Top 5 Best Dolby Atmos Speaker Systems for Home Theatre 2021 Reviews

Top 5 Best Dolby Atmos Speaker Systems for Home Theatre 2021 Reviews

You will not believe your ears when you hear Dolby Atmos audio. The latest evolution in the world of multichannel audio takes the conventional limits of surround sound systems to another level. The superior quality Dolby Atmos audio format adds thickness to the otherwise flat sound of cinema and home theater audio stations. Here are the top five choices for the best Dolby Atmos speaker system!

Top 5 Best Dolby Atmos Speaker Systems 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Dolby Atmos Speaker System Overall: Samsung HW-N950 Soundbar

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The Samsung HW-N950 is one of the best Dolby Atmos speaker systems we have tested so far. It is also the only one that delivers an immersive 7.1.4-channel audio experience. The manufacturer uses wireless rear speakers, and a subwoofer makes installing and setting up the N950 a breeze.

It also means that the combination of these speakers can deliver an object-based sound system without resorting to psychoacoustic tricks. The soundbar, speakers, and subwoofer have a delicate design and are well made.

The system offers various useful features. The N950 supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. It also works well with soundtracks and for music playback via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • Extraordinary performance
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Easy to set up


  • Basic functions for the calibration of the audio system
  • Expensive

If you are a movie buff and are looking for full, immersive sound, Samsung HW-N950 is the soundbar for you.

#2 Best Affordable Dolby Atmos Speaker System: Amazon Echo Studio

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The Amazon Echo Studio offers a smart speaker and supports Dolby Atmos technology for immersive, cinema-like audio. All wrapped up in an elegant and discreet casing. Some experiments with stereo source mixes give confusing results. Otherwise, it is powerful and features a smart speaker, especially when we consider the attractive price.

It is a good option for those who do not have a lot of space and cannot buy a soundbar or system with multiple speakers. The presence of Alexa ensures this product will be the centerpiece of your smart home.

The low-frequency response is incredible, the volume is excellent, and the audio has great depth when compared to the soundbars you can find at the same price.


  • Glorious sound
  • Integrated Alexa voice assistant
  • Affordable price
  • Elegant design


  • Bigger than average for Echo devices
  • 3D audio is a mixed bag

If you are considering an upgrade and start with the built-in speakers of your TV or a soundbar with modest audio, it will not disappoint you.

#3 Best 5.1 Speaker Systems for Dolby Atmos: Focal SIB Evo 5.1.2

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Placing eight or more speakers in a living room will never be an easy feat. But French expert Focal has designed a Dolby Atmos sound system that could convince even the most reluctant technophobes.

The SIB Evo 5.1.2 configuration has two compact Sib Evo Dolby Atmos speakers for channels coming in from the top, right, and left. It comes with a slim Cub Evo subwoofer and three smaller SIB Evo satellites for the center and rear channels.

The Sib Evo speakers have been cleverly equipped with a 76mm full-range on the top, besides the front drivers. They are ABS with black lacquer finishes, and the complete set has a superior quality look.

The design is excellent, but the same cannot apply to the supply of cables. On the back of the speakers, there is a terminal that allows a connection via double wire only.


  • Refined design for home environments
  • Excellent subwoofer integration
  • Integrated Dolby Atmos module
  • Compact components


  • Power supply with double cable
  • More suitable for small rooms

For best results, we recommend positioning yourself within two meters of the front speakers to stay within range of the replicated audio.

#4 Best All-In-One Dolby Atmos Soundbar: KEF Q50a

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The KEF Q50a is a high-end product in the speaker market that supports Dolby Atmos. The glossy black lacquered speakers are part of KEF’s R series, and all feature the same Uni-Q speaker array. As a configuration, we have a 25mm aluminum tweeter positioned in the center of a 130mm midrange.

If you want the ultimate 5.1.2 setup Dolby Atmos audio experience, you can pair an R50 with two floor-standing R500s, and an R200c center channel, bookshelf R100s, and the compact R400b subwoofer.

Alternatively, you can use them to increase the power of an existing system. They are also excellent from the point of view of dispersion.


  • Widespread sound
  • Excellent design
  • Premium materials
  • High versatility and compatibility


  • High price

With its full-range design, the Q50a speaker delivers superior clarity and depth and a wide, natural-sounding Dolby Atmos soundstage

#5 Best Compact Dolby Atmos Speaker: Sony HT-X8500

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Soundbars with Dolby Atmos support cost twice as much. So, it is easy to recommend buying the Sony HT-X8500, as it is the best for its price range. Such a low cost maybe because of the few options for connectivity and the absence of some top-of-the-line features. But the sound quality of this soundbar leaves nothing short of astounding.

