Top 7 Best Entry Level Automatic Watches (2021 Reviews)

best entry level automatic watches

Nowadays, a watch is one of the fashion accessories that are always on every person’s essential list. Besides clothes and shoes, it has become indispensable.

Today’s watches are not only for timekeeping, but it is also an accessory for the user. Watches are objects that best represent the personality and values ​​of the wearer. Not only expressing the owner’s fashion, elegance, or style, the watch also brings a sense of success and class to the user.

Did you know that automatic watches have many types, each with a different price and suitable for each wearer? If you are looking for the best entry level automatic watches, this article is sure to bring you essential information that you should not miss!

Top 7 Best Entry Level Automatic Watches 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Entry Level Automatic Watch Overall: Hamilton H64455533 Khaki King Series Watch

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The Hamilton brand’s timepiece might be suitable for both men and women, but it is likely to look a little bit large on women’s hands. The bands have been changed in comparison with their predecessor. Its width is about 20 mm, which is an excellent range for a watch band. Plus, the manufacturer used the leather strap instead of the Nato strap.


  • Solid and accurate
  • Swiss movement 
  • Excellent value for money


  • The date window seems to be slightly small

Hamilton H64455533 is genuinely a perfect blend of casual, modern formal, and military design. It features heavy-duty and durable stainless steel that can withstand even the roughest environments. 

#2 Best Swiss Automatic Watch for Beginners: Bulova 96C132 Dress Watch

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Mentioning this time-keeper’s design, it has rectangular and slim hour markers with a clean black dial. Stainless steel is the primary material of this watch, covering both the case and the jubilee band. Some people might think that the day/date window is narrow, but it indeed is stand out and easy for you to read. 


  • Great looking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent water resistance


  • The ticking sound is slightly loud

Almost automatic watches from the Bulova brand are top-notch at reasonable prices. The Bulova 96C132 is also among the most straightforward designs, making for a dress watch. With the Swiss Automatic movement included, this product is utterly a bargain. 

#3 Best Entry Level Automatic Watch Under 500: Hamilton Khaki Field H70455553 Watch

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Firstly, this watch will provide you with an 80-hour power reserve thanks to its H-10 automatic movement. Secondly, it has a white dial designed with black Arabic numerals markers. Simultaneously, its case is made of silver stainless steel that is about 38mm, and the case back is also transparent. Plus, it can be waterproof to 100 meters. 


  • Highly accurate
  • Excellent value for money
  • Water-resistant


  • The band is slightly short and small for some people

You will find this timepiece an incredible military resilience’s embodiment along with a bit elegant silver-tone. With the brown leather band and stainless steel case, this Hamilton Khaki automatic watch might become one of your favorite vintage watches. 

#4 Best Automatic Watch for Men: Orient’ Bambino Version IV’ Automatic Watch

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The bands are designed with premium-grade leather that fits around your wrist perfectly and comfortably. Besides, it can be waterproof for about 30 meters. However, it will be better if you avoid using it when going swimming or bathing. There are some additional features, such as the analog face syncing with the current time correctly or a date indicator. 


  • Great value for money
  • Highly comfortable
  • Stunning looking 


  • The hands need to be thicker

Needless to say, the Orient’ Bambino Version IV’ watch can give you a casual yet sophisticated appearance. It means that you can wear it for any type of occasion, from everyday casual to formal activities. 

#5 Best Entry Level Automatic Watch for Women: Seiko Women’s SUT090 Dress Solar Watch

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Many ladies adore this time-keeper’s classical design due to the touches of elegance and class that they might expect. Similar to some other semi-luxury watches, The Seiko SUT090 also has the decent feature of 33m water resistance, making it more realistic and useful for daily use.  


  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Easy to read
  • Classy-looking crystal accents


  • The dial is slightly small for some senior women

Seiko Women’s SUT090 is suitable for those who are seeking a go-to watch. It is practical and easy to match with various apparel styles for a wide range of formal, casual, and social occasions. 

#6 Best Entry Level Automatic Watch for Divers: Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Watch

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As you can guess, the Invicta Pro Diver takes inspiration from the features of Rolex Submariner. Many people see it as the alternative to the decent Rolex due to some virtually identical aspects, especially the coin-edge bezel. Its case is manufactured with stainless steel, combined with polished and brushed surfaces. 


  • Solid movement 
  • Versatile size
  • High-quality bracelet and case


  • Invicta engraving

This watch comes with an affordable price, but it can manage to endure 200m water resistance. This feature allows you to take the watch into the water for an extensive amount of time. That is why it is suitable for divers. 

