Top 5 Best PCs on A Stick For Gaming, Streaming & Business (2021 Reviews) 

best pc on a stick

Nowadays, you can earn a mini-computer with the best PCs on a stick, but it comes without a screen. After hooking it up to the CPU, you can do nearly everything you usually do with a standard computer. Does it sound fabulous? Well, in this article today, we’re about to uncover more about them. 

Here, we’ve listed the top options of various operating system brands. These arrive at different prices, so it’s up to you to choose what fits you the most. With stick pcs, your life would be more comfortable than ever when every bulky thing gets decreased to only one handy and stick-shaped object. So how exactly do they work? Let’s find out now!

Top 5 Best PCs on A Stick 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Pc Stick For Gaming: Azulle Quantum Access Mini Pc Stick 

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Azulle is the top manufacturer of mini PC Sticks, specialized in making innovations for houses and businesses. Their clients have the opportunity to reach the fullest potential via modern technology. With the mini PC stick of Azulle, you have full access to every connection capability. Also, it makes a brilliant product on the go while you’re traveling.

Feel free to use it as a great way of entertainment. If not, you can surf the web, work at the office, and go streaming. Along with the optimal RAM and decent Quad-Core processor, the users will receive the best performance for gaming. The tool itself won’t be short of storage capacity when containing a total of 32GB. 


  • A large amount of storage space 
  • Impressive visuals 
  • The highly portable item for traveling
  • Good compact PC stick


  • It gets slower when using ports 

Overall, it might be the best windows pc stick that does an excellent job of browsing, gaming, and streaming you’ve been looking for. Just plug it into any TV with an HDMI socket.

#2 Best Pc Stick For Streaming: Intel Compute Stick CS125

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Are you ready to welcome a newer way to plug into your home recreation? Let the Intel Compute Stick CS125 tells you how. It allows the users to turn the HDMI monitor into a real computer. Besides, the newly remade stick features a Quad-Core Intel Atom x5 processor to ensure decent performance. It also comes with a pre-installed Win 10, and all you must do is to plug it into any HDMI port on display.

Once using the tool for the first time, your first impression on it would be the modest size. It’s compact enough to slip into your pocket. And you need to plug and play it anywhere else you like. For example, the user gets to put his or her best windows PC stick behind the TV in a hotel room or behind the class monitor.


  • Come with Window 10
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Set up fast and runs smoothly
  • Two USB ports 


  • Not compatible with all TV brands

There’s no way to expect more than that. The Intel Compute Stick is claimed to offers the fullest PC experience you commonly know. Though it’s only a single device, it allows you to access any content on different platforms: Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes, and more.

#3 Best Pc Stick With Ethernet: AWOW Mini PC Windows 10 Computer Stick

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It’s time to make your screen smarter with AWOW Mini Pc Windows 10 Computer Stick. The tool is perfect for enriching your whole experiences and management online. Don’t worry much about how long you can use it because this works for long. To make it more appealing, how about getting the Ethernet LAN Port for greater convenience.

Like the above item, AWOW Mini PC Windows 10 Computer Stick lets the users browse the Internet like a champ. It gives whatever you desire, from Netflix to Anime. Therefore, we’re sure that it can blow the Android boxes away with ease when doing things better.


  • Ideal for streaming online content
  • It runs windows pretty well.
  • Instant movie streaming and email checking
  • Boots and runs fast 


  • Go slow at times and not enough memory space.

Last but not least, the device can work with Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, you can freely link to several wireless peripherals as desired. Don’t hesitate to enjoy various recreational options it provides, too.

#4 Best Pc Stick For Chrome Os: ASUS Chromebit CS10

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Are you searching for the best pc on a stick for streaming? ASUS Chromebit CS10 is the right one to meet your needs! With merely 5 inches, it’s one of the smallest Chrome OS tools in the world. Now come to turn the big screen of your TV into a smaller computer that works on the recent Chrome OS. Remember to plug it into the HDMI port before mixing it with a keyboard and a mouse.

Better than thought, ASUS Chromebit CS10 is the master of streaming Netflix and even 4K content. Also, you get to expand the storage space much more through the sticks.


  • Compact-sized PC stick 
  • Access to thousands of apps on Web Store
  • Decent Quad-Core CPU
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support 


  • Automatically shuts down and resets 

No doubt, Chromebit CS10 of ASUS is a fantastic companion you can’t miss. What to do is to slot the stick into the TV monitor’s HDMI port. With it, it’s not hard to surf the web, access different apps on Chrome Web Store, view the hottest YouTube videos, and more. 

#5 Best Pc Stick For Business: ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350

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What you do here is to plug the ASUS VivoStick straight into the HDMI port. Next, try to transform the HDMI monitor into a computer. Or you can turn the TV into an advanced Smart TV as needed. In the first use, we’re sure that you will be amazed at how easy it is to install Win 10. 

Apart from it, The tool can get updated to the most recent version without asking you to do it manually. Don’t miss using many applications that you commonly use, such as DropBox, Libre Office, Chrome Browser, etc.). They all work well on this compact stick.


  • It goes with pre-installed Win 10
  • Good value solution
  • Access to VivoRemote App
  • High versatility 


  • Hard to get started

 The VivoStick satisfies the needs for a conventional keyboard and a mouse to adjust the system. You will need to control it on your mobile phone easily. 

Features to Consider When Choosing PCs a Stick


This element tends to decide how you can multitask, what kinds of programs you run, and how fast they operate. In case you love a pc on a stick that multitasks, it means you like to own a greatly-powered processor.


RAM explains the power your PC tends to avail in different processes. In other words, the RAM can give acceleration to online applications. 2GB is the most functional for simple tasks like browsing and opening files. Meanwhile, 4GB offers more memory space to run many apps at the same time. It also can run the 64-bit version of Win 10.


Aside from the basic storage space, some PC sticks can provide extendable memory space through the SD card slot. You easily find 16GB and 64GB of capacity the most common in the market.


Every PC sticks feature Wifi and Bluetooth. Choose those with Bluetooth versions 4.0 or above because they get faster. Besides, don’t forget to consider the USB ports and their speed. The device usually comes with one USB 3.0 port at least.

Operating System

Most operating systems commonly use Windows, while a few others use Chrome OS and Linux. But if you go for performance, then choose Window 7.


What does a PC stick do?

  • The computer or PC is a bit bulky to carry around, right? Therefore, you might need a palm-sized PC featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RAM, operating systems, and more. A PC stick does everything a Smart TV can and turns into a regular computer to use.

What is a computer stick called?

  • A computer stick is also called a compute stick, a PC stick, or a PC on a stick. 

How do you use a mini PC stick?

  • Once plugging it in, the PC stick will begin its boot sequence. Come to switch the TV input to the HDMI port to view the operating system’s desktop. After equipping a keyboard and a mouse, connect the stick to the wireless network. 

Does Intel compute stick support 4k?

  • The Compute Stick’s processor gets pushed to a limit when trying to play all 4K shows. So it can’t support 4K.

Final Words

After reading our reviews above, you probably know what models to pick out. Bear in mind that the best PCs on a stick are the ones pairing up well with your demands.

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