Top 7 Best DVD Player for TV 2021 Reviews

Top 7 Best DVD Player for Home TV 2021 Reviews

The convenience of watching a movie at home is ensured by the DVD player. When paired with the right TV, it promises high-quality videos. To buy the best DVD player for TV, consider the model you have available, to understand whether it is appropriate to opt for a Blu-ray player or a more modest one.

 A portable one will be fine for car trips thanks to its size. Here are the products that have won our favor among those we have examined on the web. Look at our reviews to determine which DVD player to buy.

Top 7 Best DVD Player for TV

#1 Best DVD Player for TV Overall – DbPower Portable DVD Player

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DbPower’s portable DVD player has a 9.5-inch screen that can be rotated 360 degrees in any position. It guarantees the enjoyment of films and programs, even for those who want to get comfortable.

A strong point is a battery that has an autonomy of around 3 hours when fully charged. Thanks to the power cables, you can have it ready either by connecting it to the power socket or in the car to the cigarette lighter.

This item has several outputs. The USB input is useful for connecting it to a computer for updates or to an external device to watch video files in AVI, MPEG 1, 2, and 4, VOB, and XVID formats. You can also upload JPEG type image files and listen to MP3 and WMA audio.

The SD input allows you to insert memory cards and view the files they contain. The presence of all these outputs implies a greater thickness that makes the product less thin than other similar ones.


  • 9.5-inch screen
  • High autonomy
  • A USB port and an SD slot
  • High performance


  • Not guaranteed with all compressed video formats

In the box, you will also find an AV cable that allows connection to the TV, a gamepad to use as a console, a remote control, the user manual, and the one-year warranty. The excellent quality/price ratio makes it the best DVD player on the market.

#2 Best Small DVD Player for TV – ieGeek Portable DVD Player

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ieGeek is the best DVD player for TV of 2021 because it offers a feature-packed item at an affordable price. Once you have chosen the color of the external shell, you can activate it and rotate the screen 360 degrees. Then, placing it behind the headrest of the principal seats.

Good video quality guarantees clear colors and audio thanks to the built-in speakers. It surprises many users by the battery life that reaches five hours that can be recharged both at home and in the car.

Besides the remote control, you will also find a joystick to allow children to interact with the game. It is an instruction booklet that you can have as a reference point in case of problems. The defect encountered by several users is the difficulty in reading USB sticks. It prevents them from being able to use the contents saved on these external devices.


  • Excellent autonomy
  • Recharging via the cigarette lighter socket
  • USB port and the SD memory slot allow playing video files
  • It loads many games from the past into memory


  • Does not support all video formats
  • Noisy sound

ieGeek is a portable DVD player that supports CD, JPEG, and MP3 formats but does not read MKVs. Thanks to the TV cable included in the package, you can connect it to your TV to watch your favorite movies at large.

#3 Best Compact DVD Player for TV – LG Electronics 8X DVD Player

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LG has created an external DVD player that is the cheapest on the market. It is because of its double function as a burner. Once connected to the PC, it can burn both DVDs and CDs with your favorite files.

Compatible with netbooks and notebooks, it supports various operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012 and 2008, and Mac OS X. This aspect is helpful as it does not force you to use it only in extreme cases.

It can count on the Jamless Play function that prevents disc reading from being interrupted due to damage such as scratches or fingerprints, ensuring uninterrupted playback.


  • Dual function
  • Jamless Play
  • Thin and compact


  • The limited thickness conveys a certain feeling of fragility.

Thanks to Silent Play, the device will not emit any annoying noise when watching or burning. Its compactness is a double-edged sword. If its 2cm thickness allows it to be put in a bag, it appears too fragile to people who expected a more robust object.

#4 Best DVD Player for Smart TV – NAVISKAUTO Portable DVD Player

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NAVISKAUTO is an external CD/DVD player to connect to laptops and PCs that allows the playback of audio files, images, and document storage. It is a compact and light device, easy to carry.

The reader uses the USB and Type C interface, transferring data at a maximum speed of 5 Gbit/s. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Aso, the product is versatile and easy to use. It is not only a player but also a burner that supports a variety of files, including DVD-ROMs and DVD-Videos.

The design ensures compactness. On the back, there is a small groove to lay cables without hindrance. Finally, the price is another reason that led us to include this model in our ranking.


  • Versatile with high-speed burning methods.
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Low noisy way


  • Some users report that the supplied USB cables are too short.

The aesthetic is sober and elegant, while the dimensions are compact to ensure ease of transport. They also study the design to facilitate the storage of the wires on the back without risking hindrances during use.

#5 Best DVD Player for 4k TV – LG BP350 Blu-Ray Disc Player

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LG offers a player that combines an affordable selling price with versatility. It is a device that uses the integrated USB port, video files in many compatible formats: AVC, H.264, MKV, MPEG1, 2 and 4, and XVID. You can watch movies from your record collection and those downloaded from the Internet.

