Top 7 Best Laptops For Writers: Bloggers & Journalists (2021 Reviews)

best laptops for writers

Laptops are essential vehicles for both students, students, business, and office workers. A laptop can be with you at any time, from home to work, helping you get work done wherever you are. Especially when your work is frequently written, a laptop is an indispensable helper. 

However, not everyone knows how to choose the best laptop for writers, mainly when the market is continuously appearing new laptop models. Buying the right laptop for my job is not difficult, but it is not easy either. The following article will be a handy reference for you.

Top 7 Laptop For Writers & Freelancers 2021

#1 Apple MacBook Air 

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The first remarkable feature of this Apple MacBook Air is the responsive keyboard. It is designed as a low-travel type keyboard and allows you to type at the fastest speeds. Next is portability. As it is thin and lightweight, you can put it inside any bag quickly, or you can grab it with one hand only. 

Last but not least, it can be said that the MacBook Air’s battery life is one of the longest ones among many laptops available these days. It allows you to work up to 14 hours, which is such an incredible number that you may know. 


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Great value for money


  • The touch screen is relatively unsmooth.

MacBook Air has every decent aspect of being the best laptop for writers. Specifically, the keyboard is comfortable, the battery life can last you long, and it also has high portability. 

#2 Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook Laptop

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It would be better to know that the Google Pixelbook Go possesses an awe-inspiring battery life. Indeed, this laptop allows you to run the Chromebook down in above 11 hours throughout some tests. 

Its keyboard is also an advantage when as it is an improved Google’s Hush design. This improvement brings a silent keyboard with a reasonable price point. That is why it is evaluated as one of the best keyboards that can please every user. 


  • Affordable
  • Amazing battery life
  • High-quality material


  • No biometric login

With the full-size keyboard and solid performance, the Google Pixelbook Go becomes one of the most favorite Chromebook for bloggers or journalists. Also, it features the Hush keyboard, making typing utterly silent. 

#3 ASUS Zenbook 13 Laptop

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To begin with, this laptop provides a performance as good as the New MacBook Pro does, which means that it works very fast. Plus, the display has a relatively high resolution, making it a good full HD display for every writer. 

In terms of battery power, the 67Wh-lithium-polymer battery can allow you to work all day between charges. Briefly, this model is an inexpensive laptop for basic tasks, including web browsing, writing, and media consumption. 


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Great basic laptop
  • Work very well


  • The camera’s quality is not promising much.

If you are looking for a mid-range laptop, this ZenBook 13 should be your option. It has serious durability, sleek design, and a set of decent features that can satisfy you to a certain extent. 

#4 Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 has been updated some core components compared to its previous version in the Surface line. Indeed, the keyboard is quieter. Many users say that their colleagues cannot hear any typing from this machine in a quiet and open environment. 

Regarding portability, this model weighs only 1.25 kg, so that it is light and thin. This feature is suitable for those who are students or mobile professionals. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Work super-fast
  • Great touch screen


  • No cable management

 Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 attaches a top-notch build, a long-lasting battery, and a stellar screen. Plus, every writer can bring it everywhere easily thanks to its ultraportable feature. 

#5 Lenovo Yoga 730 2-in-1 Laptop

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When selecting the best laptop for writers, it is necessary to pay attention to the keyboard and portability. This Lenovo Yoga 730 is well-known for its legendary keyboard. If you are more accustomed to the desktop keyboard or the old-fashioned tying keyboard, you will find Lenovo’s one responsive.  

Although the design is light and thin, it is still relatively heavy. But it does not mean that it is unportable. It is just slightly heavier than other products so that everything will be fine. 


  • Excellent touch screen
  • Sturdy build
  • Fast charging


  • Slightly heavy

It is clear that the Lenovo Yoga 730 is a great combination of portability, affordability, durability, and performance. This laptop is genuinely a compact and well-made device allowing you to do the typical daily workload. 

#6 ACER Aspire 5 Laptop

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Aspire 5 has a classic, polite office design. The lid is made of plastic, gray with embossed lines similar to the Rimowa metal suitcases” design. With this design, the user needs to preserve well because the plastic shell is relatively easy to scratch, and the free slots are not fingerprints but easy to stick to dust.

The hinge part is also made of metal-finished plastic, above with the engraved Aspire inscription. The hinge is relatively smooth, allows the lid to be opened with one hand, and has a cup that helps seal the hinge. The body is made of plastic with raw materials, often found on low-cost models. The weight of the machine is not too heavy for a 15.6″ machine, about 2.1 kg.


  • Luxurious design
  • Powerful configuration
  • Energy saving


  • There is no backlit backlight.

