Top 9 Best Car Phone Mounts: Vent, CD, Dashboard or Windshield Attachment (2021 Reviews)

best car phone mount

There are a lot of mobile phone holders online today. But most of them have poor longevity. The design is an eyesore, and they also have structural criticalities that affect their daily use. In this article, we present to you the best phone mount for a car. If you often drive for personal or professional reasons, it is vital to have such a tool.

Top 9 Best Car Phone Mounts 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Vent-Mounted Model: UGREEN Car Air Vent Mount

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Ugreen support does its job well. With stable and sturdy materials, the clamp support attaches to the air conditioning nozzle. The calipers are rubber coated and do not damage the car’s plastics.

The analyzed support is not large. It blends uniformly with the design of your car, giving a discreet and pleasing style. It is not suitable for many cars. So, check the seller’s description well.

The anchoring system to the car ventilation has an innovative approach. There are no springs but an attachment that uses the weight of the phone itself. It guarantees the durability of the product and a slower deterioration.


  • Easy to install
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Elegant and discreet
  • You will extract the mobile phone quickly and easily


  • The right arm covers the buttons on the right
  • When the holder is without the smartphone, it makes a slight noise
  • Not suitable for all cars

We are talking about a valid product that has excellent performance and a discreet and elegant style. Our rating is 4.2 out of 5.

#2 Best Windshield-Mounted Model: Mpow Long Arm Windshield Phone Holder

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The Mpow Long Arm is an excellent product that perfectly combines suitable materials and economy. It is available in two color alterations: black and red. The supplied telescopic arm is valid and stably resists rough road surfaces. We usually find it in the mountains or the countryside.

You can install both on the dashboard and the windshield. The mount is widely compatible with almost all mobile devices currently on the market. This smartphone holder is undoubtedly reliable. You do not have to worry about your mobile phone suddenly falling out.

From the moment you receive it, you will notice the materials and how the design has been studied to facilitate its use. The support can be applied to the dashboard to increase the stabilization. The price is negligible compared to the quality of the product sold.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Extra support to be applied on the dashboard
  • Greater stabilization of the mobile device


  • Not discreet

This model from Mpow is reliable with excellent materials. Our rating is 4.2 out of 5.

#3 Best Dashboard-Mounted Model: MITUTEN Dashboard Car Phone Holder

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MITUTEN offers the best cell phone holder for cars. For both the windscreen and the dashboard, it ensures stability and safety. Even on particularly rough roads, the support does not come off, and the arm, thanks to its resistance.

We know it is a vital aspect that everyone tests before purchasing a mobile holder. This support does not wobble even on mountain roads, on sharp curves, and damaged roads. The materials give solidity and sturdiness. Finally, the telescopic arm has been specially designed to make it easier for the driver to consult the mobile device.


  • It does not wobble
  • Excellent materials
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Bulky

It seems to be an efficient product and suitable for those who often find themselves on bad roads. Our rating is 4.5 out of 5.

#4 Best CD Slot Car Phone Mount: Mpow Car Phone Mount

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We bet you will never think of such a solution. How many times have you thought that you are not lucky because your car can only have an unsightly suction cup that partially obstructs the view of the windshield? Here, Mpow mount comes for you to solve this situation once and for all.

This flexible and rotatable smartphone holder is neither a suction cup nor is attached to the air-conditioning vent. You must insert it into the CD compartment of the car radio. In this way, you will not have to worry about whether the suction cup is adherent or if your car has the air conditioning vents compatible with the purchased support.

This clever holder fits in any car and guarantees a long lifespan. Many users claim that after a few years, the support has given no kind of stability problem. If you worry that the stand will damage your stereo. It has been specially designed to fit into the CD compartment, causing no damage.


  • Stable even in precarious conditions of the road surface
  • Cheap price
  • Wide compatibility with any mobile device


  • Some users complain about the low durability of the product

Mpow unit is a unique alternative for those with space difficulties and looking for something that does not particularly clutter. Our rating is 4.5 out of 5.

#5 Best Wireless Charging Car Phone Mount: Mpow Mount with Suction Cup

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This Mpow sticky gel suction cup is surprising as it guarantees smartphone stability. We do not expect support with a suction cup. This is amazing. The phone does not wobble and the suction cup can adhere with no problem to any type of material (windshield or dashboard).

The telescopic rod allows easier use and the possibility to rotate the base 360 ​degrees, ensuring a good angle for the driver’s view. The anchoring system offers excellent quality thanks to a gel on the suction cup that incredibly increases its adhering power.

Some users say that after several months, the support is still sticking. Some people claim that despite having detached the support several times, the product has not lost its powerful grip.


  • Ultra-resistant suction cup
  • Telescopic rod and rotation of the base
  • Suitable for any smartphone


  • The joints loosen over time
  • According to some users, the spring gears that support the suction cup tend to malfunction after some time

This suction cup mount is a pleasant surprise, as it has high longevity while always maintaining high standards in performance. Our rating is 4.3 out of 5.

#6 Best Adhesive for Car Phone Mount: AUKEY Car Phone Mount

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As being compact and lightweight, many customers rate it as the best phone mount for a car considering the competitive price. There is no coincidence that it is a widely reviewed product on Amazon, surpassing almost 8,000 comments, all mostly positive.

AUKEY mount is a small but powerful object that comes with internal magnets to guarantee a more solid grip. The magnets are so strong that someone has complained that when trying to remove them from the air-conditioning vent. They found slight damage because of the clamp.