Compatible with the Full HD signal, the BP350 is also capable of up-scaling content with a lower resolution to increase its viewing quality. Compatible with the Simplink system, we can control it with a single remote control if you have other products from LG, such as a TV or home theater system.

The remote control is not very good because it reduces its range. So, position yourself in front of the player to receive the input correctly.


  • Compact and handy
  • Versatile
  • Up-scaling the resolution lower than Full HD


  • Not precise in sending inputs

The compact dimensions represent an excellent value for people who have little space available under the TV.

#6 Best Cheap DVD Player for TV – Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray DVD Player

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If you do not know how to choose a good DVD player but are looking for one without too many frills, Panasonic is just for you. It is a simple model but which guarantees truly valid performance for its category.

It offers playback of many formats: Xvid, MKV, MP4, MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, DSD, guaranteeing a quality capable of satisfying the needs of all users. The selling point of this DVD and Blu-ray player is where the USB input is at the front. So, it is easy to use it to connect external devices.

This port is 2.0 High Speed, so it guarantees good transmission speed. You can enjoy content from the web, thanks also to the dedicated button on the remote control. It allows you to access Netflix to watch TV series once you have subscribed. The video quality can also be Full HD and 5.1 audio ensures an evident enjoyment of the contents.


  • Smart functions
  • Communicates with external hard drives in NTFS format
  • Plays music in WMA, FLAC, and MP3 formats.
  • Value for money


  • To connect to the Internet, you must use the Ethernet cable.

The player easily communicates with external hard drives in NTFS format that facilitates listening to music in WMA, FLAC, and MP3 formats and playing video content.

#7 Best DVD Player for Speed – Samsung BD-JM51 DVD Player

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This DVD player allows you to read various formats from Blu-ray to MKV. It has HDMI, USB, coaxial, and Ethernet connection possibilities and has about 250 entertainment applications.

Aesthetically, some changes have been made regarding older Blu-ray players. You can match it with televisions that have increasingly curved profiles. Here, the ends will appear softer. The color chosen is black and gets wavy lines on the surface.

It is easy-to-use thanks to very intuitive controls and interface and has a good image rendering that also changes depending on the television we combine it with.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Aesthetic design
  • Multiple functions


  • Lacks of light power

Users appreciate the many qualities of this DVD player, but note that the lack of a power light causes unnecessary energy waste

Features to Consider When Choosing a DVD Player for TV

1080p upscaling

DVD players that can read Blu-ray DVDs certainly guarantee a better vision. A product uses new generation optical media to contain 54 GB of data. So, not only will you see your movies in excellent resolution but also with a greater endowment of contents.

There is also Ultra HD, also known as 4K, that needs the right support to ensure quality projection. Compare the prices of the various models to determine which is the cheapest and more valid for its characteristics.


Just buy the so-called HDMI Scaler. This product comes with a power socket and two outputs, one SCART and one HDMI. Just connect the DVD player to the Scalar via the SCART and then the TV with the HDMI port.

USB Port

An alternative solution to the traditional model, to keep at home, is compatibility. If you want to distract yourself during a trip or keep the children busy, it is the right product for you. Here, take into consideration the number of USB ports. It guarantees the compatibility of the product.

Dolby Audio

After examining which video characteristics out there should have, we also consider the audio ones that must ensure that you experience emotions like in the cinema.

In such cases, it is good to make sure there are digital audio outputs, such as Dolby Digital, DTS, and above. They offer excellent results in combination with home theater or surround sound systems.


Are all DVD players compatible with all TVs?

The new generation DVD player does not come with the canonical SCART socket. It allows it to be connected to the televisions of the past. This element was of fundamental importance to allow image transmission from one device to another. There are many units equipped with an HDMI cable and output that guarantees not only a quick solution but also a video quality above the norm.

What DVD player works with a smart TV?

People who wonder how to connect a DVD player to an LG TV must also consider Component cables such as five connectors, three for video and two for audio. We must correctly place them, following both the color and the words “Input” and “Output”, to ensure correct operation.

Can you watch TV through a DVD player?

It ensures the advantage of watching a movie at home by a product like the DVD player, which makes life easier for those who enjoy watching movies and special content within four walls.

How do I choose a DVD player?

If we resolve the doubts about the features, consider how much a major expense is worth it. People who know how much a Blu-ray DVD player costs will consider it well before buying one, especially if they must also have a suitable TV available.

Final Words

For the best DVD player for TV, we particularly appreciated DBPOWER MP0635 with a winning quality/price ratio and comes with a battery that guarantees an autonomy of 3 hours without having to recharge. Our positive reviews also on LG Slim External Optical Drive that is able not only to play but also to burn DVDs and CDs.

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