Top 7 Best OLED TVs for Gaming, Sports & Movies 2021 Reviews

Top 7 Best OLED TVs for Gaming, Sports & Movies 2021 Reviews

Anyone thinking of changing their TV is considering buying the best OLED TV on the market. OLED (organic LED) technology is the first choice for high-end televisions. This technology offers levels of contrast and color fidelity unmatched by most LCD TVs.

Although televisions have limits in terms of brightness, the progress made at the production level has helped to ease this defect, making them more suitable to handle HDR content WITH a high level of brightness. Thanks to OLED technology, the best OLED TVs from Sony, Panasonic and LG offer cinema-grade picture quality.

We have chosen many models considering different price ranges and features with sizes ranging from 55 inches to 65 inches and up. In the description of each model, we explained why we chose it and highlighted its strengths and weaknesses.

Top 7 Best OLED TVs 2021 Reviews

#1 Best OLED TV Overall – LG CX 4K Smart OLED TV

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LG CX differs from the older model in the third generation A9 processor. It makes stellar image processing possible. Also, we find support for Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision formats.

The display is incredibly thin but still capable of accommodating four HDMI 2.1 ports with eARC support. There is a remarkably low input lag, making this TV perfect for use alongside next-generation consoles due out in 2020.

Besides the incredible quality display, we find a plethora of useful functions and formats supported by the smart webOS platform developed by LG.


  • Incredible image quality
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision formats support
  • Premium A9 processor


  • Bass distortion too deep
  • HDR10 support is missing

In short, we face the best OLED TV ever created. Last year’s model was available in 55, 65, and 75-inch versions, while the CX is also available in a smaller 48-inch version.

#2 Best OLED TV for Gaming – Sony A8H BRAVIA OLED Smart TV

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The new 2020 Sony Bravia A8 OLED ousted the A9G model, bringing back everything we love about Sony’s premium TV lineup at a more reasonable price.

The television comes with the Sony X1 Ultimate processor and has Pixel Contrast Booster. The Sony’s OLED panel control unit optimizes the dynamic range by expanding the color reproduction area at high brightness. So, playing games with your friends or children will bring more excitement.

It also implements a new version of the X-Motion Clarity technology, optimized for OLED, initially developed by Sony for its LCDs. The sound system is impressive for any gamer. There are two subwoofers with Acoustic Surface Audio technology that are part of the bass system. It is a real treat for those who regularly watch many movies and TV series.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles
  • High resolution
  • Impressive sound system
  • Acoustic Surface Audio technology


  • HDR10 support is missing
  • Android TV could frustrate to use

The only flaw we found is slightly low brightness. But beyond that, Sony Bravia A8 is one of the best OLEDs available for gaming at the moment.

#3 Best OLED TV for Sports – LG C9 Series Smart OLED TV

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The strength of C9 is that it is a high-level OLED at a lower price than the CX series, becoming accessible to a wider slice of users. C9 combines a stunning display with an enormous amount of features and formats with the excellent webOS operating system. All of this makes the LG C9 the best OLED TV for sports.

Like other OLEDs, the C9 does not reach the brightness level typical of high-end LCDs. The maximum achievable level is 780 nits. The C9 makes up for it with a really convincing color rendering. The C9 does not have the 4.2-channel speakers found on the E9 OLED. But the sloped pedestal proves to be a clever move to give the speakers the best possible angle.


  • Dolby Vision and ATMOS
  • Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent webOS operating system


  • Compared to LCDs, it lacks brightness
  • Less powerful speakers than higher-end LG OLEDs 

Of course, more expensive OLEDs are also on sale but if you are looking for a high-level OLED that fully justifies the asking price, LG C9 is the right choice.

#4 Best OLED TV for Movies – Sony A9G OLED Smart TV

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This 2019 model boasts excellent up-scaling. The SD and HD images have the incredibly bright and detailed rendition that can be expected from the AG9’s 4K display. The OLED panel gives fantastic colors and contrast for any movie you watch.

The sound quality also leaves nothing to be desired thanks to Sony Acoustic Surface and premium audio technology. It plays sounds through the panel rather than speakers on the back of the TV.

There are some flaws such as the lack of HDR10+ support. Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS formats are supported instead. The AG9 is IMAX Enhanced certified for those looking for a cinematic visual experience with the DTS (Digital Theater System) audio encoding system.


  • Audio Acoustic Surface
  • IMAX Enhanced certified
  • Affordable price


  • Outdated design
  • Lacks support for HDR10+

This model is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch versions. It is quite a considerable figure when it comes to a household TV for movies.

#5 Best OLED TV for The Money – LG GX Series Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV

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The panel and processor are the same as the LG CX series, but the GX series televisions differ in-wall mounting. It requires professional intervention to be done properly, with no cables in sight.

The Samsung The Frame has a similar design but is easier to install. The cables are also easier to hide thanks to the OneConnect box but the visual quality of The Frame is nowhere near comparable to the OLED Gallery Design.