#7 Best Automatic Watch for Minimalists: Fossil Men’s The Minimalist Watch

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Fossil has not been a strange brand on the market these days. In other words, this brand is well-known for plenty of simple-looking watches. And the watch reviewed in this part is in the Fossil Minimalist Collection. It comes with a big 44-mm watch face so that it is readable. Although it is manufactured with the leather strap, you can still swap it with other commuter leather or stainless steel according to your preference. 


  • Easy to read
  • Lovely leather strap
  • Durable 


  • The strap might be stiff for some people

Apart from this model, the Fossil also reveals some other options, including chronograph, hybrid smartwatches, and moon phase. All are in the Minimalist Collection. Thus, you can contemplate more carefully before opting for this afore-reviewed model. 

Features to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Watch 


A genuine mechanical watch can be used for a long time. If you know how to maintain it, this machine will accompany you for the rest of your life. In particular, they are also movements with a longer lifespan than other watch lines.

In general, a mechanical watch product can be called a movement without longevity. These models use the active energy generated by cords during wrist movement. Therefore, saying that a mechanical watch is a machine without perfectly reasonable longevity if the user knows how to use the standard.


Typically, men will wear watches with a face size of about 34-50mm, and women should wear watches in the range of 23 – 36mm, depending on the size of each person’s wrist. However, in some exceptional cases, many customers prefer to choose oversized watches to express their personality. These additional watch face size options are as follows:

For women’s watches:

  • Small (Women’s Mini): 23 – 25mm
  • Women’s Regular: 26 – 29mm
  • Midsize: 34-36mm

For men’s watches:

  • Regular Size (Men’s): 37 – 39 mm
  • Men’s Sport sizes: 40 – 42 mm
  • Large (XL): 45 mm


If automatic watches are classified according to the winding way, automatic watches are divided into two types:

  • Automatic watch: The movement moves automatically and performs winding when you put on a watch and move your hand. The inner flywheel will move and help the rope to wind up steadily.
  • Semi-automatic watch: With this type, you will have to self-winding by turning the knob to create energy for the movement. It should be done regularly and often so that the watch does not “die.”

Besides, you can recognize an automatic watch with its exterior design. Currently, this watch model is recognized with two styles as follows:

  • Exposed automatic watch: This is a unique design only available in automatic watches; with this line, a part of the internal movement is exposed on the digital surface or bottom movement of the watch. Users can observe and see the movement of the internal apparatus, very interesting and unique.
  • The automatic watch does not reveal mechanical: This line is designed like typical wristwatch models but is designed subtly, much thinner, and lighter. If you compare the mechanical watch to the battery one, the automatic watch will be thinner and more elegant.


Price does not determine the watch’s features, but it does determine the quality of the material, the construction, and the length of time you choose.

You can certainly buy an Invicta (American watch brand) watch on Amazon for around $ 100 that looks a lot like a Rolex or Hublot watch. But if you buy it, you may find that this watch is plated with gold instead of real gold, which is mass-produced instead of carefully selected from the inside like the Rolex watch brand and sure probably never done by hand.

Besides, the origin is also something you need to consider. Some people want to buy watches originating in Switzerland, while others prefer to buy watches in the US or even Japan. The most expensive watch is undoubted of Swiss origin, with a few exceptions like the very popular, affordable Swatch. Watches originating in Japan and the United States can be found for as low as $ 300.


What is the most accurate automatic watch?

Zenith Defy Lab is at the forefront when it comes to the most accurate automatic watch.

What is the cheapest automatic watch?

If you are looking for an automatic watch that is both affordable and efficient, you should not miss Orient Bambino Version IV Japanese Automatic Stainless-Steel Watch.

What is the best watch for everyday use?

Watches suitable for everyday use will often have simple and elegant designs. You could try looking at the Timex Expedition Field Chronograph or the Seiko SNKL45.

Are automatic watches worth it?

Fully automatic watches are worth buying. The quality of this watch comes at the right price. The materials that manufacturers used are of high quality and excellent finish.

Final Words

The pick option in this list should be the Hamilton H64455533 Khaki King Series Watch. It will bring you some features from a military watch into casual, friendly aesthetics, making you satisfied whenever you wear it. The budget option seems to be the Hamilton Khaki Field H70455553 Watch. This timepiece is appropriate to be an excellent automatic watch for daily use. 

After reading this article, you have known some factors to consider when purchasing the best entry level automatic watches. Hopefully, the reviewed watches above can help you somehow in making decisions for your automatic watch soon!

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