Top 10 Best Hybrid Watches: a Perfect Combination Between Smart & Style (2021 Reviews)

best hybrid watches

Smartwatches have become more and more popular with people who use the watches as indispensable accessories. Besides showing time function as all the casual watches, a smartwatch is optimized with a wide range of smart features. 

Yet, not all like the design of the smartwatches. There are some still like the classy design of the analog watch. This is the reason why we have another special type of watch that offers an optimal combination of the design and smart features called hybrid watches. 

In this article, we have round up the best hybrid watches to help you get yourself the perfect one.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Watches 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Hybrid Watch Overall: Garmin vivomove 3s

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Appearing at the top of our list is a hybrid watch from Garmin, a famous brand for watch lovers. The Garmin Vivomove 3S is the best choice for those who need a rich-featured watch to track fitness data but still have a classy look of the analog one.

The product is paired with the GPS on your phone to position your outdoor activity. It also helps you track your hydration level, energy, sleep pattern and monitoring your stress as well. 

Compatible with Android and iOS and will vibrate whenever you got an incoming phone call or receive a notification. The battery life is also a feature that makes this product become one of the best hybrid watches.


  • Classy design
  • support Android and iOS connection
  • Accurate workout tracker


  • Sleep monitoring is not completely accurate
  • Not support mobile apps

A product has all the best fitness trackers, and a classic look is no doubt the best hybrid watch overall that you need.

#2 Best Hybrid Watch for Ladies: Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Stainless Steel

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Dear ladies, you want to keep tracking your workout details for a healthy life and good shape, right? However, the problem is that carry a cellphone by your side 24/7 is not good, and smartwatches seem too big on your wrist. 

The fossil Q will help you solve this problem with sleep and fitness trackers beneath the hidden face show-up as an analog watch. The watch’s arms will point at a specific hour to give you alerts as soon as receiving incoming calls or texts. 

Finally, the cell battery that can work in six months is used in this model instead of the rechargeable one.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Water-resistant to 50m


  • Notification vibrations are difficult to know.

A lightweight and sleek design come with rich-featured, the Fossil Jacqueline is the best hybrid watch for modern women.

#3 Best Hybrid Watch for Men: Fossil Men’s Collider Hybrid

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Fossil Collider HR is the best hybrid watch for men that offers a good-looking design but still has accurate fitness tracking features. 

This model is designed with a classy face that comes with a strap made of leather that makes it suitable for all outfits especially suit & tie ones. Besides, the product features a wellness tracker, an accurate heart rate monitor, and waterproof also. 

Three buttons are assigned with a certain function, such as switch the song, showing notifications, and view your workout details.


  • Customizable buttons
  • Sleek looks
  • Long battery life


  • Not support GPS

There is no doubt that the Fossil Collider HR will always be the winner when mentioning functionality and stylish design at an affordable price for any gentleman.

#4 Best Hybrid Watch for iOS: Withings Move

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You are a big fan of the Apple phone, but smartwatches are too costly and not good-looking. And you will need a watch that supports iOS connecting, the Withings Move – a hybrid watch to have enough fitness function, and a classy look like a normal analog watch is what you should get. 

The product offers more than 10 activities recognized and GPS positioning that allows you to map your route. Especially, it contains an amazing battery that can last 18 months and 5ATM water-resistant.


  • 5ATM water-resistant. 
  • Support both Android and iOS connecting.
  • GPS positioning included


  • No heart rate monitor

Get yourself this product instead of an Apple watch for the best price but still support a high-quality iOS connection.

#5 Best Hybrid Fitness Watch: Garmin vIvomove HR

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If you think that the fitness tracking functions in a hybrid watch are not good, we will help you take a closer look at the Garmin vIvomove HR to prove to you that your thought is not always true. 

An on-demand smart screen allows the watch to show your heart rate, burnt calories, floors climbed, and distance covered also. The watch also includes a stress tracker that gives you reminders to take breaths and drink water to relax. 

The Garmin vIvomove HR also gives users 50 meters of water-resistant and both Android and iOS compatibility.


  • Accurate fitness features
  • Support Bluetooth connecting
  • Diversity in design and color


  • Not support GPS
  • Unclear screen in sunlight

Garmin Vivomove HR is the best hybrid watch for those who want to have a watch that has accurate fitness tracking features while still has a sleek design.

#6 Best Hybrid Watch with Heart Rate Monitor: Fossil Men’s FB-01 Dive-Inspired

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The Fossil Men’s FB-01 is well-known as one of the best hybrid watches with high-quality, accurate heart rate monitoring. Along with this feature, this model helps you take a dept wellness tracking with sleep, calories, active minutes, and steps tracking abilities. 

You don’t need to always carry your cellphone but still receive notification and view it on the watch face. You can also check the weather update, calendar, and control music. The 50m water-resistant and sufficient battery life also make it more useful and worth paying.


  • The battery lasts more than two weeks
  • Support both Android and iOS connection
  • 5ATM water-resistant


  • A little bit expensive
  • No GPS

With all the high-end features as mentioned, the Fossil Men’s FB-01 is a highly recommended watch for an in-depth wellness tracker.