Acer Aspire 5 owns a classic design, unfamiliar among many of today’s low-priced mid-range phones. It makes the laptop look different, polite, and sturdy.

#7 ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop

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ASUS Chromebook C202 is designed for classroom environments, highly resistant to shock, and even dropped, its modular body design makes it possible to disassemble individual components. The laptop’s configuration is not high because it only runs on Chrome OS and comes at a reasonable price.

The corners and edges of the Chromebook C202 are rubberized against shock and minimize impact damage. The modular design allows you to easily remove components such as batteries, keyboards, and charging ports with just the usual tools.

In terms of configuration, Chromebook C202 is equipped with an Intel Celeron chip, 11.6″ screen with 1,366 x 768 resolution, 2 to 4 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, and up to 10 hours battery.


  • Shock resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • The battery is healthy


  • The configuration is not too high

The Asus Chromebook C202 is one of the most durable laptops on the market today. Designed to withstand the rigors, the C202 can handle collisions that could “kill” other computers.

Features to Consider When Choosing The Best Laptop For Writing


The keyboard is essential when choosing to buy a laptop, especially for writers. People who do computer writing are often exposed to letters and numbers. Therefore, you should prioritize a laptop with a spacious keyboard design. 

The bounce key will help you type faster, make less noise, work all day without fatigue. The work of writers is usually keystroking, alphanumeric keys. One of the factors that determine performance is how fast or slow you type. You need to choose a keyboard with a comprehensive design, high bounce keys. 

In particular, writers should prefer that chiclet keyboards are equipped with numeric keys to facilitate data entry. The comfortable, smart, and easy-to-use keyboard is also a point of attention for users when choosing to buy a laptop. 


There are two popular laptop screen sizes on the market today: 14 inches and 15.6 inches. The 14-inch laptops will be more compact and have a more refined design, while the 15.6-inch models will have a larger overall size and look a bit course.

In return, most 15.6 inch laptops are equipped with a full Num lock numeric keypad, which is more convenient for those who work heavily on numbers. With the trend of thin-bezel screens, laptops tend to be significantly simplified. 

That is why you choose the 15.6-inch machine is not too big as before, but 14 inches is, of course, extremely compact. Many laptops are just as small as a book. You should clearly define your needs before choosing a laptop screen size.

If you do data-related work, you can choose a 15.6-inch large-screen laptop with additional numeric keys for more convenience during the input process. If you are a writer, travel blogger, and have to travel frequently, the 13.3 or 14-inch laptops will be the best choice. 

With a compact appearance, you can fit in a pocket, small backpack, and suitcase, which is very convenient for you to carry around.

Screen Resolution

Because they spend most of their time looking at the screen, writers want to choose a high display quality laptop. You can choose HD resolution for cost savings or FullHD, QHD, 4k display if required for high definition color and details for screen resolution.

Battery Life

Apple laptops

As you may know, the battery life of Apple laptops is often above 10 hours. Besides, the battery charges very fast. The only problem is that the Apple laptops’ price is high. 


The Chromebook’s battery also allows you to use it for up to 10 hours. The models that have short battery life are typically equipped with more components. These components consume more power and unnecessary for writers. 

Windows laptops

As Windows consumes lots of energy, that is why you hardly find a 10-hour-battery-life Windows laptops. Expensive or premium ultrabooks can give you from 8 to 10 hours maximum.  


Is A Chromebook Good For Writers?

With a compact design, quick start-up, and long battery life, the Chromebook is an excellent choice for those who often write.

Is MacBook Pro Good For Writers?

For writers who love big screens, MacBook Pro will be a wise choice. However, this large size will also make it difficult for you to carry it with you. So if you do not need a large monitor, then you should go with the 13-inch model.

What Laptop Has The Best Keyboard For Typing?

What writers focus on first when choosing a laptop is the keyboard. Some of the laptops with the best keyboards are the Google Pixelbook, HP Specter x360, or Asus Chromebook.

What Is A Good Laptop For Blogging?

Currently, on the market, there are many types of compact and convenient laptops for bloggers. You can consider the models from some famous brands such as Asus Zenbook, Apple MacBook Pro 13″‘, Acer Aspire R15.

Final Words 

When coming to the top pick, Apple MacBook Air with excellent keyboard and high portability will satisfy all the writers’ needs. At the same time, you can choose ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop if you are on a tight budget. It has a healthy battery and a responsive keyboard, which is suitable for writing purposes. 

As you can see, there are many factors you should think about before purchasing the best laptops for writers. Hopefully, you find this article helpful, and your option will satisfy you for a long time. 

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