Top 5 Best Airflow PC Cases: Thermaltake, Corsair or CoolerMaster (2021 Reviews)

best airflow pc case

If the choice of the best airflow PC case is a problem for you, we will recommend ideal parameters to test the best box for your PC.

In this article, we developed the most in-depth guide on the web about PC cases where you can find the best proposals on the market regarding the purchase of cases and cabinets for fixed computers.

Top 5 Best Airflow PC Cases 2021

#1 Best Airflow PC Case Overall – Sharkoon Rev200 RGB PC Case

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Let’s start the dance with one of the best airflow PC cases, a Sharkoon gaming case with an excellent quality and price ratio. You can purchase the Rev200 RGB at just over $40. We assure you of this figure. It is difficult to have equally valid alternatives.

First, starting from the materials. To be a mid-range product, it uses resistant and elegant materials. There are four RGB fans. It is a disproportionate number that you cannot see anywhere else.

The case also has side panels in tempered glass that enhance the lights of the four RGB fans. All filled with an RGB controller that allows you to manage the play of light and colors of the fans.


  • Excellent quality and price ratio
  • Affordable price
  • Durable materials
  • Four RGB fans


  • There is no flaw in this model

The case is spacious internally that helps the flow of airflow and the management of the cables. The cable management turns out to be well-manageable.

#2 Best Budget Airflow PC Case – Fractal Design Focus G-Mid Tower Computer Case

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Fractal Design is an extremely reliable brand even to the less experienced in the sector. The G-Mid model impresses all the users from an aesthetic point of view despite the launch price being low.

It is a PC case with extra-large dimensions. These two fans are pre-installed in the front section. The space inside for the optical and storage drives is only above average compared to other products in this ranking section.

However, the product is great value for money and deserves a place in the getting started section of this guide.


  • Affordable price
  • Large dimension
  • Pre-installed fans


  • Average performance

With the most affordable price, it lifts everything about the Fractal Design Focus with more slots, overall expansion, and plenty of space to build your PC.

#3 Best Thermaltake Airflow PC Case – Thermaltake View 37 Gaming Computer Case

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Let’s have fun now with one of the most unique PC cases of recent times, the Thermaltake View 37. It has extended the side window to the top of the case, offering a wide view. It is still a high-end case that is one of a kind.

There are three high-quality RGB fans included. As usual, Thermaltake does not disappoint on this one with outstanding performance and modern look.

The inside is bare. However, it does not mean that there is not enough space to insert the hard disk and SSD.


  • Expanded view
  • High-end materials
  • Three high-quality RGB fans
  • Durable and stylish


  • The airflow is not as good as other models

Thermaltake View 37 is an excellent choice for those who want a stylish station!

#4 Best Corsair Airflow PC Case – Corsair GRAPHITE 760T Full-Tower Case

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The Graphite 760T is a great-looking case with a more complex design than the 900D. It has a side window that supports USB3.0 and three 140mm fans with red LEDs supplied (two in front and one in the back).

The PC cover wears a side panel that covers the integrity of the left section. It makes the front up of an elegant and smooth body with a central section equipped with LEDs.

There is a three-position fan speed control system integrated into the ignition panel. This model is well-ordered inside and comes with plastic sheaths to perform a cable management clean.

There are numerous slots for SSDs and HDDs and plenty of space between the frame structure and the side bulkhead. It ensures order and ease of assembly.


  • USB3.0 support
  • 140mm fans with red LEDs
  • Elegant and smooth body
  • Fan speed control system


  • Complicated design

The lower block for SSDs in the Masterbox is omitted depending on the installation under the power supply cover panel.

#5 Best CoolerMaster Airflow PC Case – Cooler Master MCM-H500P-WGNN-S00 Case

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This model is a high-end case of excellent construction and design. It is a spacious PC cabinet with a virtuoso performance and durable RGB fans included.

The side panel with a wide view of the interior comes with tempered glass with excellent workmanship. The slots for SSD and HD are comfortable. Also, you will have well-made slots for cable management.

It is a product suitable for economic gaming configurations. There is no claim to install large heatsinks or liquid heatsinks.


