Top 7+ Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers for Indoors & Outdoors 2021 Reviews

Top 7+ Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers for Indoors & Outdoors 2021 Reviews

The Bluetooth speakers are compact, comfortable to use, and are good for any situation to play music directly from the smartphone. You will have a better volume and audio quality than the internal speakers of the mobile phone.

If the budget is less than $100, the best affordable Bluetooth speaker offers a truly extensive range of models. However, it is sometimes difficult to decide.

Here, we have selected models for sound quality and performance to suit everyone who is looking for a quality but low-cost wireless speaker.

Top 7+ Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker Overall: Doss SoundBox Pro

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Among the best budget Bluetooth speakers, The Doss SoundBox Pro perfectly combines design, portability, and sound quality. It is excellent for filling a medium-sized room, thanks to the output power of 20W.

If you want to buy two, you can put them in Bluetooth coupled and double the power to 40W. This attractive option has a low-end price. The connection with the smartphone takes place via the latest generation Bluetooth 4.2 technology. It is stable to avoid interruptions in signal transmission.

The shape of the speaker is the strong point of the Doss system because we can place the integrated speaker’s side by side. It offers a stereo image that is more credible than the UE Wonderboom below.


  • Many options in connectivity and listening sources
  • Undoubtedly the superior sound quality
  • Excellent build quality
  • Waterproof


  • The sound quality is not exciting

For people who prefer a physical connection rather than wireless Bluetooth, Doss SoundBox Pro is versatile and better than other models.

#2 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker with Excellent Battery Life: Sony SRS-XB10

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The Sony SRS-XB10 wireless speaker is the cheapest option in Sony’s Extra Bass Bluetooth series. The speaker is smaller than a can. At this size, the Extra Bass category fits it tight.

But compared to its competitors, this small speaker has a bit of an advantage in bass reproduction. The build quality is excellent, water-resistant, and resistant to splashes and humidity.

The sound quality is okay. We have to leave the volume at the half, especially when we play very dynamic tracks. If the volume is used to the maximum, we will have a somewhat annoying distortion. There is also the option of connecting two Sony SRS-XB10 Bluetooth speakers for stereo sound.


  • Interesting design
  • 16 hours of autonomy
  • Excellent construction
  • Water resistance


  • Not precise at high volumes

We recommend it especially for those who love full-bodied sound in low frequencies.

#3 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker with Excellent Sound: Tribit XSound Go

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If you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker that sounds good, lasts a long time, and can be taken anywhere, Tribit XSound Go is at the top of your options list. You will not have to worry about ruining it or throwing it in the water. It is portable to fit into your backpack or bag.

On the front, we find a grille with the Tribit logo to hide the drivers. On the top, there are the buttons for power on Bluetooth connection, playback, and volume. With beautiful large and easy to press, the outer shell is well-built and pleasant to the touch.


  • IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth case
  • Excellent sound image
  • Excellent battery life


  • At high volumes, the sound becomes thinner

The sound is excellent. We find the medium-high frequencies is ideal, but do not expect great things in the bass sector,

#4 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker with Bass: Sony SRS-XB12

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The Sony SRS-XB12 is a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker that is suitable for outdoor use. It comes with a single 46mm driver with a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. You will have an aux input for cable connection and a micro USB input for charging.

Sony says that this device lasts 16 hours of autonomy on a single charge. But it only comes true when the speaker is used at 50% of the audio power. At higher power, the runtime is around 7 hours that is sufficient for a small and portable speaker.

One thing to keep in mind is that when the speaker reaches 20% battery. It automatically sets the volume to 50% in economy mode. The Sony SRS-XB12 is part of the EXTRA BASS series. So, you can expect a little more bass than similar Bluetooth speakers in the same price range.


  • Waterproof
  • Moral power
  • Extra-bass function
  • High battery capacity


  • 50% volume on battery 20%

For people who want to buy two devices. Here, you can use the two devices in combination to get a stereo sound.

#5 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker with Voice Assistant: Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot is the smart speaker to put at home to have access to the Alexa voice assistant. We can use both to play music via Bluetooth to other wireless speakers around the house, or as a normal Bluetooth speaker to play music directly on the Dot from your mobile phone.

It is suitable for those who are looking for a cheap Bluetooth speaker to be placed in the kitchen, living room, or any area. You can access the smart speaker and listen to music directly from its internal audio system.

In that department, the updated third-generation design includes a driver improvement. The sound is emitted from the side membrane instead of emitted from the plastic top. This plays to the advantage of better sound quality and greater sound expansion throughout the room.


