Top 5+ Best Laptop Sleeves For 13″, 14″, & 15.6 Inch Laptop (2021 Reviews)

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A laptop is becoming more and more important as a working and studying device with many people. However, a laptop is also a delicate or easily scratched item when brought to many different places. For that reason, the best laptop sleeve, which is also suitable for your demand, is necessary to protect your laptop’s quality from accidents.

The article “Top 6 best laptop sleeves for 13, 14, and 15,6-inch laptops (2021 Review)” will give you the currently best sleeves for your machine and the features to consider when buying one.

Top 5+ Best Laptop Sleeves For Macbook, Dell, HP & Thinkpad 2021 

#1 Best Overall: Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve

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Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve, made by American companies, has been one of the best laptop sleeves recently. 

The sleeve is both well waterproof and good-looking with light colors. Moreover, it has a wide outer pocket and a soft, nearly luxurious inside lining. Besides, it is equipped with a durable zipper that is quickly dipped, making it perfectly suitable for working or studying.


  • High-quality 
  • An additional pocket
  • Flexible designs for different choices
  • A well-known brand


  • Expensive

If you find a laptop sleeve that is both high-quality and good-looking, which is favorable by many customers, this sleeve is for you. Although it has a relatively high price, it is worth investing in to protect any laptops from drops of water.

#2 Best Laptop Sleeve For 13 Inch: AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

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This type of laptop is famous for its primarily and efficiently functional features. Its inside space is largest as a laptop sleeve for 13-inch laptops: 14-inch length, 10.5-inch depth, and 0.75-inch height making it fit almost all the 13-inch laptops and being carried easily. 

Furthermore, this laptop sleeve also has a water-resistance outer layer and an inner foam layer helping protect your laptop when it falls. Plus, it has a small pocket outside to keep other stuff such as your phones, mouses,


  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Shockproof inner layer
  • Additional pocket outside
  • Affordable


  • Not as strongly protective as others

If you are finding a standard laptop sleeve with a tight budget for a 13-inch laptop, this is best suitable. It meets all of your minimum needs and also keeps your laptop safer than just carrying your machine without anything on it.

#3 Best Laptop Sleeve For 14 Inch: Woolnut Leather Laptop Sleeve

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This laptop sleeve is one of the best items for 14-inch laptops with a high-quality layer made of vegetable-tanned full-grain leather from Scandanavia. This kind of material has a luxurious design with many color choices from Black, Green to Cognac. Besides, its soft-touch feel is an additional feature convincing many “grumpy” customers.

Of course, as with other sleeves, you can believe in its laptop protection from scuffs and minor drops.


  • Waterproof layer
  • High-quality material
  • Snug fit



  • High price

If you find the almost perfect protection for your 14-inch laptop, Walnut Leather Laptop Sleeve is for you. Besides standard features as other high-standard sleeves, the manufacturer also makes its outer layer with a unique feather, which gives every prospect a great experience when they use it. 

#4 Best Laptop Sleeve For 15,6 Inch: AGVA Metropolitan 15,6’’ LTB356 Laptop Sleeve

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The AGVA Metropolitan LTB356 Laptop Sleeve/Bag is a unique 15,6-inch laptop sleeve with a modern and impressive design. Besides its head-tuner stylish, it also can be water-resistance and a shockproof inner layer, which is made by high-quality Polyester material. Also, it has three different colors, which are black, grey, and green.

One of the most impressive features of this laptop bag is its additional USB port if you need to charge your phones or other devices.


  • Impressive design
  • Many available color choices
  • Good fabric
  • A USB port


  • Not very cheap

Although it’s a high price, it is worth choosing to protect 15,6-inch laptops because of their long-lasting material and beautiful style. Plus, an additional USB port makes it popular in the laptop sleeve market.

#5 Best Laptop Sleeve For Macbook: Incase Icon Sleeve

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This is the best well-known laptop sleeve for Macbook in the sleeve market. Made by neoprene and Tensaerlite helping efficiently shockproof, this type of sleeve fits a variety size of Macbook. 

A small flap made by magnets to slide the sleeve is an intelligent choice for anyone who often forgets to seal the sleeve.  Besides, its high-quality stitching promises to last long, which makes many people prefer this product.


  • Its size is small and easily carried with
  • A modernly magnetic flap
  • A soft, furry material inside to protect the MacBook


  • Expensive

This kind of sleeve for Macbook is well-known for its high quality and impressive design using modern technologies. Despite its high price tag, it is worth using to protect your delicate Macbook.

