Top 9 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners: Cord vs. Cordless (2021 Reviews)

best car vacuum cleaner

In this article, we tested for you a dozen car vacuum cleaners using a wide variety of various dirt, crackers crumbs, dry leaves, dry cereal, sand, and cat hair. Do not let your vehicle become a mess. It only takes a few minutes to keep the car clean. You see that even the odors will disappear with the best vacuum cleaner for the car.

Top 9 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Overall: BISSELL AutoMate Handheld Car Vacuum

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At first glance, a BISSELL vacuum may seem like a simple handheld vacuum cleaner. But in reality, it is a high power device capable of eliminating dust and small debris from every point of the house or cleaning the interior of the car. The compact size, the low and well-distributed weight, and the ergonomic handle allow good handling.

An aspect that often negatively affects this type of product is the number and quality of accessories. Here, we have everything we need at our disposal, starting with a mini rotating brush that effectively removes dirt even from hard surfaces such as short-pile rugs and carpets.

To complete the equipment, there are two lances of about 25/26 cm. One of them has a practical LED light on the tip to illuminate the work area. Being made of plastic and rubber of a certain hardness, we must take the maintenance when cleaning delicate surfaces.


  • High suction power
  • Complete set of accessories
  • Washable filter
  • Good build quality
  • Ease of tank emptying and filter cleaning


  • High price

We should emphasize that the connection to insert the accessories is the same as the previous version, so it is possible to use all the various components on both models

#2 Best Budget Car Vacuum Cleaner: BLACK+DECKER Flex Handheld Cordless Vacuum

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BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Flexi Auto is the car vacuum cleaner from BLACK+DECKER with an ultra-compact design and cyclonic action. It avoids filter obstructions and guarantees constant performance efficiency.

We have selected it in this ranking for those who are looking for a car vacuum cleaner without additional functions. It has outstanding performance and an excellent quality/price ratio. The appliance purges the car at every point thanks to the supplied accessories.

The suction nozzle is flexible, ensuring greater comfort of movement. The crevice nozzle with an integrated brush is suitable for vacuuming fabrics and carpets. The long crevice nozzle allows you to reach every corner of the car. The cable is five-meter long and allows you to use the vacuum cleaner even in the trunk.


  • Reasonable price
  • Premium accessories
  • High comfort
  • Flexible suction nozzle
  • Long cable


  • No additional functions

The cyclonic action enhances the filtering system of the container for efficient performance and long lifespan.

#3 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Car: BOSCH GAS10.8V-LI Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Bosch GAS10.8V-LI is a practical, handy, cordless, lightweight car vacuum cleaner with an attractive design. It is useful both at home and in the car with long-lasting performance.

The battery with Lithium-Ion technology guarantees up to 40 minutes of autonomy and a short charging time from 4 to 5 hours. We can adjust the power at two different speeds. The removable and easy-to-wash filter guarantees efficient performance.


  • Lightweight and cordless
  • 40 minutes of autonomy
  • Short charging time
  • Two-speed modes


  • Low durability

Bosch GAS10.8V-LI weighs only 1.2 kg. It is compact and ergonomic, with the joint lance supplied that guarantees effective cleaning in every corner.

#4 Best Corded Vacuum Cleaner for Car: HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Unlike most competing products, the HOTOR unit comes as a canister car vacuum cleaner. It is the model with the best value for money in the standings, thanks to the robust materials and cares in assembly.

The tank material is stainless steel for high resistance to grease, liquids, and atmospheric agents. We can leave it in the garage or cellar without fear of the humidity and temperatures.


  • Premium accessories
  • High versatility
  • High resistance
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Low suction power

In the ranking of the best vacuum cleaner for cars, we point out HOTOR cleaner as a convenient choice for those who have space in the garage and love to take care of their car.

#5 Best Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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The salient features of the Dyson V7 Trigger are its 30-minute autonomy, the range of accessories, and greater power to ensure greater suction capacity than the predecessor Dyson V6. It is the reason the manufacturer advertises it as the most powerful suction vacuum cleaner.

All the accessories of this car vacuum cleaner come with a quick-release coupling to switch from the multifunction accessory to the crevice nozzle. It can clean in the most confined spaces, such as corners and the space between seat and door sills. The filter is washable and does not require periodic replacement.


  • 30-minute autonomy
  • Multifunction accessories
  • Efficient power
  • Powerful suction


  • Expensive

Dyson V7 Trigger can work on two different power levels, Basic and Extra, that you can count on six more minutes of power.

#6 Best Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car: Karcher WD4 Multi-Purpose Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Karcher WD4 is the car vacuum cleaner that can also be used effectively at home, in the garage, in the garden, in the workshop. It is a vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids, characterized by innovative technology and details that facilitate its use.

For example, thanks to the patented technology of replacing the flat pleated filter, it suffices to remove and replace without touching the sucked up dirt. Both the accessory compartment and the cable compartment allow you to always have the appliance in order. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, it is easy to move and transport.


  • Absorption of 1000 Watts
  • Cleans solids and liquids
  • Innovative technology
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Bulky

Karcher WD4 has a 2.2-meter long suction hose, a 50cm rigid extension, a nozzle for crevices, and one that can be used for both solid and liquid waste

#7 Best Home & Car Vacuum Cleaner: Karcher NT 25/1 Vacuum

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This product comes with a set comprising a flexible suction hose, a nozzle for the joints, a soft and a hard brush. We have a thin and long nozzle for vacuuming in corners and a rigid extension tube. The accessories have dedicated support to keep the work area always clear.

