Top 5 Best Extractors for Car Detailing (2021 Reviews)

best extractors for car detailing

The best car extractor for car detailing is a comfortable device to use, but finding the right one is not a simple thing. Beyond the type, the search will lead you to consider several aspects before buying one.

Compared to home vacuum cleaners, ergonomics and handling are essential because you work in a closed environment. An extractor for car detailing comes with confined spaces and in the presence of various obstacles.

Top 5 Best Extractors for Car Detailing 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Extractor for Car Detailing Overall: Mytee S-300H Tempo Heated Extractor

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Let’s start our product selection with the famous Mytee brand and the S-300H model. With a lithium-ion battery, it offers a 45-minute charge with consistent performance and powerful suction.

A common indicator signals the battery, allowing you to recharge without risking running out in the middle of use. It is handy and light, designed to be an excellent device to use both for the car and the home.

The design is the classic of a vacuum cleaner with a compact shape and handles for transport and use. The power can be available between two types of settings by a practical button and a special nozzle for grouting. The filter is washable and the one-liter tank is easy to empty.


  • Constant performance
  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport


  • Bad connection coupler

Long-lasting performance is guaranteed by the High AirFlow system with efficient dust separation.

#2 Best Budget Extractor for Car Detailing: Sandia Spotter 50-1000 Carpet Extractor

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The Sandia Spotter 50-100 extractor vacuum cleaner is a compact, powerful and affordable unit. It is suitable for demanding cleaning jobs, both in the car and at home. Its 15-liter plastic tank sucks up coarse or fine dirt, wet or dry, and even liquids.

A sponge filter protects the motor from dirt when vacuuming liquids. The float switch cuts off the suction power automatically when the maximum level is reached.

Its 1250W of power provides not only a good level of 18 kPA suction capacity but also blows for inaccessible areas. There is also a collection bag for fine dust.


  • Affordable price
  • High flexibility and performance
  • Large capacity
  • Powerful suction


  • Poor customer service

The appliance comes with a suction hose and a wide range of accessories: three plastic suction extensions, a large combined suction nozzle for carpets and smooth floors, a small nozzle.

#3 Best Portable Extractor for Car Detailing: Bissell 3624 Spotclean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

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Let’s now move on to the most portable vacuum cleaner, the Bissell 3624. The plastic tank is 15 liters and sucks up both coarse and fine dirt, both wet and dry, and also liquids.

With 1250W power, you can vacuum and blow the dust. Thanks to this option, you can also remove dust from inaccessible areas. The Bissell 3624 comes with a 36mm suction tube, three plastic extensions, a large nozzle for carpets, and a small nozzle.

A dust collection bag is available, so you can use the device as soon as you unpack it. A sponge filter protects the motor from dirt when vacuuming liquids. The float automatically stops suction when the maximum level comes.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available for all dirt and liquids
  • Powerful suction
  • Premium supporting tools


  • Expensive

It is simple and compact but powerful that is excellent for tackling simple cleaning jobs.

#4 Best Hot Water Extractor for Car Detailing: Sanitaire Carpet Extractor

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Sanitaire extractor is a portable vacuum cleaner that is powered by the car’s cigarette lighter socket. It comes with a cyclonic suction system with scalding water extraction that increases its performance and suction strength. It has a double-action filtering system to ensure high performance.

A special feature of this device is represented by the flexible adapter that allows you to reach every part of the car, including the trunk. It also includes a long crevice tool, seat brush, and a practical bag that allows you to store everything in the utmost order.

The container that collects the dirt has a capacity of 610 ml. It is a convenient system for opening the container with a click that facilitates emptying without coming into contact with the dirt collected.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Cyclonic suction system
  • The double-action filtering system
  • Flexible adapter


  • Low-powered suction

The ergonomic design of the device guarantees the maximum comfort of use.

#5 Best Extractor for Professional Detailing: Vacmaster Professional – Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Let’s now analyze the Vacmaster vacuum. It is a cordless model ideal for home, office, and car. Powered by a 12V-2200mAh lithium battery, it offers a range of up to 30 minutes. The cyclonic vacuum motor can vacuum up various types of fine dust in a short time and effortlessly.

This model also works for vacuuming liquids, such as water, juice, and milk. The HEPA filter is reusable and easy to clean. Thanks to it, it also filters the dust present in the air, such as smoke and bacteria.

The accessories supplied include a brush for carpets and conditioners, an extension tube, two corner nozzles, and a nozzle for liquids.