GX OLED integrates Dolby ATMOS speakers and eARC support, all in a 5mm thick TV. The audio might be unbalanced, but other than that we found no other flaws.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Incredible up-scaling
  • Professional installation
  • Dolby ATMOS speakers and eARC support


  • Unbalanced audio

Are you looking for an OLED TV that looks good on your living room wall? The LG Gallery Design series (or LG GX) is the one for you.

#6 Best 55 Inch OLED TV – LG B9 Series Smart OLED TV

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LG B9 OLED is one of the least expensive OLEDs on the market. Since OLEDs tend not to drop in price easily. Also, LG B9 has an affordable price earned this OLED a place in the ranking. 

The OLED panel is from LG and O8B. Therefore, it can count on the usual chromatic vividness and depth of blacks typical of this technology. The Vida U operating system is responsive.

O8B cannot rely on the processing capacity of some competitors, and this results in some frame rate problems. The difficulties are noticed between different HDR formats such as Dolby Vision. While light leaks should not plague OLEDs, given the precise pixel control this technology offers, we have noticed that particularly bright light sources overhang nearby dark areas.

This TV has some important flaws in some basic elements, despite the excellent software sector. Considering the price at which it is on sale, we believe we can turn away these shortcomings.


  • The most affordable OLED on the market 
  • Quick system and clean interface 
  • Support for HDR10, HLG, and Dolby ATMOS
  • Precise pixel control


  • Problems with some formats 
  • Not exactly beautiful screensaver
  • Some important apps are missing

Support for HDR10, HLG, and Dolby ATMOS surround is an appreciable element. We are pleased that LG B9 has also entered the ranks of the best 55-inch OLED products.

#7 Best 65 Inch OLED TV – LG BX 4K Smart OLED TV

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We have entered the age of affordable OLEDs, and the LG BX OLED is proof of that. It is the perfect compromise between a quality TV and an affordable price.

There are not all the features sought after by the more expensive models. But with this TV, you get universal HDR support, a feature that the LG CX lacks. The three-sided Ambilight technology is fantastic, helping to make this TV one of a kind.


  • Outstanding video quality
  • Ambilight technology
  • Universal HDR support


  • The picture glitches sometimes.

It might take a while to get used to the Saphi interface. But beyond that, LG BX OLED TV is a fantastic OLED, equipped with a second-generation P5 processor.

Features to Consider When Choosing an OLED TV

Picture Quality

As we know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a technology that first developed in the world of photography. It is now also widespread in the TV field. Through HDR, we want to bring the range of colors on the screen closer to that perceived by the human eye.

A TV equipped with this technology allows the playback of HDR content (new generation console or Blu-ray UHD player). They differ from the standard ones, called SDR (Standard Dynamic Range).

Screen Size

As for the dimensions, it will be necessary to test the space. Most of the OLEDs on the market are available in two formats, 55 inches, and 65 inches.

Slim Design

The TV is an object that fits into an environment and must marry with the type of furniture present. The best OLED TV must have a sleek, understated design and can pair beautifully with any home.


The resolution of a TV is determined by the number of pixels, horizontal and vertical, present on the screen. The higher the number of pixels, the better resolution, and therefore sharper and more defined images.

All OLED TVs have an Ultra HD (UHD) resolution with several pixels equal to 3840 x 2160. This number is four times the most common standard on the market, namely Full HD (1920 x 1080).


What is the best OLED TV on the market?

LG XC OLED TV surpasses the LG C9, which before the new series, thanks to the magnificent black rendering and incredible image quality. The presence of a second-generation A9 processor means excellent image processing. Onboard we also find support for Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS (two high-level video and audio technologies). 

Is Sony OLED better than LG OLED?

We do not think so. LG is a leader in the OLED sector since it is a South Korean company that produces all the OLED panels on the market. They have defeated many competitors such as Sony and Panasonic to earn the top spot of revenue for years.

Is OLED worth it in 2020?

Being able to illuminate independently, the organic diodes of OLED TVs allow a perfect rendering of the black color. They reproduce on the screen by effectively switching off the diodes involved.

The resulting black is deep and realistic, unlike LED panels, whose back-light source cannot go out completely. An OLED TV guarantees significantly higher performance than an LED one.

Is OLED better than QLED?

QLED technology is an advanced version of the classic LED that uses the Quantum Dots or semiconductor crystals to filter the light source. Because of the need to illuminate these crystals, the thickness of QLED TVs is greater than OLEDs.

In terms of performance, although Samsung claims that OLED TVs are still the preferred choice if you are looking for top video quality. The black levels achieved with OLED technology are not found in other models.

Final Words

A crucial aspect is that by now the prices of OLEDs are accessible. It is unnecessary to be a millionaire to afford them. Some cheap OLEDs may be less desirable in quality. But prices are dropping and OLED TVs are now more affordable than ever.

OLEDs still cost more than most LCD TVs. And while remaining unattainable in terms of performance in terms of black and color rendering, OLEDs do not reach the brightness levels typical of LCDs.

Many alternative models have earned a spot for the best OLED TV this year, for example, LG CX for ultimate performance or LG BX for an affordable price. We hope that in this ranking of the best OLEDs, you will find what is right for you.

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