Top 5 Best Kindles For Reading At Night and Outdoor (2021 Reviews)

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Are you looking for the best kindle of 2021? A kindle could be an indispensable ally to expand and take your passion to a higher level. The models, over the years, have evolved to a limited extent. If you have no particular needs, you can buy an entry-level product.

In this article, we will compare the five best kindles on the market by analyzing their characteristics, performance, and all the pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Kindle For Reading & Working 2021

#1. Amazon Kindle Basic

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Let’s start with the cheapest e-reader, Amazon’s Kindle. The strong point of this device is undoubtedly the price. We can bring home a product that can do its job very well. If you do not have big resolution claims or the need to read in the dark, this kindle can undoubtedly be for you.

It comes with a 6-inch tactile display and dimensions of approximately 6.3 x 4.5 x 0.34 inches. The tool is available in both white and black versions. The battery has a duration of about two weeks and is supplied with only the cable for connection to a USB port for recharging or transferring content from a PC.

The banners and advertisements are not too invasive and do not slow down the user experience. However, if you choose those with sponsors, you can still remove them at a later time by paying the difference to Amazon.


  • Reasonable price
  • High resolution
  • Compact and durable
  • High-quality battery


  • Low PPI

Amazon tablet includes the Wi-Fi connection system and there are no versions that can support 3G connectivity. Finally, we point out that in the Amazon store it is sold in two versions.

#2. Kindle Paperwhite

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With the Kindle Paperwhite, we have almost everything we could want from an e-reader at an extraordinary quality/price ratio. A 6-inch screen with 167 PII resolution with manually adjustable perimeter illumination. It is extremely effective in the dark with low power consumption.

The declared complete recharge time is about 4 hours that guarantees an autonomy of over 3 weeks. It is about one centimeter larger than the base model (the thickness remains the same) and is available in both white and black.

The storage capacity reaches 4GB and allows the storage of thousands of books. The weight of only 174 grams and the thickness of just 8.7 mm makes it the ideal companion in all circumstances.


  • High resolution
  • Effective in dark
  • Fast charging time
  • Large capacity


  • Low battery life

Kindle Paperwhite is supplied by default with support for Wi-Fi networks. It. can download all the titles in the store (or in the cloud) directly from the device without the need to connect to the PC.

#3. Kobo Aura Kindle

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Let’s step out of the Amazon Kindle territory for a moment to see what we believe is the best alternative to the undisputed rulers of the market. The e-reader proposed by Kobo, the Aura H2O model, comes with a price aligned with medium level devices. It has the peculiarity of being completely waterproof.

The 6.8-inch display is slightly larger than average and guarantees a resolution of 265 PPI with decidedly quality E-Ink Carta technology. The lighting system is the comfort-light type that uses the usual LEDs on the frame and a film capable of improving the light distribution over the entire reading surface.

There are no physical buttons and navigation between pages. The menus are completely delegated to the touch screen. Hidden behind a small flap, we find a slot capable of hosting a micro SD memory card that can expand the storage capacity and allow file transfer more easily.


  • Modern design
  • Waterproof
  • High resolution
  • E-Ink Carta technology


  • Slower than Amazon Kindle

Kobo Aura Kindle is the best alternative on the market compared to Amazon Kindles.

#4. Kindle Voyage E-reader

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Returning to the Kindle field and going up in price, we have the Voyage model. Compared to its direct competitor (the Kindle Paperwhite), the new Voyage is about 2 millimeters thinner and 10% lighter.

The screen and resolution are the same. The 300 PPI with E-Ink Carta technology and the lighting are more efficient and homogeneous. The brightness sensor that adjusts the light emission is not always performing as we would have expected. We can always correct the parameter manually.

The navigation between the pages can take place via the tactile display or the touch keys on the frame of the e-reader. We found the latter a bit uncomfortable and positioned in places where it is easy to press them unintentionally.


