Top 5 Best GBA Emulators For PC (2021 Reviews)

best gba emulator for pc

While some of us still have nostalgic memories of Mario, Pokemon on handheld consoles, nowadays, with the advent of game emulators, lovers of such childhood games can play Gameboy on their PCs with a few simple steps. 

GameBoy Advance (GBA) emulator is a program made to run the ROMs file for running games on PC. While the GBA handheld console version has the better color quality and more strong hardware, the GBA emulator allows gamers to play GBA on computers with advanced features and enhanced graphics, which are even missing from the handheld console version. 

This writing will provide you with the top five best GBA Emulators for PC with reviews that are available to download on your PC to play GBA.

Top 5 Best GBA Emulators For PC 2021 

#1 Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance is one of the oldest and the most stable emulators on the emulator list to run GBA and Nintendo games on the PC. This GBA Emulator has been rated for many years as the best emulator, allowing users to play GBA games on their PC with the handheld console’s full function at ideal speed. Below are some highlighted features of Visual Boy Advance:


  • Free to use 
  • Support all Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color
  • Easy to operate
  • Has many advanced features
  • Save the game at any time you want
  • Full-screen mode available
  • Enable user to use cheat code


  • It cannot run well on old hardware.

Visual Boy Advance is the oldest and most stable emulator on the list.

#2 mGBA Emulator

Another best GBA emulator for PC, namely mGBA emulator, is faster and more accurate than many GBA emulators. Furthermore, if you look for more advanced features like the fast-forwarding and rewinding game at any point, quickly use and save function, as well as an impressive graphic and stability, mGBA is one of a kind. Some further highlighted features of mGBA are below:


  • Run-on almost system of Window, Mac Os and Linus
  • Support older version of GameBoy and GameBoy Color handheld
  • Enable user to use cheat code easily
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Enable fast-forwarding and rewinding features
  • Easy to use and save at anytime you want


  • Lack of advanced features

mGBA emulator is a stable, fast, and accurate emulator with impressive graphics.

#3 Higan GBA Emulator

Higan GBA emulator is a multi-system emulator for emulating hardware accurately. This emulator supports many classic Nintendo and Gameboy systems. Some highlighted features of this emulator are as follows: 


  • Free to use
  • Compatible with most hardware
  • Full-screen mode available
  • Easy to install on windows
  • Easy to set up
  • Support ROMs
  • Support good sound


  • Slow emulator
  • Frequently crashed

A free multi-system emulator

#4 No$GBA Emulator 

No$GBA Emulator is a free-to-use GBA emulator to run GBA ROMs easily. This is also the first emulator that supports multiplayer on the same PC. Some highlighted features of this emulator as follows:


  • Free to use
  • Support multiple players
  • Good graphics
  • Support ROMs and multiple NDs


  • Lack of advanced features

The first emulator supports multiplayer on the same PC.

#5 Bat GBA Emulator

Bat GBA is one of the easiest GBA Emulators to run in the list. This GBA can run on all types of hardware with many functional features. Furthermore, it supports a keyboard and configurable gamepad. Some highlighted features of this emulator as follows:


  • Support ROMs and BIOS image
  • Can work in all kinds of settings on PC
  • Fast emulator
  • Easy to install
  • Support saving function


  • Lack of advanced features.
  • Frequently crashed
  • Don’t have cheat supports.

A fast and optimized emulator


Question: Can you play GBA games on PC?

Answer: Yes, you can play GBA games by downloading the GBA emulator and ROMs on the PC. GBA emulator allows gamers to play GBA games to play their games wherever they want, including on your PC.

Question: Is the GBA emulator safe?

Answer: Yes, GBA emulators are generally safe provided that you have already got ROMs from a legal place; however, there are some risks attached, as possible viruses detected. To avoid such trouble, make sure that you download emulators from its official website and scan for viruses after downloading.

Final Words 

To sum up, the GBA emulator allows gamers to play GBA games on PC and provides some advanced features missing from the handheld console version. 

While many GBA emulators are available for users to download, the top five best GBA emulators for PC on the list are Visual Boy Advance, mGBA, Higan GBA, No$GBA Emulator, Bat GBA. 

If you want to have a GBA gaming experience with the most stable and ideal speed, Visual Boy Advance is a good option for you. If you are after a faster and more accurate emulator with impressive graphics, you can go for mGBA.

Still not sure which one is the best emulator for playing GBA games? Each of the abovementioned GBA emulators has its advantages and drawbacks; therefore, knowing which criteria is the most important one for you to consider and go for it.

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