  • Voice assistant function
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Wide diffusion throughout the room


  • It is not a portable device

With the same features, size, and price range, the sound quality of the Echo Dot is superior to its rival Google Home Mini.

#6 Best Affordable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

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As simple and intuitive as the previous model, Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 offers only three buttons. The usual two giants + and – placed on the outer shell (trademark of Ultimate Ears). Also, we find a button under the base to activate the Outdoor Boost function.

Behind the device, we find the micro-USB connector covered by a waterproof door. The entire body of the Bluetooth case is resistant to water, sand, and dust. You can take it with you to the pool, to the sea, to the beach with no problems.

When you activate it to listen to music outdoors, especially with the Outdoor Boost function, the amount of volume offered will stun you.


  • IP67 waterproof
  • Exceptional autonomy
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Compact design


  • Little stereo image

It seems impossible that such a small speaker can produce such an enormous sound, but Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 can do it.

#7 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker for Travelling: Anker Soundcore

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The Anker Soundcore is ideal for people who want to carry it around for the entire day. And we see it suitable for outings in the mountains. The look is not flashy. 

On the top, we have buttons for Bluetooth connection, on-off and volume control. The build quality is durable. We like the feel and find it comfortable to use. It also gives the impression, when held in your hand, that it is waterproof.


  • Waterproof
  • Autonomy 24 hours
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable


  • Low bass
  • Low power output especially for outdoors

We would not recommend it for those who want to use it for outdoor parties and listen to loud music. It is more suitable for company music while traveling or preparing a picnic.

#8 Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors: Anker Soundcore Flare

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For build quality and multimedia functions, the Soundcore Flare is a real marvel. You have a Bluetooth speaker that is cheap but does not envy the other expensive competitors.

If you are looking for powerful Bluetooth speakers, this model is available to be placed on an outdoor surface, or by the pool, to listen to our favorite music with Bass Up.

The shape is like the Bose SoundLink Revolve Mini. The fabric texture recalls the Wonderboom and the LED lights give a lively color, pleasant to use in the evening. You can set the light in pulsating mode to the beat of the music or a breathing pattern.


  • Exceptional value for money
  • Waterproof
  • Effective smartphone app
  • LED light system


  • Poorly defined audio at high volumes

We recommend it to lovers of pool parties and as a speaker to use for the garden.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

You should choose a Bluetooth speaker with a cover that suits your needs. If you mainly listen to music in large spaces, large homes, or outdoor environments, a speaker with good coverage is a must. The coverage of Bluetooth speakers ranges from 10 to 30 meters.


If you plan to use Bluetooth speakers outdoors, for example, on the beach or in the pool, make sure they are resistant to water and possibly even dust.

Battery Life

The Bluetooth classes can have different levels of autonomy. If you need a speaker to use primarily on the go, buy one that has at least 8-9 hours of battery life. But be careful, the autonomy declared by the producers is not always the same as the real one. It is often lower because we calculate it on a medium-low level listening volume.

Sound Quality

Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, it is necessary to inquire about the sound quality returned by the latter: the balance of high, medium, and low frequencies, the spatiality of sound, and so on.


The smaller speakers are ideal to carry around. But because of their compact size, some models cannot offer a complete musical performance like that of the larger speakers (especially as regards the bass). If you need speakers for the living room, do not look for compactness at all costs, instead focus on sound quality.


What is the best inexpensive Bluetooth speaker?

Among the best budget Bluetooth speakers, The Doss SoundBox Pro perfectly combines design, portability, and sound quality.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for the money?

The best Bluetooth speaker for the money is the second version of the UE Wonderboom. The first version was already incredibly capable and gained the positive opinion of most users. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 offers a 30% increase in autonomy and an even higher sound volume.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for under $50?

The Tribit XSound Go is our first choice as the best budget Bluetooth speaker under $50. It offers IPX7 waterproof level protection and can generate sound with a fairly wide stereo image. We recommend it for the pool, on the beach and for having fun with friends.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for under $200?

The best affordable Bluetooth speaker under $200 is the Anker SoundCore 2. It offers an excellent 24-hour battery life, a rugged shell resistant to both shocks and water, and better sound than the speakers of our smartphone.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best affordable Bluetooth speaker of 2021, here you will find some hints, tips, and brief reviews, with pros and cons, of the most valid wireless models on the market. We start with the cheapest ones (Tribit XSound Go) and then move on to more powerful and expensive models (Anker Soundcore Flare).

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