  • Thinner and lighter than other models
  • Premium materials
  • Brightness sensor
  • Page navigation


  • Uncomfortable press buttons

The cost difference compared to the Paperwhite. Despite the excellent materials and a decidedly more solid construction, if you are looking for the best Kindle, we advise you to leap in quality.

#5. Kindle Oasis

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To conclude, now is the turn of the top-of-the-range Kindle, the Oasis model. The goal of all E-Readers is only one: to make the reading experience as similar as possible to that on paper. And the Oasis model is the one that succeeds best in the choice of quality materials and exclusive design.

Starting from the appearance, we have a product that consists entirely of an aluminum body with a superlative design and ergonomics. The display is covered by a solid scratch-resistant glass surface.

Besides the normal touch navigation system, we find two physical buttons (non-touch) on the right side of the device that makes reading with one hand extremely comfortable. This product is waterproof and can withstand continuous immersion in fresh water for over an hour to a depth of 2 meters.


  • Aluminum body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Scratch resistance


  • Expensive

It might be useful to know that as an optional accessory, there is a leather cover that incorporates a power bank.

Features to Consider When Choosing A Kindle

Screen size and resolution

The size has become the market standard and represents an excellent compromise between portability and reading quality. Most manufacturers offer e-readers with a 6-inch diagonal display.

Of course, there are solutions with more generous displays, but we go a bit out of what are the standard models. And we will enter products that are more suitable for particular applications or needs.


All reviewed e-readers incorporate a tactile control system. To scroll through the pages, press on the display on the right or left to go to the next or previous page, respectively.

The more advanced models also incorporate physical buttons dedicated to page navigation.


The physical storage space of contents on E-book readers is a parameter to be relatively taken into consideration. It starts with devices with a basic capacity of about 4GB to arrive at E-reader with a capacity of 32GB.

If you consider that a normal E-book in standard format occupies approximately 300/400 KB, you would have enough space for about ten thousand books on a 4GB device. Conversely, if you need to read content in PDF format, we suggest you move towards the most capacious devices.


The overall duration also depends on other parameters, such as the use made of Wi-Fi and the use of the 3G network for data transfer. The full charge time varies depending on the power source it connects to via the USB port.

Protection From Water Damage.

There are certified products on the market with water protection equal to IPX8. According to the standards, it means that devices of this type can withstand a prolonged immersion (one hour) up to a depth of 2 meters.

This option is only available on high-level readers, so consider carefully if it is something you just cannot do without.


Is It Worth Buying A Kindle?

The Kindle is undoubtedly portable, but it has the limit of charging. It is not the best solution if you often find yourself in places where you do not have access to electricity. The physical book has its charm, and some prefer it for that very reason.

Which Kindle Is Best For Your Eyes?

The chief advantage of Kindles with built-in lighting is that you will not depend on the light in your environment to read. However, there are other things you need to check if you are in doubt about buying a model with or without a light. First, this device’s LEDs project light towards the screen, not towards your eyes, to avoid eye strain and fatigue.

What Is The Difference Between Kindle Oasis And Kindle Paperwhite?

Both the Amazon Kindle and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite have a 6-inch display and in both cases are designed to be anti-glare.

The fundamental difference is its sharpness. While the Kindle’s base model screen has 167 pixels per inch, the Paperwhite has 300. So, the text appears sharper and closer to how it would look printed on paper.

The difference is most noticeable when reading comics. If you are reading text, the higher resolution shouldn’t make a big difference.

Is A Kindle Bad To Read Before Bed?

According to much-discussed research, people who use them in the evening then struggle to fall asleep and are less awake in the morning. But there is a misunderstanding that the research does not concern e-readers.

Final Words

The kindle has completely changed the way we approach reading. Despite the constant quarrels, anyone with the best kindle can witness how these devices help actually to read more. Amazon Kindle is still a pioneer in this segment. Otherwise, the Paperwhite and Oasis are the perfect alternatives.

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