  • Excellent construction
  • Spacious cabinet
  • Durable RGB fans
  • Many slots for SSD and HD


  • Poor customer service

It is an adorable, small product that does its duty at a truly unbeatable price. For an entry-level configuration, it can be one of the best cases around.

Features to Consider When Choosing An Airflow PC Case

Size & Form Factor

The case has many types from vertical, lying, freely removable, or wall-mounted. But for the general user, the most common form is the tower. With this form, there are three sizes:

  • Full Tower: it is the largest case that can fit motherboards E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX.
  • Mid Tower: it has a medium size that can fit both ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards.
  • Mini Tower: it is the smallest case that can fit the mainboard Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX

Larger sizes will accommodate many components, such as mounting multiple hard drive trays, expansion cards, or large heat sinks.

Modularity & Options

This is an element that is important where it is necessary to integrate additional hardware, expand storage capacities, and use liquid cooling systems for custom loops that require additional space for the pump.

In principle, expandability is relevant for many additions that you want to make to the computer.


Anyone who has assembled a PC has noticed how ugly the output area of ​​the power supply cables is. It is the ultimate evil and if you are not masters in cable management, that area will remain an eyesore aesthetically.

The power supply covers come into play to help us, a shell that covers the power supply area hiding our mass of cables. Some PC cases come with this cover, others don’t.


Continuing to talk about the temperature issue, it is advisable to test the number of fans that can be installed. If the quietness of your build is important to you, you will need large fans as with a lower number of revolutions they can produce more airflow, thus remaining quieter than the smaller fans.

In case you want to install a liquid cooling system, make sure that the radiator has space inside.

Positive vs. negative airflow

There is another fundamental element to test in the case’s choice: the airflow, that is, the airflow. Positive airflow is crucial to keep temperatures within the normal range and to allow the hardware to perform at its best without running into temperature problems.

It is important to always have empty spaces that favor air circulation and avoid that the components are too tight and close together. Cable management is also part of the discussion. Do not let too many cables hang inside the case as they will obstruct the natural path of the air.


Heat ventilation will help increase the durability of computer components. If you use a heat dissipation solution. Consider choosing cases that offer excellent heat dissipation with multiple fan locations.

Usually, there will be enough fan mounting positions such as the front, rear, top, and bottom of the case. If not, then the case should at least have fans in the front and behind.


The form factor of the motherboard (mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX, EATX), is an essential aspect. Make sure that the case and motherboard are compatible.

As mentioned above, if we have already purchased the motherboard, we must immediately exclude any case that cannot accommodate it because it is too large.

If we start from the case for the composition, after choosing it, make sure that the motherboard is of a format suitable for the case. And we will have to exclude all those models that have a form factor that is incompatible with the case.


What PC case has the best airflow?

Sharkoon Rev200 RGB case is spacious internally that enhances the airflow and the management of the cables.

Do NZXT cases have good airflow?

Well, NZXT always offers an improved model of the previous chassis with more space and more features. So, it keeps the airflow balanced. Also, a gorgeous double-tempered glass panel stands out on the two included 140mm RGB fans.

Which NZXT case has the best airflow?

The NZXT H510 case has two 140mm fans pre-installed in the front and a 120mm fan in the rear section. It is well aired and spacious that the cable management on this minor case is always efficient.

How do you keep a good airflow inside a computer case?

There are many ways to contain CPU temperature, from mineral oil to passive cooling. But by far, the most common solutions are liquid or air cooling systems. These systems offer a host of features and options for virtually all use cases, from desktop to portable PCs.

The latter usually use sophisticated air-cooling systems, customized for smaller chassis and not compatible with any upgrades or replacements.

Why Cooling is Critical

Cooling is an important aspect to consider when assembling a PC. PC builders are well aware of this problem. But it is helpful to find out why cooling is an integral part of the system and apply these principles to newly assembled systems.

The basic concept is simple. The most demanding workloads (such as games) cause the hardware to generate heat. And component overheating can negatively affect performance.

How Many Fans Do You Need?

To have a correct airflow, it is necessary to put many fans in the intake and many fans in the extraction. If you put three fans in front for intake, then you have to put one behind and another two above for extraction.

Final Words

Ultimately, you’ve probably read the most in-depth and extensive guide to the best airflow PC case.

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