Top 5 Best Kobo Ereaders For Reading & Working (2021 Reviews)

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Since the appearance of E-book, a new reading culture started. It’s undeniable that E-book readers, either mobile phones, Kindle or Kobo, have brought reading easier, handier, and more environment friendly to people worldwide. 

You can have a mobile library with hundreds of books but lightweight and portable size with E-readers. Next to Kindle and mobile phones, Japanese people also developed an excellent device to help you gain such privileges. 

But what are the best Kobo E-readers? Here are some recommendations. 

Top 5 Best Kobo Ereaders For Book Lovers 2021

#1 Kobo Clara

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Kobo Clara shares the standard features of a right E-reader. It proposes a medium-sized display – 6 inches that you can put on shoulder bags. 

The e-ink screen will provide readers enough light to read while preventing intense beams that affect sleeping patterns. 

If you have many books stored on Overdrive, you will love this Kobo even more since it stays connected to that source. It’s a classic Kobo that everybody can use and fall in love with. 


  • Lightweight
  • E-ink screen 
  • Multiple languages support
  • More customizable font size than Kindles
  • Overdrive compatible


  • Not so responsive touchscreen

Kobo Clara proposes a classic design that many people are used to. You will love it as an ordinary E-readers

#2 Kobo Forma

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If you need a bigger screen, then Kobo Forma with the 8-inch display can do you a favor. With a bigger screen, you can have a page with more content capacity or increase the font size without cutting its length. 

However, Kobo Forma’s strong suit must be its design. The button for page flickering and switch is on the side where your handholds. Hence, it’s more convenient to manipulate the Kobo. 

Ergonomic design on the side also helps users to hold more firmly on the device. You now rest your mind and enjoy e-reading on the bathtub, kitchen, or standing position.


  • E-ink display 
  • Touch screen and side buttons 
  • Largest and lightweight Kobo 
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling 


  • Allow duplicated books

Kobo Forma offers you a modern look and a more comprehensive range library. It’s for future readers. 

#3 Kobo Aura

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If you are a traveler, we suggest portable Kobo Aura. We believe it’s one of the best E-readers for those who like to move due to size, weight, and capacity. 

It’s a changing device with stunning pocket size and small storage. 4GB will be a load of space for trips around the year but not too much, so you must renew sometimes.

It also promotes an e-ink display that’s healthy for the eyes. With a compact design, its battery life also extends so that readers can have quite a time in isolated areas.


  • E Ink display 
  • Backlight
  • Thin and light 
  • Fast


  • No Russian keyboard
  • 4GB only 

It’s the traveler’s favorite because Kobo makes it the most compact E-readers but does the job.

#4 Kobo Glo

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Kobo Glo is one of the old versions by Kobo. It’s lightweight and standard. When you need Kobo for just reading, an 8Gb Glo will be a budget-friendly purchase.

It may not look modern or innovative like Libra H2O, but its battery life is unbeatable. It lasts for ages until you have to charge. 

Despite the old design, it still offers a healthy backlight and a dim e-ink screen. 


  • Customizable blacklight
  • Great battery life
  • Flexible for e-book readers 
  • Nice e-ink screen


  • Low memory 
  • Cheap plastic

It could be a bit low in memory, but since you have free books to read and save them somewhere, a Kobo Glo is good to go.

#5 Kobo N873-KU-BK-K-EP

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This item is the Libra H2O – the latest Kobo E-readers by the maker. Because of its modernity, you are up to enjoy smart reading, convenient manipulation, and the look. 

It offers a 7″ screen that is neither too big nor small to hold on hand. The responsive touch screen allows you to customize the font size easily. 

If you like the Forma, then you love this one even better with more comfortable side buttons. 


  • Light and perfect size to read 
  • Responsive 
  • Futuristic design 
  • Paperwhite


  • A bit heavier than other design

Libra H2O is the most expensive on the list, but it’s worth spending. It’s the future of E-reading that you soon desire.


Which is the best Kobo tablet?

Kobo Libra H2O is the latest as well as highest quality at the moment. This high-end item must be the winner in the Kobo business regarding quality, design, and experience. 

Also, it beats Amazon Kindle for the price while offering equal great features. Not mentioning minimalist design by the Japanese could promote elegance and intelligence. 

How do I choose an eReader?

Picking E-readers could be complicated if you don’t know what features to consider. Depending on personal demand, you will bear different concerns, but here are some fundamentals

The first and foremost part is the screen. It’s essential to pick one that can display words clearly under sunlight or at night. However, it mustn’t affect your eyes.

Ereaders also vary in size and weight. You want a portable and lightweight one, or can you handle more?

E-readers usually don’t use up battery in a day like phones. However, people always want longer battery life so that you can include it in your concerns.

Besides, your experience also depends on the interface of E-readers. Do you like its presentation or orientation? Also, are you satisfied with what it offers?

Which eReader is better, Kobo or Kindle?

Kobo prevails Kindle in reading epub files, which are prevalent in free libraries. Kindle is pickier with formats, but pdf is still acceptable. 

However, Amazon has got great books that Kobo cannot read. So, you must consider your primary sources.

Can I read a Kindle book on my Kobo?

Most Kobo cannot read Kindle books because of unsupported formats. Kobo can read epub, pdf, and books from

Final Words 

Kobo N873-KU-BK-K-EP is our top pick when it comes to the best Kobo E-readers. It’s advanced and trendy with the latest system updates. However, you can consider Kobo Aura if you prioritize portability. 

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