Top 10 Best Fitbit Watches for Different Lifestyles (2021 Reviews)

best fitbit watches

In today’s modern times, people are busier and busier and confront more anxiety, so they pay less attention to their health. Scientists have also researched and gave much evidence that daily exercise has a significant effect on human health. But often, people forget that.

Since then, the Fitbit watch was born to remind users of operations and 24/7 health monitoring, helping users form a more reasonable lifestyle. It will bring enduring health and a refreshing spirit before the problems encountered in life. If you are looking for the best Fitbit watches, then this article will fulfill your needs. Let’s jump into it!

Top 10 Best Fitbit Watches 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Fitbit Watches Overall: Fitbit Charge 3 Watch

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The Charge 3 has a large touchscreen display showing your distance traveled, heart rate, and notifications from your mobile phone when connected. The swim-proof feature allows you to track your laps if you go swimming in the pool. Besides, there are three sizes for you to choose from, so it is likely to fit most wrists. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Nice design 
  • SpO2 sensor


  • Monochrome screen 

Fitbit Charge 3 also comes with the Special Edition, which gives you the Fitbit Pay compatibility. Only one minor issue is the connected GPS, as you might have to keep your phone by your side to keep track of running. 

#2 Best Fitbit Watches for Fitness Tracking: Fitbit Charge 4 Watch

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The Fitbit Charge 4 has an accurate GPS and useful SPO2 sensor, which helps measure your sleeping and warn you when you have sleep apnea, for instance. The Fitbit app allows users to track the Active Zone Minutes, known as a tool measuring the exercise intensity when getting paired with the watch. Another benefit is the Fitbit Pay, by which you can use this watch as contactless payment.


  • Customizable design 
  • Fantastic sleep tracking 
  • Good battery life


  • No color screen

Fitbit Charge 4 is genuinely your best fitness tracker. It is sufficiently discreet and simple for everyday wear while still having all features you want for tracking workouts. 

#3 Best Fitbit Watches for Swimming: Fitbit Ionic Watch

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The most outstanding feature of this Ionic version is the display that can show on-screen workouts. It means you do not need to look at another screen to check if you do your exercises correctly. Besides, this smartwatch also supports the Fitbit app store, which enables you to add some additional watch faces. 


  • Onboard music storage
  • Bright display
  • Mobile payment


  • Not many apps

If you are looking for a smartwatch to tackle running, swimming, and much more activities, this Fitbit Ionic watch is worth your consideration. It comes with various features, including swim tracking, heart rate monitoring, run detecting, and guided workouts in the Coach app. 

#4 Best Fitbit Watches for Running: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

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Apart from the activity tracking features, the Fitbit Sense also tracks heart rate throughout the day. You will know when you are running easy, running hard, or stressed out through this feature. Similar to other Fitbit watches, it is designed with contactless payments and app downloading. 


  • Swappable bands
  • A lot of health-tracking features
  • A beautiful detail for videos and apps


  • A bit expensive

Fitbit Sense is recognized as one of the leading running watches. It has GPS tracking that can give you pace, distance, and time during your run. By using this watch, you can check the route; calories burned, distance, and elevation. 

#5 Best Fitbit Watches for Sleep Tracking: Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

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When you open the Fitbit app after sleeping, you can see your sleep duration and the differences among the sleep stages you went through during the night. It goes from light, REM to the deep state. That is what this Fitbit can do as a sleep tracker. You will also receive some personalized insights and data about your sleep from the Fitbit.  


  • Awesome Sleep Stages data
  • More advanced data
  • Improved lightweight design


  • Lack GPS

Versa becomes an excellent choice for sleep tracking thanks to the optical heart rate and gyroscope sensor. Furthermore, it has customizable straps, fantastic battery life, and plenty of features and apps. 

#6 Best Fitbit Watches for Ladies: Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

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With the assistance of Amazon Alexa functionality, ladies using this watch can get notifications or access many apps on their wrists. They also can control smart devices in their houses, look up the news or weather, and so on. Plus, there is a sleep-tracking feature that can alert you when sleep apnea happens. 


  • Colorful display
  • On-screen workouts
  • Good battery life


  • No built-in GPS

Fitbit’s 2nd generation watch is perfect for ladies as it has the female health tracking feature. It allows women to follow their cycles and record their symptoms. Additionally, it can do workout recognition and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. 