The credit goes to Sony’s Vertical Sound Engine. It recreates virtual surround sound and is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X content. The build quality and design of the soundbar are no less exceptional.


  • Integrated subwoofer
  • Discreet and compact
  • Compatible with Dolby Amos and DTS: X


  • There are no speakers that direct the sound upwards

We recommend it to anyone who wants to build a home theater system without breaking the bank.

Dolby Atmos Speaker Explanation

Besides the addition of audio coming from above, Dolby Atmos introduces the concept of dynamic audio objects. It is the idea that the elements of the soundtrack of a film (for example, the noise of a passing helicopter) can exist as distinct individual elements, without becoming confused with each other. These elements can now be positioned and moved in scenes for a much more realistic and natural result.

The most common home theater setup with Dolby Atmos support is 5.1.2 (the classic 5.1 setups with the addition of two center ceiling speakers), or 5.1.4 (the same with 5.1.2 but with four ceiling speakers).

If you are using an AV receiver that supports the Atmos system, this addition of sound coming from above is provided by dedicated speakers. Alternatively, you can opt for a Dolby Atmos soundbar as a unique solution, ideal for those looking for a Plug & Play device.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dolby Atmos Speaker System

Sound Quality

You can use any video source but, on a quality TV or video device, it would be a shame not to use a high-quality source. DVD and Blu-ray offer great video quality, but some might want to take advantage of a streaming service to access movies and series.

Here it is important to make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is also high enough to allow you to play videos in outstanding quality, without grain, and without interruptions during the download.

Easy to Set Up

Multi Speakers

The choice of 2.1 or 5.1 crates represents a dilemma that often confuses those who have to make this purchase. With 2.1 speakers you will get a Dolby Surround effect. You will have a pleasant audio quality that expands throughout the room. High and low tones will be extremely pleased to hear, and above all the voices, and the other sounds will be refined.

5.1 instead offers Dolby Digital quality. The substantial difference is that the sound will be more involved and with some greater effect. But it will be less refined.

Therefore, the choice must fall based on the audio quality that you want to exploit and the size of the room in which you want to install this system.


A soundbar solves your audio needs. It is practical, as it can be positioned freely in front of the TV. The bar can play the sound of any object that is displayed on the screen, individually. Some soundbars offer even better sound as they adopt Dolby Atmos technology.


The perfect match for a 5.1 speaker system is a multi-channel integrated. There are many of them with very affordable attack prices and full of wireless or multi-room features. We always recommend using decent quality cables, to ensure that what we spend in the system sounds perfect and without bottlenecks because of poor cables.


What is the best Dolby Atmos sound system?

Samsung HW-N950 is the best choice. Integrating the subwoofer with the front speaker is spectacular with a frequency of 100 Hz. The bass reproduction is not overly deep but is still gritty thanks to the 209 mm woofer and the 200 W integrated amplifier.

Can any speaker be used for Dolby Atmos?

In the datasheets of the device, it is possible to read numbers known as channels. They can be 5.1, 7.1, and 11.2 and 5.1.2, and so on.

These numbers show the number of speakers and the number of subwoofers. The first number shows the number of loudspeakers, while the second the number of subwoofers. For example, if a system shows the 7.1 channel, we can understand that in the product there are 7 speakers and a subwoofer. If there is also the third number, it shows Dolby Atmos speakers.

Are Dolby Atmos speakers worth it?

Dolby Atmos is a new audio format that allows you to hear sound in 360 degrees. With object-based sound engineering and speakers facing either up or down, Atmos is changing the way we set home theater systems up, and how it distributes the sound within the room.   

How many speakers do I need for Dolby Atmos?

Traditional home theaters include five speakers: one center, one left and one right in front, one left and one right rear, and a subwoofer.

We should center the center speaker below the TV, but some mount on the wall above the TV. The left speaker goes to the left and the right to the right of the TV. We can position the two rear speakers behind the audience.

Is 7.1 better than Atmos?

Before choosing, however, you need to make sure you understand the differences between the two audio systems. Buying a system that is not suitable for your needs may not only involve extra expenses (such as renovating the walls to hide the cables of a 7.1 system) but also not 100% satisfy your aesthetic tastes of the room.

Does Netflix have Dolby Atmos?

Netflix supports streaming with Dolby Atmos audio on select titles.

Final Words

We hope you will find the best Dolby Atmos speaker system on this list. The latest edition differs slightly from the other speakers. The Amazon Echo Studio is an elegant smart-speaker from the Echo series with Dolby Atmos support and an integrated Alexa voice assistant.

For a home setup with two or four ceiling speakers and five, seven, or nine channels, the only limiting factor might be the amplifier. The more channels to reproduce, the more powerful the amplifier must be. The Samsung HW-N950 is the best choice for this case.

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