Top 6 Best Ipads For Drawing, Arts And Gaming (2021 Reviews)

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What is the best iPad? There is a lot of choice between the standard iPads, iPad Air, mini versions, and Pro models. But there is no definitive answer to your question. Ever-new iPad models come out regularly, and the latest edition of the year is the gorgeous iPad Air 4 (2020). To choose your new iPad, there are plenty of choices. Thanks to this guide, you will find what is right for you in terms of specifications, dimensions, and price.

Top 6 Best Ipads For Drawing, Arts, And Gaming

#1. iPad Pro 11 (2018)

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iPad Pro 11 is the best iPad you can buy right now. Sure, it is expensive, but it is Apple’s best performing tablet. The unit is a step towards a 2-in-1 design if you add the keyboard cover.

You will feel you have a laptop on hand in terms of both design and performance. We have the new Apple Pencil magnetically clips onto the frame. It has amazing speakers and a fantastic new screen-to-body ratio. And what’s more? It is hard not to fall in love with the finely crafted design.

With iPadOS, it has transformed the software, making it even better than it already was at launch. However, it does not have a headphone jack. If you want the standard 3.5mm jack in a computer-like device, go for a laptop.


  • Clip for Apple Pencil
  • Powerful performance
  • Crafted design
  • Excellent speakers


  • The software limits the experience for use as a laptop
  • Expensive Apple Pencil and keyboard

Everything about the iPad Pro 11 leads to the best possible experience offered by Apple tablets. It is not a valid replacement for the MacBook.

#2. iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)

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iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) is a beast but in a good way. It manages everything you need in everyday life without too much effort. You can say goodbye to the mobile phone, laptop, coloring pad, console for mixing music, and finally console for video games. It is Apple’s best high-tech tool for both creativity and business, thanks to its vast screen, peripherals, and snappy software.

It possesses faster processing power than any other mobile device we have reviewed with four speakers that sound great and a brilliant screen. Finally, depending on the model you buy, you may have more or less GB available for storage.

It does not have the best battery life. Therefore, you cannot use it for long periods to watch movies on a trip or to listen to music. And another flaw is that it also charges rather slowly.


  • Magnificent display
  • Unmatched audio quality
  • Excellent processing power
  • Four speakers


  • Low battery life
  • Face ID not always working

The iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) is one of the best iPads you can buy right now. But if you do not need a tremendous display, the iPad Pro 11 comes in lighter and cheaper, so it would be the best choice in that case.

#3. iPad Air 4 (2020)

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iPad Air 4 (2020) is almost an iPad Pro, but much less expensive. So, it is much more attractive for users with certain needs but who at the same time do not want to spend too much.

The all-screen design is like the iPad Pro. It also supports both the Smart Keyboard and the second-generation Apple Pencil.

Thanks to the A14 Bionic chipset (the same as the iPhone 12 series), it can boast enormous power. There are four speakers and an excellent 10.9-INCH display with a 60 Hz refresh rate because the autonomy is more than satisfactory.


  • All-screen design
  • Powerful processor
  • Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil
  • A14 Bionic chipset


  • 64GB of memory is scarce
  • Higher price than the previous generation

iPad Air 4 is available in many unique colors, for the first time on an iPad.

#4. iPad 10.2 (2020)

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iPad 10.2 (2020) is not the most exciting of the upgrades. Indeed, it is similar to the previous model, although something has changed for the better anyway. The A12 Bionic chipset is faster than its predecessor. And the 20W adapter ensures significantly faster charging.

iPad 10.2 has all the most requested features, including support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. We also have a more consistent battery life.

The front camera is certainly not impressive. The memory cuts are quite small. But by choosing the 128GB model, you will have a tablet with decent storage space, versatile, and impressive performance for the price.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Solid performance
  • Consistent battery life
  • Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard


  • Not much has changed from the old model
  • The front camera of only 1.2 MP

It is the best budget iPad produced by Apple so far, and the best 10.2-inch iPad ever.

