willing to splurge their money on the best smart TVs. You utterly can use this TV for most purposes thanks to the decent peak brightness and wide color gamut. 

#4 Best Smart TV for Apps: TCL 40S325 Smart LED Roku TV

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This TCL 40S325 can fit any smallest entertainment budget as it is utterly a bargain. With the 1080p resolution, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and shows comfortably. The most outstanding feature of this TV is the Roku app. This Roku can turn your tablet or smartphone into a voice-enable remote. Accordingly, browsing and searching will become easier and quicker.  


  • Great voice controls
  • A lot of inputs
  • Affordable


  • Not 4K 

 As this television is designed with the Roku platform, users can access numerous streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu preloaded. The home menu is designed nicely so that you can easily select apps, broadcast TV inputs, and playback devices. 

#5 Best Smart TV for RV: Supersonic SC-1912 LED Smart TV

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You can play your CDs, DVDs, and CD-Rs thanks to the built-in DVD player. The LED screen can display pictures well with vivid colors, detail, and contrast. Plus, it has the Digital Noise Reduction tech. It means that you will get a better listening experience without any sound interference. 


  • Large screen
  • Multifunctional 
  • Available streaming cable channels


  • Poor-quality remote

Overall, you can use this smart TV for general entertainment. It comes with a built-in DVD player and clear color images. Also, it is compatible with the HDMI, AC/DC, and USB ports. 

#6 Best Smart TV for Bedroom: Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA Smart LED TV

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This model has decent viewing angles. Indeed, you can look at the television from any angle without worrying as blacks’ intensity will remain good. There will be no issues with a reflection if you do not use it in a very bright room. The semi-gloss coating on the screen helps to reduce and diffuse the intensity of reflections. 


  • Slim design
  • Good uniformity of the screen
  • Accurate image


  • HDMI issues

Coming with the 1080p resolution, the Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA will be a perfect option for your bedroom wall. It also has an ethernet jack, which allows you to connect wired. 

#7 Best Smart TV for The Money: TCL 6-Series QLED Roku Smart TV 

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This TV is manufactured with the Quantum Dot filter that makes colors come to life. Besides, there is a full array panel. These specs enable the TV to achieve peak brightness. Regarding the sound system, it offers some ways to boost the audio up. 


  • Colorful and bright HDR
  • Noticeable bargain
  • Amazing Roku TV


  • HD upscaling needs improvements

The TCL 6-series seems to be the best budget TVs on this list. It gives you high-end AV formats and amazing 4K HDR performance. 

#8 Best Smart TV for Apple Users: VIZIO M558-G1 M-Series Quantum HDR Smart TV

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The most outstanding aspect of this TV is the 4K content. It is displayed perfectly without sub-pixel dimming or pixel issues. Its 1080p content is also upscaled nearly perfectly. Many users review that it looks virtually identical to the 4K content. 


  • Great picture quality
  • Affordable
  • Variable refresh rate


  • Mediocre remote

With the Dolby Vizion, HDR 10, and HomeKit compatibility, this model is appropriate for Apple users. You can stream contents from your devices on to this television easily through the built-in Chromecast.

#9 Best Smart TV for Seniors: LG 50UN7300PUF Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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The LG 50UN7300PUF model delivers a real 4K display with superb color, clarity, and contrast. It also comes with an active HDR that can enhance the seniors’ viewing experience. With these specs, seniors can enjoy watching their favorite news, streaming services, and sports channels. 


  • Ultra-surround sound
  • Great ThinQ AI
  • Sleek design


  • Not good black level

In general, this model is best for seniors who are seeking an ultimate viewing experience. It does not have many confusing features, which makes it an ideal option for the elderly.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Smart TV


Size is one of the significant factors you need to consider when choosing to buy a Smart TV. To choose a Smart TV that both satisfies and suits the space, you need to determine where that TV will be located.

Screen size selection should be based on the space used. It would be best if you chose to buy a cheap television in size suitable for the television’s installation space. More importantly, the room should be large enough for you to maintain a suitable and safe TV viewing distance.

It would help if you did not put a too-small TV in a large room, nor should a TV too big in a narrow space. If you have a narrow room, do not buy a widescreen TV. It will lead to you having to sit too close to the TV, causing eye damage, and not experiencing great TV programs anymore. Besides, it would be best to choose a screen size suitable for your financial ability.

