Top 9 Best Outdoor Security Camera Systems: Wired or Wireless 2021 Reviews

Top 9 Best Outdoor Security Camera Systems: Wired or Wireless 2021 Reviews

The IP surveillance cameras are the best outdoor security camera system to keep your home or your business safe. Through high-quality video recording, you will be able not only to spot thieves but also sometimes to prevent theft.

 The video surveillance kits ensure the control of the external situation of the property, even when you are not on-site, through smartphone monitoring. These devices can record videos 24 hours a day. They configure customized risk areas to be controlled more assiduously and communicate via audio with the person on the other side.

Top 9 Best Outdoor Security Camera Systems 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Outdoor Security Camera System Overall: Arlo Ultra Security Camera System

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The system is compatible with Alexa, Apple’s Home Kit, and Google Assistant. We can use it both with the battery, rechargeable via a magnetic USB cable, and wireless connection.

Our advice is to take advantage of the second option with batteries. It will reduce the autonomy to less than three months. If it detects a suspicious movement (people, packages, vehicles, animals), it will lose a few seconds of recording between the start of the latter and the beginning of the movement.

Besides recording in 4K with HDR function, it offers optimal night vision with crystal clear black and white images. If we want to have color images even at night, it will be possible to activate the integrated light. In this way, the camera will be less hidden, but it could discourage unwanted guests from entering our home.

The maximum viewing angle is 180 degrees, with an automatic correction to reduce fisheye distortions. If you want to place it inside the house, you can select two other options at 155 degrees and 120 degrees via the smartphone application.


  • 4K HDR recording
  • 180-degree fisheye view
  • Compatible with virtual assistants


  • High price

The best outdoor security camera system is the Arlo Ultra. We recommend those looking for a complete and effective video surveillance system.

#2 Best Budget Outdoor Security Camera System: Arlo Pro 3 Wire-Free Security System

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With a 2K HDR video quality and a viewing angle of 160 degrees, we recommend Arlo Pro 3 for homeowners and small businesses. Through the application, we can opt for two other shooting modes from 125 degrees to 110 degrees.

The battery lasts from 3 to 6 months with only 3 hours of charging, and both the charging cable and the mounting base are magnetic. Arlo Pro3 includes the free trial version of Arlo Smart. It allows you to view streaming surveillance footage and recognize what’s in the scene with automatic zoom on it (people, animals, packages, and vehicles).

Through the smartphone application, we will activate saving on the Cloud. If you do not want to subscribe, it will be possible to save the data on a USB stick as the MicroSD entry is missing.


  • More affordable price than Arlo Ultra
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Two-way audio


  • MicroSD input is missing
  • Discreet night vision

The best operation is available through connection with the VMB4540 Base (included) even if the Pro 3 model is also compatible with VMB4000, VMB4500, and VMB5000

#3 Best Wired Outdoor Security Camera System: Eufy Security Video Doorbell (Wired)

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With 1080p video quality and Smart Image Enhancement of the Eufy system, we will have intelligent image optimization available. The view of the framed subjects is clear. It reduces false alarms thanks to the distinction of people from objects.

The total absence of cables makes it easy to install surveillance cameras both inside and outside the home. They design the devices to withstand the elements and are IP67 certified.

For archiving the videos, there is 16GB of memory that is enough for about 265 days of video. If you need to expand the memory, you can connect a USB stick. Additional storage options are Cloud and NAS for real-time viewing. Both are for a fee.


  • It does not require additional subscriptions
  • 365 days autonomy with one recharge
  • IP67 waterproofing


  • No HDR function
  • It has no integrated reflector

One feature we liked the most is that Eufy Security does not need a subscription or purchase of additional devices to work

#4 Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera System: Reolink Argus PT Wi-Fi Security Camera System

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The Reolink Argus PT is the best motorized outdoor Wi-Fi camera that is useful for those who want to control a rather extensive area, such as a garden or a parking lot. It offers a compact design, construction materials, and IP64 degree of weather resistance.