#5. iPad Mini (2019)

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Sometimes, you just want a slightly larger phone, and the iPad Mini (2019) is best suited to this task. It is a quirky device with some impressive specs, boasting Apple’s latest processor and good battery life.

What makes the iPad Mini great is the fact that you can use the Apple Pencil, thus turning it into a small notebook that you always have with you.


  • Perfect size, making it conveniently portable
  • Powerful features
  • Apple’s latest processor
  • Excellent battery life


  • Thick design
  • Use the first generation of the Apple Pencil

It is one of the best small tablets you can find at this price. So, if you are looking for a little monster to always keep in your pocket, the choice must fall on this model.

Features to Consider When Choose Best Ipad

Screen Size

The iPads, as we have just seen together, can be fitted with displays of 7.9 inches, 9.7 inches, 10.5 inches, 11 inches, or 12.9 inches. Which one to choose depends entirely on your needs.

The iPad Mini is suitable for those who need maximum portability. They allow you to enjoy videos, ebooks, and Web content but are not comfortable for working. The 11-inch, 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch iPads are those that offer the best ratio between size and handling.


As you surely know, iPads do not offer the possibility of expanding their internal memory with microSD cards (as happens on some Android and Windows tablets). There are only USB / Lightning sticks that allow you to transfer files to iPads. On the 2018 iPad Pro, there is a USB-C port that allows the connection of sticks and microSD. But we cannot speak of a real expansion of memory.


The normal battery can last up to 10 hours. But this figure is variable, especially in the versions with LTE connectivity, where greater energy consumption is required.


Apple uses the famous Retina displays on all iPads currently on the market, with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels and a variable density depending on the size (from 326 PPI in the smallest screens up to 264 PPI in the largest ones).

Besides, the latest iPad Pros feature a Liquid Retina display, capable of resolving 2732 × 2048 pixels. It is an LCD panel that can extend to the corners of the device, allowing for larger dimensions without affecting the body of the tablet and therefore keeping it lighter.


If the first generation of the iPad did not have a camera, Apple soon realized the importance of this element for a tablet as well. In the latest models, we have paid particular attention to the rear camera that reaches 12 MP and can shoot videos in 4K.

The front camera of the latter also has undergone no particular changes in recent years, remaining at a Sensor 1.2 MP capable of recording video at 720p. Otherwise, the models in the series Pro reaches7 MP with a video resolution of 1080p (HD).


Which Is The Best iPad For PUBG?

The iPad Pro 11 is a superb choice. The first iPad Pro model dates back to 2015 and is now in its third generation. Unlike other series, the Pro tends not to be updated every year. But it takes a long time to develop. These are the best performing models ever, with advanced technical features and a higher price than all the others.

Can You use an iPad for drawing?

We can use the latest iPad models as a real graphics tablet, thanks to the pressure-sensitive pen and the display. It can recognize and differentiate the touch of the fingers from that of the palm. So, it does not log the latter as a command.

What Is The Best iPad For Work?

For anyone who owns an Apple Pencil, handwriting on the iPad is one of the coolest features ever. It allows you to keep all your notes in a single device, to minimize paper consumption and waste, and to format your texts with maximum flexibility.

This feature is appreciated by university students. Some applications can convert handwritten text into an editable text box with any writing software.

Can I Do Everything On An iPad That I Can On A laptop?

Like iPhones, we base iPads on iOS, a proprietary operating system that offers maximum integration with Apple laptops and desktops. The interface is very intuitive and designed to offer a complete experience while maintaining maximum simplicity. The App Store is where you can buy and download programs for your iPad. But it cannot replace the flexibility of the laptop.

Final Words

There will be something for everyone in our guide. It ranges from iPad Pro 11, with high-end specifications, to cheaper models like iPad 10.2.

There are only five models included in the list. We have listed specifics, pros, and cons, and give you a small preview of our impressions and how they performed in testing.

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