You also need to pay attention to the suitable viewing distance for each screen size and resolution. Avoid the situation when the purchase is too close or too far from the sitting position, causing damage to the eyes.


You should choose a TV with high definition, 4K or 8K. Over time, programs will also migrate to higher resolution standards. New screen panel technologies such as LED, OLED provide higher image quality than before, providing a superior viewing experience.

Software Platform

Smart TVs today usually use one of the three operating systems Android TV, WebOS, or Tizen. You should try them all out to see if it is convenient to use. A platform is too clunky. Many installation operations will be inconvenient for everyday use. You must also make sure that this operating system supports the applications you want and coordinates them perfectly.

Picture-Improving Technology

HDR compatibility is a must-have feature these days. That is because HDR allows the TV to display better details, contrast, and colors. It also creates a more realistic viewing experience. Although it is usually a feature for high-end TVs, some current low-end and mid-range TVs are also HDR compatible.

Display Technology

Users often compare the pros and cons between LCD TVs and Plasma TVs to choose to buy TVs. In the past, there were many distinct differences between Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Plasma TVs had a larger screen and display better dark colors, while LCD TVs were smaller and very bright but handled motion pictures poorly. These comparisons are no longer accurate.

Today, TVs from 40 inches or more, especially LCD TVs using LED light technology, have helped the screen achieve excellent dark colors like plasma TVs. Today, TVs are also applying HD, Full HD, and 4K image display technology, giving users very striking screen technology differences.

Panel technology is among the top factors to consider when buying a smart TV. While useful, LCD panels have many notable shortcomings in LED and OLED panels’ design. The new technology also consumes less energy while delivering better quality.


What is a smart TV?

Smart TV is understood as a smart TV run on a particular operating system platform, has memory, has RAM, and has an intelligent interface.

Smart TV is smarter than Internet TV. Internet TV only has the only function of connecting to the network. In contrast, Smart TV, besides the ability to connect to the Internet, can also install additional applications, possess a smart interface.

There are also more outstanding features such as:

  • Install applications such as web browser, chat skype, yahoo watch online video, play games.
  • Runs on the platform or interface specific to each TV manufacturer.
  • There are additional smart control features: voice control, gesture control, face recognition.

What should I look for when buying a smart TV?

  • Operating system evaluation: Smart TVs currently use one of the three operating systems Android TV, WebOS, or Tizen. 
  • Resolution: You should choose a TV with high definition, 4K or 8K. …
  • Screen panel technology. 
  • HDR compatible 
  • Connection port: Most Smart TVs today support both wired connection and wireless connection. Wired connections such as USB, HDMI, and MHL will be supported so that the TV can easily connect to other devices such as computers, USB, or phones to view the contents on the device. At the same time, Smart TVs are also supported to connect to the Internet using the traditional LAN port, usually designed at the back of the TV.
  • Sound
  • Control Smart TV
  • Screen size and resolution

What brand is best for smart TV?

Some famous smart TV production brands in the market today that you can consider:

  • Sony: is a famous technology company from Japan. Sony is continually improving and upgrading its product quality in line with technology and customer needs.

Therefore, Sony always receives love and trust from users. So when it comes to which television company is the best today, ignoring Sony will be a very shortcoming.

  • Samsung: is a famous brand from Korea and is no stranger to users all over the world. Samsung TV is one of the products that this comprehensive technology corporation offers and air conditioning, telephone, washing machine.
  • LG: is also a famous Korean technology company like Samsung. LG also sells many items, but television is still the most potent product line today. The rise of the LG W7T OLED TV series marked the company’s efforts to upgrade and improve this leading technology company’s quality.

Final Words

Sony A8H BRAVIA OLED Smart TV is the top pick in this article. It can be used for various purposes such as gaming or streaming with a great value for money. Otherwise, you can consider the TCL 6-Series QLED Roku Smart TV if you are on a tight budget. It seems to be a new brand in the list but does provide many useful functions. 

You have gone through some in-depth reviews of the best smart tv. Besides, you have grasped some knowledge of how to choose a smart television. Hopefully, you will make the right decision and do not regret your choice later on. 

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