This surveillance camera records sharp high-quality footage using a 2MP CMOS sensor. The video quality is 1080p Full HD for a magnificent view up to 10 meters away from both during the day and at night. The system comes with night vision (both in black and white and in color) that will allow us to at all hours.

The camera has a wide 105-degree viewing angle and is motorized to pan horizontally on 355 degrees and vertically on 140 degrees. To store the videos, we can insert a microSD up to 64 GB or sign up for a subscription to their cloud service and upload the recordings online.


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Ability to move the camera from the app (vertical and horizontal rotation)
  • Intercom function


  • 5 GHz Wi-Fi not supported
  • Remember to charge the battery

The Reolink application allows us to control the camera from the smartphone, receive push notifications on any movements detected by the camera, know the battery life, and use the camera as a remote intercom.

#5 Best 4K Outdoor Security Camera System: Reolink 4K Outdoor Security Camera

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For those looking for the best 4K outdoor IP cameras, the Reolink 4K is one of the most qualitative options. Being of the PoE type, through the same cable we will transmit both data and current for operation.

The most prominent feature is the ability to recognize people and vehicles. It will notify us via the smartphone app. Therefore, the inconvenience of being notified every time a movement of an animal, tree, or other harmless object disappears. The camera can recognize the actual sources of danger.

The IP camera records in the internal microSD are compatible with a model up to 256GB. The image is visible up to 30 meters away and at good resolution thanks to the 5MP sensor. There is also a black and white night vision function. The field of view horizontally is 80 degrees, while vertically 42 degrees.


  • 4K image quality and resolution
  • People and vehicle detection
  • The smartphone app works fine


  • It is non-motorized
  • Requires connection to the router via cable

The price is reasonable. And if you take two cameras of the same model, you can cover a good part of the outdoor area of ​​the house.

#6 Best Night Vision Outdoor Security Cameras: Ring Stick Up Cam HD Security Camera

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If you are looking for one of the best night-vision outdoor cameras, Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is worth considering. The surveillance camera contains a battery and can be installed indoors and outdoors on both flat surfaces and walls. It is resistant to terrible weather and even to extreme temperatures from below 20 degrees to 50 degrees.

Regarding the shooting, we can choose between three options of the field of view: diagonal at 130 degrees, horizontal at 110 degrees, and vertical at 57 degrees. Inside the device, we find a speaker that allows two-way communication with those on the other side of the camera.

Through the Ring app for smartphones and the Live View function, we will check the movements of animals and people. Even when we are not watching streaming videos, we will receive a notification in case of suspicious movements.


  • Wireless
  • Withstands foul weather and extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with smart integrations


  • Subscription required
  • Wall support not included

Being a wireless video surveillance camera, it will be hardly visible and easily moved from one part of the house to another

#7 Best Outdoor Security Camera System with DVR: Reolink Argus 2 Bundle Set

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The Reolink Argus 2 surveillance camera is powered by a solar panel that is sold separately. The solar-powered operation allows us to have a Wi-Fi camera always active. If you prefer a standard charging mode, just connect it to a 5V 2A universal telephone adapter.

1080P Full HD recording, the viewing angle of 130 degrees and the night view up to 10 meters provide clear shots to monitor the safety of our home and the movements of people and animals.

Built into the device, we find a PIR motion sensor and two-way audio. Thanks to it, any suspicious movement will be detected and an instant customizable alert sent to our smartphone. Besides, a 75 dB siren will scare and scare off any malicious people.


  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Battery-powered by solar panel
  • SD card slot up to 64GB


  • Solar panel not included
  • Micro SD not included

The Reolink Argus 2 is a valid solution if you want to monitor your home and adopt an eco-sustainable solution without having to worry about having to recharge the battery every time.

#8 Best Outdoor Security Camera System for Home: Blink Outdoor Wall Mount Security Camera System

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Blink is an Amazon company, and its Blink Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is easy to install, especially for those with an Alexa smart speaker. We recommend it for less professional use and for those who occasionally want to see what happens in the outdoor area of ​​the house.