#6 Best Laptop Sleeve For Lady: Taikesen laptop sleeve

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Taikesen laptop sleeve is one of the most popular laptop sleeves for women. It has a youthful, dynamic, and cute appearance, which is suitable for many laptop sizes. Like other sleeves, it has a shockproof inner layer. In some high-standard products, it also protects laptops from accidental spills. 


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful and fashionable design
  • Many color and design choices
  • A soft and shockproof inside layer



  • Short-time using

With many women, this kind of laptop sleeve is suitable with their demand for its particular styles and efficiently functional features. Also, a low price makes it a favorite product for a number of females.

Features to Consider When Choosing Best Laptop Sleeves


Design is one of the first impressions for customers to choose a laptop sleeve. 

Naturally, different people with various purposes need a variety of laptop designs. For example, women tend to choose fashionable and beautiful sleeves that fit their dresses and clearly demonstrate their characters. 

On the other hand, if you choose a sleeve for work or study, a simple design with a cool color such as black or grey and resilient functions seems more suitable. 

Besides, a small and compact sleeve is preferred with prospects who have to travel a lot.

Moreover, when choosing a laptop sleeve, you should consider its size, which is snug with your laptop. If the sleeve is too loose, the laptop can slide easily, making it broken faster. Also, a suitable size is significant because the laptop’s hard shell can be influenced when you often travel. 

What’s more, the importance is that the design simple or not but it has a thick puddle and a suitable one. 

Different laptop sleeves have different sizes. The screen’s size often calculates a laptop’s size from 10 inches to 18,4 inches. 

An identical laptop sleeve often has features such as “suitable with 15-inch laptop” or “being able to fit most of the laptop above 17 inches”. Before buying, you should have your laptop with and compare your laptop’s size with the sleeve’s one. It is imperative to see if the sleeve forces you to shove and wriggle your computer.


Whether it is for work or pleasure, a laptop sleeve which can use a long time is preferred by most customers. If not, you would waste your precious money on a thing lasting only a few days.

One of the main features to consider if the laptop sleeve is durable or not is its material, which would be discussed below.

The second is its quality zips. If the zips are not snug and long-lasting enough, it is possible that your laptop and other items would be lost or slid out of your sleeve. When buying, it is suggested that the zips are stable, fasted, and unchanged. If it is a magnetic flap, you should make sure that the magnets are powerful enough to make your sleeve close all the time but not too strong so that you can use it conveniently. If it is zippered, it has to run smoothly. Moreover, if your sleeve uses Velcro straps, it should be tightly fixed, and make sure the compartments do not have vast space, making your stuff dropping outside.


A laptop is quite a delicate device. An accidental effect can damage your laptop quickly, such as scratches, broken screens, or hardware. A display is quite hard to replace, and dysfunctional hardware can lead to the loss of a lot of essential data. To avoid or reduce the risks, you should be sure that the laptop sleeve you buy is portable and lightweight and can protect your laptop well. A worth investing in a laptop should have a good material with an extra pudding to reduce the outside effects. It also can be waterproof in case you have to travel on rainy or snowy days. Significantly, this is the right choice for someone who lives in rainy weather conditions.

There are a lot of types of sleeve material these days, from leather to fabric. However, it is highly recommended to use polyester plastic items, which can protect the laptop from drops, spills, or scratches for a long time. Besides, a laptop with luxurious leather will make the outer layer more durable.


Are Laptop Sleeves Protective?

Most of the types of laptop sleeved have to be sure that the laptop is protected well. However, with some kinds of cheap items not made of suitable materials, this function is not as good as the more expensive ones.

Is A Laptop Sleeve Or Case Better?

When using in cold weather, it is better to use a laptop sleeve instead of a case because it prevents your device from condensation of fluctuated temperature. On the other hand, if you own laptops with a big screen, it may be better with cases.

How Tight Should A Laptop Sleeve Be?

Ideally, a laptop sleeve that fits your laptop’s body is the best to protect it; however, if you need to bring other things such as a phone or a book, a looser one maybe better.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the best laptop sleeve is Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve. It is incredibly beloved because it has high quality and durable material and some extra features such as an outer pocket with inside puddling, ensuring your laptop is unbroken in most circumstances. Especially if you are a big fan of fashionable and youthful sleeves, a Taikesen laptop sleeve for women maybe meets your needs. Its low price with many available colors and design choices can protect your machine and help you get more special attention.

Above are the six best laptop sleeves for  13, 14, and 15,6 inches laptops. Besides, the article gives you some helpful guides to choose your most suitable one. Hopefully, you can find protection for your precious laptop soon!

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