During the suction phase, the power cable can be unwound or held partially rolled up in its support on the vacuum cleaner. The 36 mm diameter flexible hose with its 3.5 meters guarantees good freedom of movement.


  • Flexible suction hose
  • High-quality nozzle
  • Soft brush
  • Premium accessories


  • Heavyweight

With this electric tool, it is possible to vacuum both home and car. There is also the blower mode, while the capacity of 30 liters and the power of 2000 Watt making it a versatile tool suitable for any cleaning job.

#8 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair: Dyson V6 Car Handheld Vacuum

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The digital motor of Dyson V6 coupled to the 15-element cyclone system efficiently exploits the Nickel-Cobalt battery. It guarantees 20 minutes of continuous suction and without drops when working with the supplied Mini turbo nozzle.

This motorized brush that requires a greater absorption of power offers the possibility to remove the most stubborn dirt and elements that are more difficult to vacuum, such as animal hair.

In the review of this appliance, some technical characteristics that make it a good choice for cleaning the interior of the car should be pointed out. It weighs 1.7 kg facilitates manageability, the 0.54-liter tank, and the 100AW suction power allow thorough cleaning without having to recharge or empty the vacuum cleaner.


  • High versatility
  • Can handle different contaminations
  • 20 minutes of continuous suction
  • Excellent absorption


  • Expensive

In the ranking of the best car vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V6 occupies an important place for build quality, power, autonomy, suction capacity.

#9 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Car Detailing: Vacmaster Car Vacuum Cleaner

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The Vacmaster unit is not only a vacuum cleaner but also an ash vacuum cleaner and a blower. It runs on batteries that are useful where there is no electricity available. The product has some interesting features. First, being a vacuum cleaner, ashtray, and blower, it has an outstanding quality/price ratio.

As it does not need electricity, it can be used practically anywhere such as a car, camper, boat, and garden. When camping or for a picnic, it can also revive the embers. The tank has a capacity of 12 liters. It is not the lightest compared to other car vacuum cleaners in the ranking. But the supplied shoulder strap allows it to be carried easily and guarantees adequate weight distribution on the body.

The flat lance supplied allows you to vacuum even the tightest or most difficult to reach corners. Besides the one-meter long steel flex tube and the aluminum lance to suck up the ash, it also includes a 45cm rigid extension tube.


  • Multifunctional features
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • High capacity


  • Lack of a charging base with wall mount

Vacmaster vacuum has a steel barrel. Thanks to the Eco energy system, it is possible to select the suction power. In Eco mode, the autonomy of the 18V Li-ion battery is 25 minutes, in the maximum suction mode, it is 15 minutes.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Power: Cordless vs Corded

The major purpose of both devices is to eliminate dust and small debris from every point of the house. They represent a valid solution also for operations such as cleaning the interior of the car.

The substantial differences concern the type of feeding and the structure. They equip a cordless vacuum cleaner with a rechargeable battery. It is lightweight and handy. So, you can reach difficult access points thanks to a good range of accessories.

A corded vacuum cleaner is a device equipped with wheels to be towed during cleaning operations. It features a long hose and a variety of accessories to remove dust from floors, carpets, and upholstery.


Among the most important technical characteristics of this appliance, there is certainly suction power. It differs from electric power. This quality detects the amount of air that the appliance can suck in.


The weight of the vacuum cleaner is an essential element, especially if it has to be used in a small space like that of a car. On the market, several super-light models allow you to move easily inside the vehicle.


The electrostatic paper filters are effective because they can keep almost all the dust. If we want to fight spores and mites, special filters such as Hepa are more suitable. Recently, micro-texture filters can also be found. The bag and filter need to be changed frequently.


If we have carpet, this appliance is the only one that allows us to clean the flooring. However, no replacement brush tools can be found, and the vacuum cleaner therefore cannot be used for surfaces such as carpets or sofa upholstery.


What is the most powerful car vacuum?

Dyson V7 Trigger is an essential handheld vacuum cleaner but still equipped with the features to perform its simple function in the best possible way.

Which is the best-rated vacuum cleaner?

BISSELL vacuum is the best-rated handheld vacuum cleaner with a cost adequate to the quality and performance offered.

How do I choose a car vacuum?

The trend of all manufacturers is to adopt cyclonic or multi-cyclonic suction technology. It equips the most modern bagless vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the use of a cone (or a group of cones for the multi-cyclonic), a powerful air vortex is created that separates the dirt from the air through centrifugal force.

What is the best 12v car vacuum?

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Flexi Auto is the best 12V car vacuum cleaner with an ultra-compact design and cyclonic action.

Final Words

The best vacuum cleaner for cars is a household appliance that can be found in any home given its great practicality of use. It is an appliance that not only collects the remains of bread from the tablecloth or sofa but can also be used for a thousand other uses such as cleaning the interior of the car.

BISSELL and BLACK+DECKER models are the best handheld vacuum cleaners thanks to their suction power, tank capacity, autonomy, wet/dry function, and value for money.

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