#7 Best Fitbit Watches for Teenagers: Fitbit Alta HR Watch 

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This model will automatically track steps, distance covered, calories burned, and active minutes. Generally, it tracks your activities, then uploads them to the smart app. This app has a colorful interface and a nice display so that you can check your fitness data quickly. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Auto exercise detection


  • No GPS functions

Fitbit Alta HR watch will be a superb option for active teenagers who enjoy sports and exercise. It is also useful for sleep tracking as it can analyze and improve your sleeping struggle. With the silent alarm, teenagers will be woken up gently by its gradual vibration. 

#8 Best Fitbit Watches for Beginners: Fitbit Versa Lite Watch

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When purchasing this smartwatch, you will get a standard Fitbit fare. More specifically, they are fitness and sleep tracking, automatic workout recognition, music controls, and customizable bands set. However, it cannot track swimming laps and on-screen workouts. You also have to connect the watch to your phone for GPS. 


  • Solid battery life
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Lack on-screen workouts

As you may notice, the Fitbit Versa Lite looks similar to the Versa 2, but it has less flashy features and an affordable price. However, you still get many other great features with 4-day battery life. 

#9 Best Fitbit Watches for Seniors: Fitbit Charge 2 Watch

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Older people will have difficulties with their eyesight. Understanding this obstacle, the Fitbit Charge 2 features a large display, by which seniors can see much information without scrolling. The characters are sufficiently big, so they do not need to stare too hard at the display. Other advantages of this watch are the heart rate monitor and the auto-detect feature that can track them whenever they start activities. 


  • Large and customizable display
  • Swappable bands
  • Excellent battery life


  • Not waterproof

Fitbit Charge 2 is evaluated to be the best watch for seniors as it embraces all friendly elements towards elderly people. This timepiece is comfortable, lightweight with a versatile wristband that can perfectly conform to the wrist’s curves. 

#10 Best Fitbit Watches with GPS: Fitbit Versa 3 Watch 

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The Versa 3 is the Fitbit Versa 2’s next-generation for midrange smartwatch. It is designed with the Active Zone Minutes that is an excellent motivational workout feature. It can monitor the time you spend in cardio, heart-rate zones, or fat burn during exercising. 


  • Great battery life 
  • Improved display
  • Onboard GPS


  • Only one voice assistant can be enabled at the time

Onboard GPS seems to be the most significant upgrade of the Versa 3. If you accidentally leave your mobile phone at home, this Fitbit Versa 3 still tracks your location for outdoor exercise. 

How to Choose the Best Fitbit Watch for You

Your Exercise Level

Basic Daily Activities

This Fitbit smartwatch not only measures steps and activity levels during the day, but it can also track your daily health, giving you the best overview of your health during the week and month.

From there, the product will bring an overview and multidimensional view of your health status to have the most suitable diet and exercise.


After just over 13 years of establishment and development, the Fitbit smartwatch has been present in 14 countries worldwide and is loved and trusted by millions of customers. It promises Fitbit’s future global development and technology innovation.

True to its name, these are Smart Watch specializing in tracking and statistics of your fitness and fitness indicators most entirely and accurately. You can receive notifications from your smartphone to track and receive health statistics such as heart rate. Steps are taken, sleep, calories consumed during the day.

Workout Frequently

These Fitbit watches also help users know the distance to run, the number of strokes when swimming, the number of kilograms you lift in a day. A lot of information about sports practice will be statistics for you to understand. Besides, you will also receive advice or suggestions for eating and training time so that you can efficiently complete your goals and improve your health quickly.

When you are a real sports player, this is the right choice. There is no Smart Watch that can compete with the exact measurement and statistics of fitness and health stats. Depending on the type of clock, tracking and statistics will be based on hardware or algorithms!

Smartwatch like

Fitbit watches work with Android and iPhone, giving you features like notifications, payments, apps, watch faces, and a built-in music player. Its latest smartwatch also adds support for smart assistants Alexa and Google.

You also have access to an app store here. Fitbit’s app library is still growing and includes some big names like MySwimPro and Spotify. If you like watch faces, Fitbit also offers a wide variety, and you can keep up to 5 on your smartwatch at once.

Built-in GPS

The Fitbit watches will record and synchronize distance and geographic information through built-in GPS technology. So, you can see the distance and places you have been by opening the Fitbit app. The application will give you a full map of the distance you have traveled.

Final Words

The Fitbit Charge 4 Watch should be the top pick on this list. It is a superb fitness tracker with the new fitness metric, onboard GPS, and lots of other significant features. For the price, you can buy the Fitbit Charge 3 Watch. This smartwatch is also listed as one of the best Fitbits, and its price has been dropped remarkably recently. 

As you can see, selecting the best Fitbit watches is not much challenging if you know what your demands and goals are. Hopefully, this article can help you a bit in considering and choosing the most suitable Fitbit watch!

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