It is ideal for those who intend to use the cloud video storage service because this model has no microSD card slot. The price for the cloud service is $2.99 per month for a camera. If we want to save the videos locally, you can buy the Blink Sync Module 2.


  • Very simple to assemble
  • Long-lasting battery (2 years)
  • Two-way audio


  • Not great night vision
  • It does not record on microSD

It is very easy to assemble and does not require any type of cable.

#9 Best Outdoor Security Camera System for Business: Foscam FI9900P Security Camera

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The Foscam FI9900P is an excellent choice as a security system both at night and during the day with minimal spare capacity consumption. Despite the fixed lens, you can take advantage of a digital zoom up to 6x.

The design is modern and professional, suitable both inside and outside the home, thanks to the IP66 waterproof certification. The problem of back-lit images with a bright atmosphere is solved through WDR color correction and balance. Also, the infrared technology with 30 IR LEDs and an IR-cut filter returns a clear vision in black and white even in the dark.


  • Zoom up to 6x
  • WDR color correction
  • Connect via Wi-Fi


  • Lower quality/price ratio
  • There is no storage cloud

It comes with an effect similar to the optical zoom, making this one of the best surveillance cameras for a fairly large business area.

Features to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Security Camera System

Wired or Wireless Cameras

If the selected cameras need to be connected via cable, it will be advisable to check their quality and the possibility of connection to the home network which guarantees continuity. There is no problem for those operating over the wireless network. But if the need is to have a simple and easily manageable system, the cameras with wireless transmission system are what you need. All data can be saved in the personal Cloud and videos can be controlled via the smartphone, even remotely.


Full HD with its 1920 x 1080p is ideal for perfect resolution. For people who choose mid-range models, the recommended resolution is 1280 x720p.

Night Vision

The surveillance camera is an electronic device that can acquire images and transmit them to monitors or video recorders connected to it. Modern technology has developed devices capable of monitoring spaces, in any environmental condition, even at night. These cameras called night and day, work through a sophisticated infrared system.

Recording Storage

The operation of the surveillance camera records all the images and sounds recorded inside it. The DVR is the device that allows this type of storage. It is normally connected to the cameras and records on tape with analog devices.


Reliability, rotation capability, wide-angle, night vision, and connection to iOS or Android systems will be the functions to be examined when choosing each camera.


The automatic call system to your smartphone is frequent, where a recorded voice warns of danger. In cameras that provide for a connection to the app, a push notification applies.


Two-way Audio

It is vital to pick up the audio of the controlled areas.

Built-in Sirens

As moral guardians, the latest generation of surveillance cameras has alarms and warnings to be transmitted in case of danger. The most common function is to email that we usually attach one or more frames or a brief clip.


The floodlight shows the luminous headlights. The camera has two spotlights installed above it that are suitable for illuminating up to several meters away to better observe what happens in its field of view.


What is the best security camera for the outside?

The best outdoor security camera system is the Arlo Ultra. We recommend those looking for a complete and effective video surveillance system.

What is the best cheap outdoor security camera?

Among the best outdoor security cameras, we find another Arlo model, Arlo Pro 3 comes with three video surveillance devices and Smart Hub at an affordable price.

What is the best wired outdoor security camera system?

Eufy Security is a set of two professional outdoor IP cameras with FHD 1080p resolution. We recommend this small video surveillance kit to those who have the Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa smart integrations.

How do I choose outdoor security cameras?

The aim of the choice, whatever the type of camera that is installed, is to guarantee perfect surveillance, both perimeter and internal areas. The most important features to consider when purchasing an outdoor camera are video resolution, the width of view, number of night vision LEDs, and range.

Final Words

The best outdoor security camera system allows you to monitor what is going on in your home when you are out. The devices recommended in this article have been identified based on several characteristics.

Arlo Ultra Security Camera System comes with the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, the image quality, and the sensitivity of the movement. Otherwise, Arlo Pro 3 offers personalization, the type of notifications on the smartphone, the quality of the speakers, the features of the app, and the storage options.

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