#7 Best Hybrid Watch with GPS: Withings Steel HR Hybrid

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Finding a stylish but still classic look that suits any outfits? Or accurate fitness recording function? The Withings Steel HR hybrid watch will give you both. All the smart functions for fitness tracking are included in this model, such as sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, accurate GPS positioning that will work after having connected to cellphones. 

Moreover, 30 activity modes that help you track your walking, hiking, swimming, and so on. 50m water-resistant allows you to have outdoor activity under the rain or when swimming. You can use this watch in 25 days without charging.


  • Great battery life
  • Support 30 different sport modes
  • Accurate GPS positioning


  • Not too good for fitness features
  • Music controls not included

Withings Steel HR is all that you need when finding a rich-function hybrid watch that supports accurate GPS positioning.

#8 Best Hybrid Watch for Swimming: Withings Steel HR Sport

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With a traditional design like a casual watch, the Withings Steel HR Sport model supports a 5ATM water-resistant that allows you to swim or take part in outdoor activities under the rain. 

The product offers accurate heart rate monitoring that automatically tracks as soon as you put this watch on your wrist. It also offers incoming call and text message receiving notifications by vibrating. 

Including a long battery life of up to 25 days will never disturb your workout time.


  • Continuous monitoring heart rate
  • Stylish and lightweight design 
  • 5ATM Water-resistant


  • Notifications have some delay. 
  • Pricey

Although the model is designed as a regular watch, its function and looks are more preferred by sportsmen than the businessmen.

#9 Best Swiss Hybrid Watch: Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch


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Like all the other Swiss-made watches, the Mondaine Helvetica offers a good-looking design and a wide range of high-end features. The product features MotionX technology that helps you pair your watch with both Android and iOS phones. Besides, it also provides a wide range of features that need for fitness trackings, such as activity measurement, sleep tracking, and date. 

With a water-resistant 3ATM and scratch-resistant as well as anti-reflective, the Mondaine Helvetica is best for outdoor use even in rainy or sunny conditions.


  • Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face
  • MotionX technology supported


  • Not support GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Although this product does not support enough function like others, it is still a must-have item made in Swiss.

#10 Best Affordable Hybrid Watch: Withings/Nokia Steel


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You may think the nine hybrid watches listed above quite pricey, so we bring you a product from Nokia with the cost of just around $70 but still offers enough basic features that need in a hybrid watch. 

You can this Nokia Steel Activity & Sleep watch to track your sleep, automatically recognize more than 10 activities. 

This product also allows automatic synchronization and visualizes data and trends on your cellphone with a free app called Nokia Health Mate.

For the battery, this product uses a cell battery that can work for up to 8 months.


  • Great battery life
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight design


  • Not support GPS
  • Not support heart rate monitoring

If you only have a small budget but really want to get a hybrid watch, this one is the best option at a low cost.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Hybrid Watch

Style & Size

Hybrid watches are for those who do not like to wear smartwatches but still want to have more functions than just time showing. So the size and design of a hybrid watch are surely the most important features that you will think of when buying a new one. 

Battery Life

A hybrid watch is known as one of the best devices that not consume too much energy.

Some hybrid watches can offer batteries that can work for weeks, while others can last for months. Of course, you can also have another option with rechargeable batteries.


If we mention notification and phone call receiving ability, the hybrid watch will never beat the smartwatch. But it will be used as a helpful add-on. 

Fitness Tracking Features

The best hybrid watches should not only have a classy look but also offer comprehensive workout trackers such as pedometers, workout reminders, and calorie calculators. Therefore, when finding a new hybrid watch, make sure to carefully put these features in check to avoid getting inaccurate ones.


Are hybrid watches good?

Frankly speaking, a hybrid watch is more than perfect for those who need to keep a small and classy watch but still offer fitness data tracking function. It also requires less energy than the smart ones, so you don’t need to recharge it every night. 

What is a hybrid watch?

A hybrid watch is a watch that has a classic look like a casual watch but offers a wide range of functions that are included in a smartwatch.

What is the difference between hybrid and smartwatch?

If you are still confused between hybrid watches and smart so today, we will give you the information to make you clear about these products. 

  • The smartwatch has always-on technology, while the hybrid one looks like a casual timepiece. 
  • The battery life of a hybrid watch is always longer than a smartwatch. 
  • Price is another difference that easy to see. A hybrid is always cheaper than a smartwatch with complex technical features.
  • As the hybrid watch is designed as a half-like analog one, so it includes some benefits associated with a traditional one like water-resistant up to 50m.

Is fossil hybrid watch waterproof?

The answer to this question is yes. A fossil hybrid watch offers waterproof too. 

However, depending on the model, the water-resistant rate is different. 

Final Words 

To sum up, having a hybrid watch will help you keep your classy style but still keep a healthy life. With 10 products on our collection of the top 10 best hybrid watches, we hope that you can easily get yourself one that suits your demand. 

If you are still confused, the Vivomove 3S is highly recommended 

for its best overall function, and the Fossil Collider HR for its sleek design matches the formal outfit.

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