  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Powerful motor
  • High flexibility


  • Low durability

The package also includes the instruction manual, the charger, and a practical case. You can store the device between uses and also use it for easy transport.

Features to Consider When Choosing an Extractor for Car Detailing

Cleaning Performance

Vacuum Power

The wattage shows the suction power. To get an idea, 15 watts of air are enough for a decent suction. In battery models this data may not be present in the product sheet: in this case, we can take the value of the volts as a reference. We can consider 16 volts a reasonable starting point for decent cleaning.

These values ​​are the minimum recommended, depending on your needs you may need more watts or volts. A powerful rechargeable battery can last up to over half an hour.

Pump Pressure

The base pressure of an extraction pump system is typically 1 to 50 kPa, while a scroll pump might reach 10 Pa. A rotary oil pump with a clean and empty metallic chamber can easily achieve 0.1 Pa.


It is necessary to find the right balance between weight and strength, but also between dimensions and quality of suction/autonomy of the tank. You will need to ask yourself questions and let your needs and preferences answer for you.

Corded vs Cordless

The wall-mounted car vacuum cleaner is the most powerful type. But it has the drawback of being tied to places where electricity is available. It can be downright inconvenient if you have to move around the car to get to another spot, and the power cord is not long enough. However, a vacuum cleaner that uses this type of power supply has adequate power to handle the most difficult situations.

Car cordless vacuum cleaners are comfortable, portable, and handy motorcycles. The only downside is that you never know when the battery runs out. Their suction is comparable to that of corded types but may decrease over time as the battery.

Heating Capability

Heat radiation does not heat conduction through the air. Even if there is nothing in between, we can conduct heat even through a vacuum. You should choose an extractor with a large heating capability for heavy-duty cars.

Hose Length

One of the most complex areas to treat is under the front seats, so it is more practical to have a hose available. Thanks to it, it is possible to insert the suction nozzle almost anywhere. Using extension tubes or hoses should be limited to difficult areas, as these accessories reduce the suction power.

Tank Capability

Cleaning is certainly not one of our favorite activities. So none of us would like to find ourselves halfway through the job. The capacity of the tank is vital and should carry at least one thorough cleaning without interruption.

Larger tanks can cope with multiple cleaning operations. The important thing is to always check the status of the tank and empty it when necessary to avoid damaging the device.


Who wouldn’t want an eternal device that never breaks? If we cannot guarantee eternal durability, we can try to purchase a robust and quality product that can keep us company for many years. The convenience of transportation is another key factor. It is necessary to find the right balance between weight and strength, but also between dimensions and quality of suction/autonomy of the wheels.


How do auto detailers clean the carpet?

  • Make sure the battery is charged or (depending on the model) that there is an outlet nearby.
  • Remove all auto accessories, objects, and any larger dirt particles from the car and open the doors and windows.
  • Be sure not to leave important insignificant items in the car that could be vacuumed up.
  • Start with the trunk.
  • Continue by cleaning the rear seats and then the front seats.
  • Empty the tank (or change the bag) when necessary.
  • Pass the vacuum cleaner in every corner of the passenger compartment, using the accessories for the various areas and surfaces.
  • Once the car has been cleaned, store the device in a suitable moisture-free place.

If requested or recommended in the instruction booklet, clean the filter before putting the appliance away.

What is the average cost to have your car detailed?

A cordless model is around $50. The one with a cigarette lighter connection costs around $30, while a model powered by a traditional plug is a vacuum cleaner or a bin vacuum cleaner, with average prices around $80. 

Let’s not forget the existence of multipurpose devices or famous brands that can even exceed $100.

What is the best carpet extractor?

The market offers many types of the best extractor for car detailing. Each of us may prefer different models, mainly based on their needs.

In fact, on sale, we find devices that are mainly traditional vacuum cleaners that offer the accessories that transform them into useful vacuum cleaners for the interior of cars. Others are more compact and designed primarily for the car, powered directly via the cigarette lighter or wireless.

Is auto detailing essential?

Of course! Your general car wash is about a wash and vacuum cleaner that includes shampooing, towel drying to remove water stains or streaks, and sometimes spraying of wax.

Final Words

The best extractor for car detailing is a very comfortable device to use but finding the right one is not a straightforward thing. Beyond the type, the search leads you to consider several aspects before buying one.

Mytee S-300H Tempo Heated Extractor is our top pick for many tasks of cleaning. Compared to home vacuum cleaners, ergonomics and handling are essential because you work in a closed environment.

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