This holder is perfect for all mobile devices that have a maximum weight of 500 grams. Inside the package, there are two adhesive magnets positioned inside the phone cover. Once installed, the adhesion between the mobile phone and the support is excellent regardless of the type of road you are traveling on.


  • Small and easy to install
  • Cheap
  • The incredible power of magnets


  • Lack of stability of the support on the circular-shaped air vents
  • Not suitable for all cars

AUKEY mount is an excellent product that is versatile and intuitive in installation. You can hardly find smartphone mounts online at this price. Our rating is 4.6 out of 5.

#7 Best Magnetic Car Phone Mount: AUKEY Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

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This magnetic car holder allows you to keep the device firmly in place. The mobile phone is easily fixed and removed from the magnetic base that is mounted in the car air vent.

The holder is rigid plastic, and it makes the cover of silicone that allows for easy friction with the mobile device. The support is adjustable and swivels 360 degrees comfortably where it is deemed appropriate.

The air conditioning nozzle, thanks to a system of springs, stabilizes on the fins. Besides the support, two types of different hooks will also come in the box to facilitate assembly for those who own several cars and an instruction booklet. The support is reliable despite the winding roads. Finally, the change of the size of the mobile device is fast and intuitive.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Mobile device easy to extract in case of need
  • Powerful magnets


  • Not suitable for all cars

This model is a well-made product with undoubtedly solid materials. It is useful for people with a not too heavy mobile phone. Our rating is 3.8 out of 5

#8 Best Car Phone Mount for Thick Cases: IPOW Long Arm Universal Cell Phone Mount

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This classic support comes with a telescopic arm. It does its duty, and the price is certainly affordable. It is an Amazon Choice guaranteed product and only based on that can you sleep peacefully.

It has a powerful suction cup that can weld firmly to the dashboard or windscreen. So, do not worry about finding your mobile suddenly on the ground because of the suction cup detachment.

The base can rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing it easier to use for those who drive and need to consult the satellite navigator. It is suitable for almost as many mobile phones thanks to the easy-to-use adjustable lock.


  • Price
  • Excellent materials
  • Suitable for any mobile


  • Bulky

This support seems a fair compromise for those looking for something cheap but solid in materials. Our rating is 4 out of 5.

#9 Best Car Phone Mount for Heavy Phone: IZUKU Phone Holder

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This smartphone holder has the clamp type and must be placed on the air conditioning outlet. It is a product made up of sturdy and durable plastic materials.

The support has a soft rubber coating. It allows easy adherence to the mobile phone while the rear pliers do their job well, ensuring maximum stability and safety.

The change of the support, which allows a 360-degree rotation, facilitates the driver of the car. Its position directs it towards the eye without forcing the driver to turn their head dangerously.


  • Very resistant
  • Excellent stabilization and no vibration
  • During the hot season the mobile phone, being on the air conditioning outlet, will not risk overheating.


  • Some users complain that in some mobile phone models, connection with the AUX cable is difficult because of the side clamps of the holder.

It is a solid performing smartphone holder but not suitable for all cars and all needs. Our rating is 4 out of 5.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Car Phone Holder

Location: Vent, CD, Dashboard, or Windshield

The locking system of a car phone holder is the method in which we fix the smartphone to the support. Some models have a manual closure.

Spring vs Magnetic

The quality of the springs is also important because it is precisely the springs that ensure that the support remains fixed where it was placed. Our advice is to always first read the reviews that the various buyers have left on Amazon or other online stores.

Phone Type & Size

Large size is annoying. It is vital to choose a compact and resistant model while paying attention to compatibility. To test the size of the car holder to buy, be sure that it is compatible with the size of the smartphone that will be used in the car.

Easy to Attach

The method of attachment is also essential for choosing your mobile phone holder. There are four most common types on the market: vent, CD, dashboard, and windshield. Each type can adapt to the needs of users.

Charger Compatibility

If you put the smartphone in a holder, there must be the possibility to connect the device to a charging cable. Our advice is to make sure that the chosen model comes with a series of holes, especially at the bottom. So, you can safely pass the charger connector or the headphone cable.


What are the best car phone mounts?

MPow models are ultra-resistant mount. They are famous for the strength of the materials and for the incredible power of the magnets that guarantee the unique stability of their kind.

What is the best car phone cup holder?

Aukey support is the best smartphone holder with incredibly powerful magnets. It is ideal for the strength of the materials and for the incredible power of the magnets that guarantee unique stability of its kind.

Our magnetic car mounts safely for phones?

AUKEY cell phone holders are extremely safe and stable. It is perfect for the resistance of the suction cup that guarantees lasting adhesion.

How do I choose a car phone holder?

Today’s market is full of smartphone supports, but not all of them are of good manufacture and often break after a few days. You could read detailed reviews on various types of products and for all needs. If you have to buy the best smartphone car holder, always keep in mind all the pros and cons listed and the technical characteristics shown above.

Final Words

Thanks to the Hands-Free consultation of the GPS present in every smartphone, you can drive in complete safety without having to stop at the side of the road looking for information on the correct direction that will finally take you to your destination.

We recommend you read this article carefully so that you can understand which support is the best phone mount for a car such as the Mpow or AUKEY supports. Also, pay attention to the section dedicated to the buyer’s guide.

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